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Our Assisted living facilities help you give the feel of a home away from home and a sense of safety because of the locality they are situated in. The Assisted Living facilities are provided in the heart of the city accessible for the elderly to have family member visits and even enable addressing their medical emergencies in just a few minutes. Athulya Assisted Living operates in four cities Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin and Coimbatore.

Most preferred assisted living facility @ Maduravoyal

One of India's largest Assisted Living facility is now in Maduravoyal. The team of Athulya is overwhelmed and happy to announce that, we are next extending our new branch in the city of Maduravoyal with more advanced facilities and a new outlook. In addition, our facility in Maduravoyal will provide all the necessary senior-friendly facilities and amenities that seniors require. Being located in the commercial hub of the city, our assisted living is the best senior living space that provides a premium and safe living environment with technology-enabled care for your elderly. On the whole, Athulya Assisted Living in Maduravoyal offers world-class care for your seniors to enjoy the patterns of a holistic living experience.

Assisted Living With A Customized Care

Customized Care

As you embark on life post-retirement, your seniors require extra care that verifies all the touch-points in their elder life. Keeping this in mind, Athulya provides your seniors with customized care that is unique and personalized for your senior. It also allows your seniors to be fully in control of their time and decisions. With extensive facilities of medical care round the clock, Advanced technology for monitoring, healthy & nutritious food options, entertainment, wellness programs, and mindfulness activities - Athulya also lets you choose the rental ownership that is comfortable and best suited for your luxury retirement homes. Thus enabling you to decide the duration you want to stay with us.

Athulya Assisted living also enables better networking with senior residents in the facility, preventing your elders from the stiffness of loneliness that consumes their mental health. Hence helping them live together and letting them feel in a senior living community. Your needs and the sensitivities of your seniors are our utmost priority, as a consequence, the entire dwelling is stitched together, best matched for their age and its challenges. Health being a primary concern, We have adopted a 'Greenway of Living' , giving our residents healthy nutritious vegetarian food based on a customized diet plan suited for them. And by that, we try to build sound health in your seniors and improve their standard of healthy living.

  • Networking & Communication
    Networking & Communication
  • Healthy & Nutritious Vegetarian Food
    Healthy & Nutritious Vegetarian Food
Assisted living

"Providing the elders the care they deserve by improving their quality of living is our motto and each and every one of us at Athulya are integral to this cause"

Our Services


  • Care


    Athulya is equipped with a devoted and dedicated geriatrics team to guarantee the care and safety of seniors.

  • Plate


    Foods are prepared according to the needs and wants of residents taking health and hygiene into consideration.

  • Neighbour


    Premium and pleasant assisted living that is accessible in significant spots which you can choose.

  • Bed


    Carefully designed comfortable beds for your seniors with safety that marks in international quality.

  • Enviroment


    Peaceful environment with senior friendly infrastructures for the safety of your seniors.

  • Rent


    Enabling you to choose the rental plan suiting for you. No long-term investment is needed.

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Book your appointment to visit our facility to experience the true senior friendly Assisted living that is premium, pleasant and peaceful as you would expect it to be.

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We at Athulya Assisted living engage seniors with mindful and fun activities to help them eradicate the idleness they might face. These activities help our seniors to improve or keep intact their cognitive sensitivities and also give them a sense of satisfaction. We not only limit fun and entertainment activities yet also organize activities like health talks by doctors, enriching them with information.

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