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Comprehensive care to experience comfort and care

Hospital readmissions are the topic of discussion that the geriatric healthcare industry is addressing. Sound health following hospitalization is achieved by steady care and attention. In the circumstance of today's fast-paced world, even pre-emptive health preparation would not yield the desired results.

By focusing on senior health and people's busy lifestyles, the senior care industry has created a concept of rehabilitative care that most people are not aware of today. Rehab care is strengthening its roots through physiotherapy branches to make it more personalized, providing seniors a healthy wave in their physical and mental context to enjoy the essential values of their sunset years.

What Athulya offers?

The care that Athulya provides is special in that it improves the patient's health and reduces their agony by providing them with a beacon of hope, which ultimately enables them to live their days with fulfillment from the inside.

We are one of the most favoured and top senior care providers in India because of the compassionate care and support we provide to patients as they require. This makes their life worthwhile and relieves their suffering.

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Physio and Rehab care at Athulya:

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The anguish of dealing with a mobility health ailment after hospital discharge looks a little different for each person. That's why Athulya Assisted Living has come up with thinking out of the box by providing 24/7 customized nursing care and comprehensive physiotherapy solutions with engaging activities to enhance independence among seniors with comfort in their quality of life.

Benefits of choosing Athulya:

  • Raising their standard of living
  • Provide comfort from pain and other unpleasant sensations
  • The use of a team approach to care for patients
  • Reduces unnecessary hospital visits

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  • What are the positive effects of Rehabilitation?

    It can aid in avoiding medical intervention, shortening hospital stays, and avoiding medical errors

  • Does physio speed up recovery?

    After being hospitalised, seeing the best physiotherapist before pain manifests may be the best approach to hasten the healing process.

  • How can I know whether physical therapy is effective?

    Your results will be unique because each treatment programme is tailored to the needs of each individual. However, in general, you ought to experience less pain and better movement after each treatment.