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Dining Experience

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healthy food for seniors

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Providing a Luxurious Dining Experience for the Residents

Where there is good food, there is happiness! At Athulya, we are proud to provide one of the best dining experiences among Assisted Living facilities in India.

Our experienced nutritionists propose the best diet plan for seniors that will keep their health on track. Planning a diet chart for senior citizens requires a complete assessment of the health records of each resident, identifying the right nutrients they lack and the ones they require for their stamina. The diet plans vary from protein diets to low sodium diets, specially prepared by experienced chefs at our facilities.

Being a premium independent assisted living facility, the good news is that the food menu in Athulya is a plant-based diet exclusively for the benefit of our residents. The pure vegetarian meals planned for them are rich in nutrients. We infuse a sense of Independence in Athulya’s every element!

'Feeding your body Is feeding your soul- A soulful dining experience at Athulya'

Few Noteworthy Meal planning that Athulya Follows

seasonal fruits and vegetables

Using only Seasonal ingredients (fruits and vegetables in particular)

low sodium balanced diet

Reduced fat, low calorie, high fiber and low – sodium food for a balanced diet

meal plan by nutritionist

Nutritionist's intervention in meal planning for residents

meal plans for seniors

Regional meals and resident favorite meals plans are a part of the menu

special meals for festivals

Special meals for festivals based on our residents’ individual faith and beliefs

green vegetarian diet for seniors

We are purely vegetarian! And we believe that a green diet leads to a healthier life!

herbal diet for seniors

To prevent repeated common sickness, herbal intakes are advised in conjunction with daily diet.

healthy nutrional snacks

Healthy nutritional snacks without disturbing the overall diet.

Like we focus on the wellbeing of our residents giving them a lifetime experience at Athulya every day, we strive to give them a daily qual ity nutritional assistance. We strive hard to enhance the lives of our seniors where they also enjoy their senior hood with Independence and dignity that they always want.

Our care-based approach to making their dreams come true makes us one of the leading retirement communities in India.

senior dining experience

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