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Hospitalization can be traumatic to the elders. It can take a considerable time for them to recover and bounce back to normal. Throughout this phase, they will require special care which cannot be provided at home. That’s when we come for your support.

Athulya Senior Care – Redefining Geriatric Care

Athulya standing true to the meaning has been providing unique services to benefit the geriatric community. We strive to satisfy the needs of the elderly without any compromise in quality. With an experience of nearly a decade in geriatric medicine and healthcare, we are dedicated to making life easier for seniors. We aim to offer happy, healthy, and safe aging.

Transition Care - Change is the law of life!

Seniors might take some time to be independent enough to manage their daily activities on their own, even after receiving medical care. They require some unique supporting supervision if they are to regain their vitality and independence.

Transition care is a brief phase of rehabilitation in which assisting facilities offer special, compassionate care to the elderly. Offering nursing, medical, and psychological care can help patients regain the strength to lead their previous lives and bridge the gap between hospitalization and everyday life.

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'Providing the best care to seniors after hospitalization in a home-like environment'

Comprehensive Transition Care at Athulya Assisted Living:

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Athulya Assisted Living offers specialized health care together with nutritious meals and comfortable beds, making us the greatest transitional care facility for the elderly. These types of particularly constructed living spaces encourage seniors to feel at ease and comfortable. This aids in the elders' quick recovery while providing them with the tranquility they need in a relaxed setting.

Why do you need Transition Care?

  • To avoid medical complaints
  • To avoid hospital re-admissions
  • Obtain multi- disciplinary care
  • Eliminate loneliness

Our Services

chronic and acute medical care

Chronic and
acute medical care

post surgical care

Post- surgical

urinary catheter


iv infusions and injections

IV infusions and

nursing assistance

Elderly care with
independent assistance

oxygen administration


post injury care

Illness or injury
recovery assistance

diabetic care

Diabetic care and
other conditions

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  • When to choose transition care?

    One can select transitional care as an option when he/she has suffered from severe health illness and has undergone the required treatment in the hospital treatment. Once their treatment is over, they will need some type of assistance in improving their fitness and health. That’s the right time for the elders to pick up transition care.

  • What is the purpose of transitional care?

    Its main purpose is to provide rehabilitation services for elderly people to improve and maintain their level of health and independence.

  • What are the different types of therapies provided in assisted living transition care?

    Assisted living centres provide therapies and treatments based on the senior’s health condition and most commonly they will come up with physical and speech therapy for all seniors.