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Design For Aging – Creating a Senior-Friendly Environment

Design for Aging is an exclusive concept that enables seniors to experience the elderly living in the best way possible with the modifications that Athulya makes to their homes making a safe and senior-friendly house for your elders to stay in. For a better lifestyle and safety, our environment plays a key role in it and as an elder, we tend to spend most of our time in the residence we stay in.

It is essentially important to have a place that has Elderly friendly home design comfortable and ideally suitable for their daily routines, movements, and personal tastes. What we do is design senior citizens living spaces with the skill and tactics that aid in living a hassle-free senior life. There can be a huge difference in the life of seniors even with the small change that is brought to the houses of elders and these will in turn make their senior living an easy and graceful process helping in slowing down the aging process.

So, the place where seniors live is as really important as how they are treated. Athulya Design for aging, analyses even the smallest of details from a different perspective before the house plans for seniors as even the smallest of minuscule details can make things worse for elders in their senior citizen room designs. Some modifications to the house and interior design for senior living will go a long way and make a positive shift in the life of seniors and their quality of life.

'Make your home the Safest place for your seniors'

What Does Athulya Modify For You ?

senior citizen room design

Athulya design for aging modifies your senior citizen room designs and interiors starting with non-slippery floors, convenient furniture like geriatric recliner chairs, Fixing bathroom grab bars, and other geriatric accessories. With all the changes done Athulya's design for aging not only oversees and ensures your senior-friendly environment for safety yet also gifts you with aesthetics where the emotions of your home is not disturbed.

Design for aging is a main factor of choice in assisted senior living facilities in India. Athulya ensures its assisted living facility to be built and made in a senior friendly way whereas the design for aging ensures for the senior people who stay at their home are safe and in senior friendly environment. Hence, fulfilling our motto of caring for elders safety.

Athulya Design for aging brings your seniors a huge amount of positivity through the look and feel of the home. As home is a place where we connect with body and soul, Athulya compliments and makes it more interesting by adding a pallet of colors that gives a soothing and warm feel to your senses keeping your mind in a relaxed state.

The changes or modifications range from altering the entire house to altering a specific area; according to your needs and budget. Simple things that are changed in houses bring a greater change in the life of seniors creating a butterfly effect holistically and thus we are happy to be a part of bringing changes in the quality of life of seniors.

Our Design For Senior Citizens Include

slip proof floors

Floor and Walking spaces

Establishing the flooring with soft materials such as cork, and rubber can reduce the fall impact. Also Installing the floor with tightly looped carpets can reduce the impact in case of a fall.

handrails and grab bars

Handrails and Grab Bars

Installation of handrails and grab bars in walls can improve and help elders move around with more stability and confidence.



Providing enough lighting can help seniors see things better and will help them move around with care. Also, the switches need to be within reach of hands for seniors.

elder friendly furnitures


Athulya ensures that the furniture is designed in alignment with the needs of seniors' comfort and safety and senior-friendly design parameters.

elder friendly bathroom design


Athulya's design ensures complete safety in bathrooms by modifying them in such a way that it is non-slippery and water absorbent with handrails around for extra grip.

elder friendly clinical cot


We also provide the seniors with cozy and comfortable beds and cots that can be adjusted. Also, smoke detectors and alarms will be installed.

senior dining in athulya


Easily open-able cabinets and closets, non-slippery surfaces, and layered sink and storage spaces help the elderly to do their kitchen work with more ease.

nurse call bell system


Advanced communication technologies, bells, and alarm systems will be installed by Athulya. Also, we help in getting suitable medical equipment, senior-friendly furniture, etc,..

safety and security in athulya

Safe Electronic sockets

For safe use of electronic gadgets, we install electronic sockets in a proper position that is easy to use and ensures safety for elders.

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  • How does Design for Aging help in seniors life ?

    Design for aging helps seniors not only live a better quality of life but also ensures total safety of the elders. Implementing it will in preventing falls, and such more problems.

  • Is altering my house according to elders need is expensive ?

    No, It would cost as same as how you do other basic modifications in a house yet will provide you and seniors with more benefits starting from safety to the overall quality of life.

  • Why Athulya design for aging ?

    Athulya Design for aging is the most preferred in India as what our skilled architectural team provides is a holistic alteration that is customized based on your seniors needs and safety and also an aesthetically beautiful home for you and your seniors.