There are numerous ways we celebrate ‘Old as New Classic’. Antiques grab eyeballs. Fashion seeks inspiration from past. Wine gets richer as it grows old. Old movies become Cult-Classics that set benchmarks. Vintage photo frames are the most sought after, for its age and sanctity. Age brings wisdom and maturity and elders are widely respected in the society for it. However, there are elders who often face detachment, insecurity and fear to be self-sustainable.

To address this issue with commitment and inviolability, we at ATHULYA, the first of its kind premium independent Assisted Living Homes in Chennai, create indulgence with life at facilities that are specially crafted to meet all the needs of aging. At Athulya, true to its meaning ‘Unique’, we are one of the first providers of Assisted Living with Optimum Senior Living Features for Elders.

Backed by our team of skilled and experienced senior healthcare professionals, we keep intact grammar of a home meant for aged people and the emotions behind it. We strive to instil resonance and weave quintessential moments in this significant phase of your life.

As you embark on life post retirement, one requires that extra-care that checks life’s all touch-points. We offer a comprehensive environment to enable you being yourself with an opportunity to be fully in control of your time and decisions. With extensive facilities of medical care round the clock, healthy food options, entertainment and wellness programs – ATHULYA also lets you choose the rental ownership best suited to you. Thus you may decide the duration you want to stay with us.

ATHULYA enables networking with fellow senior residents while preventing them shedding even the slightest of loneliness. Your sensitivities are our prerogative and hence the entire dwelling is stitched together, best suited to your age and its challenges. Health being a primary concern, we have ingrained ‘Green Way of Living’ as a fundamental crux to all that we cater to our resident. And by that, we strive to build sound health in you in addition to being prescriptive, while assisting you.

We are determined and focused on redefining the living standards in the assisted living facilities in Chennai while enhancing the overall quality of life. We aim to provide our inhabitants with an opportunity to socially engage and pursue their daily activities or hobbies as their stated and unstated needs are being taken care of.

Under the guidance of experienced and eminent leaders in healthcare, Athulya facilities constantly evolve to set the highest standards senior living after retirement. We at ATHULYA strive to create secure, cheerful and grace-filled senior assisted living for you and your loved ones. As incomparable as we stand for, slip into the seamless transition of aging and experience tranquillity in our retirement homes in Chennai.

Athulya Assisted Living facilities are the advanced concepts of current Senior Living Facilities, paid homes for aged and retirement communities in Chennai. Our facilities flaunt luxurious living features that promote enhanced senior living. We are determined to provide the senior citizens with an opportunity to live with dignity and independence amid all these features.

The assistance at ATHULYA is tuned to suit your specific individual needs. We are here to provide a quality lifestyle through customized focus and carefully nurtured living that echoes your expectations.

Abundant caring for the elderly is our motto and each of us at ATHULYA are integral to this cause.


geriatric assisted living


Athulya is manned by a dedicated Professional Geriatrics Team to ensure safety and care of the seniors.

senior nutrition needs


Meals are prepared with fresh ingredients taking into consideration the nutritional needs.

premium assisted living


Premium and pleasant assisted living accessible in your chosen neighbourhood.

clinical beds


Thoughtfully designed comfortable clinical beds to suit individual needs as per international standards.

peaceful environment


Peaceful environment to stimulate the mind and body.

retirement homes in chennai


Premium living on rental basis. No long-term investment.

premium assisted living homes