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Place Of Independence, Care and Happiness For Your Seniors

Seniors are the ones who have made us who we are today and have helped us grow to be the generation we are. Seniors deserve to have a happy retired life with all their daily activities taken care of them. Assisted senior Living is about empowering elders to enjoy and live their retired life with independence and dignity.

At Athulya Assisted living, Seniors have the option to avail of services or assistance as they wish and will. Athulya provides complete support for the seniors who need it in their day-to-day activities, and also Athulya respects the seniors who are self-reliable with need then and there. We facilitate your senior citizens with other fellow residents together to experience a heaven of aging where each of them will relish, rejoice, rewind, and recreate their younger days all over again at our elderly assisted living homes!

Grace-Filled Premium Assisted Living Homes In India

As you pass through this changing pattern of life, the demands of aging increase. The process of aging makes your seniors require professional help in taking care of them. We ease this process for your seniors to live in specially crafted and designed assisted living homes in India that ensure a comfortable and personalized senior-friendly home. This will enable you to live your life happily wherever you want without doubting your elder's quality of life who stays with us.

Being one of the luxury retirement homes in India, we are firm and determined to provide a senior-friendly and hygienic place that elicits holistic senior living with cleanliness and healthy nutrition. At the advanced senior independent living facility, we enhance independence, joy, great health, and grace-filled retirement homes in India. Networking among seniors and society through refreshing interactions is an organic process in our assisted living facilities and thus building our sophisticated retirement community in India. Also with being located in significant parts of the cities, our senior-friendly apartments are near amenities such as hospitals, shopping, and restaurants, completely enabling ease of mobility as one would aspire to. It not only helps our residents yet also their children when they come to visit our senior residents.

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'The place of wrinkles out of smiles and glittering eyes out of care and compassion'

Philosophy India and Why this is a Realistic Way Forward

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The origin of Assisted living apartments can be traced back to the basic values of life, which are autonomy and choice, engagement with society, dignity, privacy, and aging in an enlightened environment for seniors to have a grace-filled, safe and joyous life. The significant shift from nursing home care to that assisted living which is a more rewarding one comes from the senior citizens who wish and aspire to live the post-retirement life gracefully in a home-like environment with affordable assisted living costs. Athulya, the first of its kind advanced Assisted Living in India, is adamant to give its seniors the needed adequate support systems that entitle them senior citizens to lead their lives on their terms.

Considered to be the best-assisted living facility in India by seniors, Athulya offers the best kind of facilities and amenities, starting from the staff services, transportation, and socially engaging activities, to make the achievement of independence for seniors more practical than what is possible in many in-home environments. Also, dignity and privacy of the seniors are the two key factors that are kept in our mind helping them live a peaceful life with sufficient freedom in being themselves while experiencing aging without discomfort in their quality of life.

Why Athulya For Best Assisted Living Facilities?

With the aging process, the body’s ability to do things gets reduced and brings about physical weakness causing low mental stability too. Also, things like loneliness and not being able to be self-reliable in all things can cause a lot of problems and can even take a rough toll on the social life of your seniors. To take help from the family, the fast-paced human life doesn’t provide any sort of chance, neither for your seniors nor for you. This is when Assisted Senior Living Communities can provide personalized care for your loved ones where you and your seniors both can have a satisfying happy life. This will not only give your senior a peaceful life but also you and your family a sense of contentment that your elders are safe and happy with us.

Thus, what Athulya Assisted living provides is the connection for your seniors with society in a senior living community where your seniors can live a happy independent life with their self-esteem and privacy kept intact. Unlike many of the senior living apartments and senior retirement homes, what Athulya provides is a better standard of life with its assisted living facilities and immeasurable care that comes as a by-product of the love and respect we have for senior citizens. Hence Join the Best Assisted Living Community to Experience the Athulya Living!

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  • What is an assisted living Facility ?

    Assisted Living is a place where elders can have a dignified, safe and independent life after their retirement with a home like environment. Assisted living also provides help in the day to day tasks and also aids you with clinical care. Most of the assisted living provide a customized care as the needs varies depending on the seniors health condition.

  • What services do Athulya Assisted living facilities offer ?

    Assisted living facilities usually provide both clinical and non clinical care on a day to day basis. Athulya Assisted Living provides the residents with senior friendly infrastructure, technology driven monitoring services, regular specialist visits, entertainment activities and engagement programs, healthy nutritious vegetarian food and all the other premium facilities giving your elders a home like feel environment.

  • Is it possible to visit your assisted living facilities ?

    Yes, it is possible to visit our assisted living place before you make your admission. We have a team of staffs who will cordially help in the process. To make a visit contact with the number provided in the website.

  • When is the right time to move to an assisted living homes ?

    There is no right time as in because needs and wants of elders differ from on to another. Usually it is advisable for the elders who are living alone, elders who needs day to day assistance and also seniors who would want to live a stress free independent life and spend their retired life gracefully can join an assisted living facilities.