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The Graceful Senior Living In India

Aging is a beautiful process and needs to be enjoyed in a stress free and joyful way. However, there are elders who often face detachment, insecurity and fear to be self-sustainable due to unavoidable reasons and circumstances. In order to take help from their own family members, the eventful human life limits people to extend the needed time for seniors. At times opportunities knock even around the world and moving your elders along can bring about a disturbance in their day to day life. To eradicate such issues and improve the status of senior living in India with our decade of experience in geriatric healthcare, We ventured with the noble concept of Athulya Assisted living.

Athulya Assisted living is first of its kind senior citizen homes in India where elders can have a happy, independent and safe retired life. Over 4 years of experience in creating assisted living communities to provide for seniors, Athulya has its assisted living for elderly in various places rendering a premium, quality service with a choice of assisted living, based on your senior’s interest, preferences and comfort.

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There are numerous ways we celebrate ‘Old as New Classic’. Antiques grab eyeballs. Fashion seeks inspiration from past. Wine gets richer as it grows old. Old movies become Cult-Classics that set benchmarks. Vintage photo frames are the most sought after, for its age and sanctity. Age brings wisdom and maturity and elders are widely respected in the society for it.

What Makes Us The Best Assisted Living In India ?

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Just not providing medical care and assistance for elderly is our motto, Yet what we do to make our residents day-to-day life better, makes us the best retirement homes in India. The services we provide at Athulya is incomparable to its name and the way every senior’s life transforms into a safe, stress free and happy living after enrolling with Athulya, marks us among the top of retirement communities in India.

With our maneuvering services and senior living facilities, we improve the quality of life for our residents and help them lead their life in a easy and engaging way. Athulya Assisted living is specially designed in a way that no senior should find it difficult to move around, also have an aesthetically appealing look to keep their environment pleasant in a premium way. Use of advanced technologies helps in 24/7 monitoring of our seniors with their privacy kept intact.

Enabling networking among the residents removes loneliness and helps them live cordially giving them a feel of senior living community. Also engaging them with mindfulness activities like Art therapy, book reading sessions and other entertainment programs gets rid of the idle sitting moments in the walk of our residents life.

When it comes to what an Assisted Living should have - is the ability to adhere to the clinical care seniors would need and also the emergency medical needs, which Athulya provides with a professional healthcare team who can clinically take care to the needs of seniors and the locations setup for assisted living are in the significant places of Chennai from where any medical emergency can be attended within few minutes. To all this, Athulya assisted living provides both short and long term stay and lets the seniors choose the best rental model that would suit them.

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Most Preferred Assisted Living In India ?

We at Athulya value the , who made us and the current generation stand with morals and values. We consider our seniors to be our own family elder members and the respect, care and love we exhibit comes as a result of it. The abundance of care & love we show enriches our senior's happiness and quality of life and with strong client centric services and constantly evolving to set new standards as senior living community by creating cheerful, secured and grace-filled premium assisted living facilities for seniors marks us the most preferred in India.

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