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Independence brings a sense of purpose to the elderly. Everyone is self-reliant and should live with their dignity, especially our beloved seniors. While aging can make living independently more challenging at times. Mobility issues, mental health concerns including disconnectedness, and emotional stress are all factors that contribute to ageing persons losing their independence.

Is it possible to get the right pattern of care and assistance for elders to remain independent in their older age?

Yes! – It’s known as assisted living.

Switching to an assisted living facility can be daunting, confusing, and just difficult shade to think about. Few seniors believe that residing in an assisted living facility is the end of the chapter. But in reality, it’s also the start of a fantastic new experience, with fresh prospects and adventures awaiting each day. Explore the beauty and facility richness of Athulya Assisted Living, and enhance your senior’s health and general wellness for active aging.

How Athulya Assisted Living Facility is a better place for safe aging?

Social isolation is a leading pattern that results to experience the threat of elderly abuse. Elder abuse is less likely to occur if the senior has greater social interaction and when they are vulnerable. To address this key fact, Athulya Assisted Living Facilities offer customized care for the seniors to make them feel comfortable and engaged, with round-the-clock assistance for the right support and service.

  1. Changing the lives of seniors

Athulya is a premium independent assisted living facility, providing comfort to seniors with a variety of facilities that are specifically designed to fulfill their aging needs. Athulya, which means ‘unique,’ is one of the first assisted living providers in India to offer the best senior living features with the aspect of personalized care for happy aging.

  1. Place of happiness and care

Athulya Assisted Living also allows for greater socializing with the facility’s senior residents, which eliminates the loneliness in elders and avoiding your elders from succumbing to the stiffness of loneliness, which is detrimental to their mental health. As a result, they can live together and have a sense of belongingness in a senior living community. Your elders’ requirements and sensitivities are our top focus, thus the entire residence is crafted together to be best suited to their age problems. We have chosen a ‘Fresh way of Living,’ providing our residents with wholesome, nutritious vegan meals based on a personalized diet plan tailored to satisfy their needs.

  1. Positivity for elders

With a place built with vibrance, the Athulya Design for Aging is a unique way that allows seniors to enjoy their elderly phase to the fullest, making them feel safe and secure at our Assisted Living facilities. Our routines help in an easy way of life. With all the positivity, respect and genuineness, we ensure our senior are completely happy and have a positive mental health towards their life and in general. This makes the seniors feel the elegance of the aging process with the hope of positivity.

  1. Customized for the elderly

With all of the adjustments made, Athulya’s setup for aging not only monitors but also protects senior’s safety and provides you with visual appeal to address the stigma of elders.

Athulya feature for aging analyses even the finest of details from several perspectives before creating senior citizen room designs, as even the small details might make things worse for elders. Choose Athulya Assisted Living to see a tremendous change in the lives of elders, with an emphasis on psychological well-being and socialization in seniors.

  1. Skilled Geriatric care

With world-class skilled nursing care facilities and a highly specialized team of professionals, Athulya helps elders recover quickly and get back on their feet to help seniors get the independence they desire.

Athulya Assisted Living is noted for providing exceptional senior centric services to its residents, including in-house resources that strive to cover every area of senior health and wellbeing. These reduces the stress of unnecessary travel that seniors worry.

  1. Safety & Security

In a sense, the environment in which seniors reside is just as essential as how they have been cared for. Our surroundings are important for better quality and safe living, and for seniors, we prefer to design a senior-friendly and comfortable environment with well mannered staff. Our staffs are recruited after many check points and background verifications. With rising elder abuse cases of elders who live alone, Assisted living facilities can be the premium solution that seniors might need for a happy, healthy and safe aging.


Simple changes have a significant impact on the lives of elders, generating a holistic difference, and we are delighted to play a role in enhancing the quality of care of seniors by eradicating the abuse among older adults and providing companionship for elders with a pallet of extra care and support.


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