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Amazing Health Benefits of Tulasi

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The food we eat plays a significant role in maintaining our body and aging healthily. Though longevity of life has increased with medical advancements, nearly two-thirds of the senior population suffers from multiple chronic conditions. Sadly, that number is estimated to double by 2035! Hence, health experts recommend the use of plant-based diets for seniors for its enormous potential to prevent or reverse the symptoms of chronic ailments.

Senior Citizen Diet Plan assumes a critical role particularly after elders approach the so-called golden years of their life. That is so because the most preferred sweets, fatty, oily-fried and heavy calorie items and animal-based or processed foods are the primary causes of many diseases. Hence seniors must choose more healthy options available in the vegetarian menu.

Another reason for transitioning towards natural foods is the increased consciousness of preventive healthcare through nutritional approaches. Rather than adopting a reactive approach after disease manifestation, it is recommended to circumvent the illness itself through diet patterns. This can be done using a lot of herbal ingredients easily available everywhere. Even elderly care facilities including dietary assistance at Senior Independent Living Homes and Dining at Assisted Living use it in preparation of nutritious, tasty and customized menu for the residents.

One such medicinal herb widely used is the Indian Tulasi plant (or Holy Basil). Being richly endowed with enormous medicinal properties, Tulasi also happens to be a highly-valued ingredient in Ayurvedic treatments.

Health Benefits of Tulasi

  • Lowers stress and anxiety –Being a calming herb, Tulasi induces relaxation by its anti-stress activity. This is done by lowering the blood sugar and the cortisol hormone levels in the blood.
  • Produces anti-inflammatory effect –The eugenol present in Tulasi gives anti-inflammatory effects. Hence it was also used traditionally in the treatment of heart diseases.
  • Enhances the cognitive functioning of the brain-Memory related problems due to drug effects and aging particularly in seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia can be treated with Tulasi. It increases memory and attention span by boosting acetylcholine levels and is also beneficial in preventing convulsions.
  • Protects the heart-By reducing the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, Tulasi protects the heart with its anti-oxidant properties.
  • Reduces hypertension –The high content of potassium in Tulasi lowers the blood pressure by inhibiting ACE (Angiotensin-converting enzyme) thereby preventing stroke and heart attacks.
  • Helps in Diabetes Management-By reducing fasting and post-meal blood sugar, Tulasi helps diabetic patients in reducing the symptoms of sugar imbalance.
  • Protects the liver-The synergistic effect of milk thistle and Tulasi is shown to protect the liver from the damaging effects of toxins.
  • Safeguards the stomach-Tulasi protects the mucus layer of the stomach by decreasing the secretion of the acidic pepsin which causes stomach ulcers.
  • Functions as an anti-oxidant- The strong anti-oxidant properties of Tulasi aid in combating the cadmium produced free radicals for restoring kidney and liver functioning.
  • Reduces pain-Tulasi can be used as a natural analgesic for effectively reducing pain in seniors.
  • Boosts immunity-Extracts of Tulasi leaves are known to have a positive effect on building the immunity responses of the body.
  • Has an anti-carcinogenic property –The anti-oxidant properties and the phytochemical content of Tulasi helps in preventing and treating cancer of the skin, lung, breast, stomach, liver and oral cavities.
  • Masks harmful radiation effects-The flavonoids in Tulasi protects the human blood cells from radiation- induced damage.
  • Promotes bone health-By increasing the calcium absorption, Tulasi accelerates the bone healing process.
  • Fights infections-Due to anti-virus and anti-bacterial properties, Tulasi fights infections effectively.
  • Lowers aging-Tulasi prevents cataracts and greying of hair due to aging.

So utilize the magical health properties of the highly- revered Tulasi plant for blissful aging!

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Fashion Outfits for Seniors


“For God’s sake, dress your age!”  – this is a statement often meted out to seniors. But must fashion cease to exist if you advance in age? Can’t elders dress in style and make their own fashion statement? Of course, they can! If age is just a number and if it depends on the state of mind, most elders are younger than we are. So let us a take a look at some fashionable clothing for senior citizens and some elderly fashion designs that help them age gracefully.

How should the clothing for senior citizens be?

Senior clothing has to be selected with care to offer the elder the maximum comfort and convenience, using the following guidelines.

  • Clothing for senior citizens must be soft, comfortable and gentle on the skin.
  • They should be slightly loose so as to give them a convenience in wearing them. Loose fitting clothes are also easy to dress and undress.
  • Elastic should be provided at the waist for men’s pants and for women’s skirts.
  • Too many buttons, zips and fasteners should be avoided.
  • Deep necks and open collars can be avoided to keep out the cold during winter.
  • Winter clothing should be woollen supplemented by shawls, cardigans or pullovers.
  • Summer clothing should be light and preferably in cotton.

Apart from normal clothing for seniors, special adaptive clothing for an assisted living lifestyle is also available.

Clothes for seniors in an assisted living lifestyle

Seniors who follow an assisted living lifestyle are usually aged citizens with physical disabilities or infirmity. Elders living in senior living communities  must wear clothing that is easily washable, durable and easily maintained.  A unique  type of designing and stitching is required to cater to elders with special needs.

  • Aged citizens with decreased mobility like arthritis patients need special clothing to help them move their limbs freely without restriction.
  • Elders with urinary incontinence need open back pants and Velcro fastening to facilitate quick removal.
  • Seniors confined to wheelchairs require easy-wear paints with elastic at the waist.
  • Elderly women with senior health issues may need open back nightgowns and dresses.
  • All elders may need slip-resistant footwear.
  • Seniors with foot problems may need extra-wide shoes with Velcro.
  • Elders suffering from paralysis may need 2-way zipper pants with provision to insert catheters.
  • Elderly patients with muscular dystrophy need pen back vests and shirts, easy access pants and even adult bibs used for feeding.
  • Parkinson’s patients can use magnetic shirts that just latch on when you wear them without using hands.
  • Seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia may need single-piece apparel like anti-strip jumpsuits and undergarments that prevent them from getting disrobed easily.

All elderly clothing must be designed to maintain the dignity and comfort of the seniors at all times. Such clothes may not be available in all elderly fashion catalogues and might need special designing. But all senior living communities do provide comfortable and easily wearable clothing for elders to maximize their convenience.

How to select clothes for seniors?

While selecting clothes for seniors, comfort and care are given the first preference. But dignity and fashion too, need to be taken into account as all along, elders have been dressing in style to grace their offices and homes. They must continue to do so even if they adopt an assisted living lifestyle. So keep in mind these simple pointers while selecting clothes for seniors.

  1. Choose clothes for seniors keeping their dress preferences in mind.
  2. Select clothing that goes well with their physique and complexion.
  3. Clothes must fit snugly and make elders feel cosy and comfortable.
  4. Select clothes in a style that elevates the spirits of elders and make them feel better about themselves.

Dressing up for seniors can become an arduous task with age. Help them find some interest in it by supporting them and selecting fashion outfits that complement their age. Be it at home or in senior living communities, let elders dress up in style and live with dignity.


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Staying Cheerful While Aging

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Ageing is inevitable but ageing with grace is definitely desirable.  Elders often feel apprehensive about their age, looks and health as they become older. This is because when age catches up with them, they suddenly feel lost and helpless due to their loss of energy and immunity. It is at times like these that seniors should stay cheerful while ageing.

Staying cheerful while ageing makes elders feel younger, active and self-reliant. Here are some tips for healthy ageing for seniors.

Tips for healthy ageing

  1. Be active and exercise regularly

Exercise is an easy way to health and happiness for elders. Exercising daily releases endorphins in the body and these happy hormones keep the elders cheerful and healthy.

A Harvard study reveals that a daily routine of exercise reduces the chances of elders being disabled by 25%. Regular exercise for physically active elders improves their immunity and metabolism, prevents weight gain and reduces risks of diabetes, hypertension or cardiac ailments.

Tip – Elders must start with any cardio-based activities they like and do it with their friends. This gives them both company and motivation.

  1. Eat healthy food

Food not only satiates a senior’s appetite but also acts as a catalyst to induce cheerfulness and energy. Delicious and artfully-presented meals can improve an elder’s appetite. Elders must take healthy and balanced meals  with lots of fruits and vegetables. Seniors must consume lots of water along with calcium and magnesium supplements n the advice of their physician.

Tip Eating with family or with a companion works up a better appetite for elders than eating alone.

  1. Socialize

Staying connected with friends, family and community is very vital for seniors to stay cheerful and healthy. Social interaction keeps elders free of stress and lightens their spirits. In the company of their peers, elders tend to feel more wanted and welcome and hence enjoy life better in every way.

Tip – Elders must catch up with old friends daily, go walking with their neighbours, join a laughter club or meet up for a game of bridge or chess.

  1. Add purpose to life

Elders need to add purpose to their lives in their retirement years. All along, seniors have spent their entire life taking care of their work and family. Post-retirement or after the kids are married and gone, they suddenly feel idle and empty. This can cause severe depression in seniors.

Elders must bring a new dimension to their lives by seeking ways to occupy themselves. It could be by taking care of their own grandchildren, going for a part-time job, do volunteering at a charity organization or give company to another senior. Whatever the task may be, it makes seniors get rid of their isolation and boredom and keeps them active,  agile and amiable.

Tip – Elders must choose a task that adds meaning and purpose to their life and gives them immense satisfaction.

  1. Develop a new hobby

After retirement, seniors can now think of what interests them the most. They can pick up a new hobby like music  or sport and spend time developing their taste for it. Attending music or dance classes can keep elders occupied and active and free of disease. This hobby can also develop new pastimes for elders like attending concerts, performances or sports matches which is a great way to spend time with more people.

Tip – Seniors can opt for easy hobbies that can be done in groups and without much effort.

  1. Be trendy

Yes, old age gives elders a new lease of life. Now, seniors have all the time in the world to devote to themselves and they must. Elders must take better care of their appearance and groom themselves at beauty parlours, salons or spas. Seniors can go shopping with friends and refurbish their wardrobe. 

Tip – Being tech-savvy is one way of staying trendy and cheerful even in old age.

Staying cheerful while ageing is easy – all it takes is a little effort and determination.

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5 Reasons to Pursue Your Passion as You Age

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Passion is what drives us and keeps us motivated in life. A bunch of passionate people is what this world took to reach so far. Imagine the world full of passionate people who are consciously working towards it. This world would become even better to live.

However, there are various reasons that could make you compromise on your passion. Personal and professional responsibilities, career, inability to find time and age-factor and various other reasons, one’s desire to pursue their passion deter gradually. God bless those who have made their passion as their profession and who have found passion in their profession.

People who did not fall in these two categories might have been pushed towards other professions, leaving all their dreams behind. Retirement is the golden phase of life if you were forced to quit your passion. Having lived a life that is full of responsibilities and pressures, one would expect the retired life to be perfect.

What was your passion? Reading, music, traveling or painting? You have had your reasons to leave your beloved passion during the young age but say not this time around. With ample amount of time you have been provided with, you could learn a new art every day if you have the will.

This is your chance to make the post-retirement life perfect by finding your passion or to pursue that passion you have left in the days that have long gone. Here are 5 reasons as to why you should give another chance to explore your passion during the elderly phase.

  • Pursuing a Passion is the Reason in Life –

Life is difficult and congrats you made it seem easy, thanks to the great abilities you have shown the world over the years. With all the time you have now, you might want to find a new passion in order to find that reason again. It keeps you busy and you could make most of your post-retirement life.

  • Pursuing a Passion Keeps You Healthy –

Elderly life comes with time and it is common to see the elders wondering what they should do with it. Develop a passion! It not only keeps you busy but also keeps you healthy. Pursuing a passion keeps your body and mind in their best condition.

  • Passion Keeps You Positive –

Being positive during the elderhood is key. Your passion will have the ability of not allowing the mind to think any negative thought and the body to not to develop any negative habits.

  • Every Day Will Be a New Day –

With all the energy that is being churned out by the passion and from within, you will feel rejuvenated. Every day appears like a new day and the regular age-related health issues or depression stay away from your surroundings.

  • Your Passion Inspires Others –

Ever wonder how people look at a small kid who is playing the piano like a music maestro? You, as a senior citizen, will get the same admiration, in fact, more. In addition, you will have a definite impact on the people if you are pursuing a passion. You will have the power to inspire others.

Be it an art form, or a social responsibility or saving lives or fighting for a cause, as a senior citizen you will have a great impact on others if you are living with a purpose. In this sense, elders who are living in assisted living communities  will have more opportunities to explore their passion.

There is no better thing in the world than being an inspiration to the next generation and it is never late to do that by pursuing your passion as you age.

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Engaging Residents in Volunteering to Add Value to Senior Health

Do you know which is the greatest joy? It is the joy of giving. “Giving” here does not imply charity but the giving of love, help and support. And elders are the people who both give and receive love the most.

Have you watched elders in senior living communities?  Look at the 80+ man who is tottering by himself. Yet when he lends a hand to his infirm friend to get up from his chair, watch the glow of life light up his eyes! It is this inner happiness of helping that keeps elders going strong in their autumn years.

It is this tendency of helping others that form the basis of volunteering. Healthy elders in senior independent living homes are motivated to become volunteers in order to give them a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.

Why should elders be motivated to be volunteers in senior homes?

Elders who are physically fit can be motivated to become volunteers in senior homes as it helps them

  1. To be happy

The “Happiness Trifecta” is a group of hormones that keep everyone, especially the elders going. This group of 3 hormones- Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin- works wonders for the elderly. Serotonin induces sleep, Dopamine keeps you motivated, and Oxytocin increases bonding.

Elders who volunteer at assisted living facilities experience a gush of these 3 happiness hormones. Volunteering is an act of love and bonding which induces oxytocin release. This act of helping gives them a motivation for bringing on dopamine secretion. Finally, a sense of satisfaction pervades inducing serotonin and sleep. In short, elders who volunteer in assisted living facilities  are the happiest.

  1. To be healthy

Elders who volunteer in senior homes are often the busiest. They need to move around, stretch their limbs, be alert and use all their mental and physical faculties. In short, volunteering involves physical exercise which elders do without even realizing it. Volunteering seniors remain physically fit and healthy without medicines.

  1. To drive away age-related diseases

Old age brings on a bout of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol etc. All of these can be drastically reduced by shedding at least 5-7 kilos of body weight. All the moving around that the elder does while volunteering helps them lose weight unknowingly and thereby keeps diseases at bay.

  1. To keep their mind alert

When elders volunteer, their dopamine levels shoot up as they are motivated. A strong surge of dopamine is enough to keep the senior mentally alert and agile, driving old-age diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s away.

  1. To be socially connected

Old age brings on loneliness and isolation. Participating in volunteering activities helps elders to shed their inhibitions and interact with their peers, thus driving away depression and isolation. Volunteers in senior homes mingle with a lot of people, exchange experiences and remain socially connected and convivial.

  1. To live longer

A research by the University of Michigan scholars reveals that elders who spent 40 hours a year volunteering had 40 % more chances of living longer.

  1. To connect with the community

Elderly volunteers in senior homes act as the liaison between the elders and the outside community. They help the staff and visitors to interact with the elders and form a bridge for their communication. Residents at assisted living facilities can relate to the volunteer residents with their problems more easily. Geriatric problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s are better understand by volunteer residents who serve such patients and they effectively communicate this to the outside world.

Volunteering is thus vital for good health and longevity in elders in senior homes. An understanding assisted living facility realizes the value of volunteering in making the elders’ lives more meaningful and puts it to best use.

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Building Relationship in Later Years

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Emotions are the strings that are attached to your heart and health. Yes, physical health is governed by emotional well-being and mental balance and this is more so in the case of elders. Geriatric citizens feel the need for long-term relationships, bonding and togetherness. At old age, seniors crave for companionship with like-minded friends and wish to partake their experiences and exchange views and feelings. They want the joy of new company while nestled in the comfort of caring ones. This is best experienced in senior living communities.

Need for building relationships in later years

When elders are past their retirement age, they suddenly find themselves alone as their kids move out and settle separately on account of their career or education. This is the time when they feel a need to nurture new relationships. Building new relationships in later years is very vital  for elders because

  • Elders should not be isolated or left alone as this leads to depression and anxiety.
  • Staying happy is vital for healthy ageing and that comes only by being surrounded by the right company
  • An active social life helps the aged to remain physically fit and emotionally well-balanced.
  • Socially active seniors are less susceptible to cardiac diseases, arthritis or osteoporosis.
  • Maintaining friendships and being socially active sharpens the mind of elders and keeps them away from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Senior living communities provide the best environ to build healthy relationships in the later years.

Building relationships in later years through assisted living facilities

As they age, elders seldom find opportunities to interact with new people. Yet socializing is very vital for their healthy living.  So how to provide the right forum for elders to interact, socialize and be cared in spite of their health disabilities? The answer lies in assisted living facilities.

  • Moving beyond the objective of providing mere elderly care and assistance, Assisted Living facilities offer a community for conviviality, companionship and camaraderie. Their philosophy is relationship-centered and based on providing emotional support to elders by enhancing their social activity through team activities.
  • No elder is ever left alone and isolated at senior living communities. These communities offer a “family’ atmosphere for elders with their staff and caretakers enjoying a good rapport with the residents. Seniors are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities and mingle with fellow inmates.
  • Activities at assisted living facilities are contrived to make the elders open up and mingle with others. Reading newspapers, playing chess, going for strolls, performing yoga, group meditation – all these activities are planned to make the elder never feel alone.
  • For energetic elders, Assisted living communities offer great opportunities to participate in simple outdoor activities like nature walks, gardening, badminton, aerobics, playing Frisbee or softball etc. Such kind of group activities help seniors to alleviate stress and relax themselves. These outdoor activities also help them to remain physically fit and emotionally happy.
  • For slightly disabled seniors, group activities like card games, chess, scrabble or carom board are encouraged. Music and film shows are also arranged by Assisted living communities to help them find solace to their souls.
  • Sometimes, fate takes a toll on the lives of elders. They lose their life partner and are in distress. Such people are in dire need of love, care and company. Assisted Living facilities provide them with an opportunity to make new meaningful friendships among fellow inmates and forge new bonds.

For seniors who have come full circle in life after completing their duties, a new lease of life should be provided by helping them build new relationships in their later years. Assisted Living offers long-term care facilities through care and companionship with complete commitment.


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Assisted Living and the Common Myths about It

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Your whole life is the result of the choices you have made. The moments where you were at the peaks of the happiness, the moments where you were dwelling in the depths of sadness and everything in-between are the results of your choices.
Every time we find ourselves in a situation where we need to make a decision out of the choices we have been provided by life, we try to choose the best one based on our learning and experience. However, after a certain point of age, we think we no longer can make our choices but just accept the life as is. Think not! You can make your choices at any point in life because no one will do it for you.
Life after retirement is difficult. Hard truth but it is what it is, after all! Every decision you make is a crucial one for your overall wellbeing and safety aging. As we advance in our lives, we need to make some lifestyle changes and one such change is choosing that safe living place to spend your retired life.
Given the quality of living, aging amid modern amenities and the kind of assistance you will be receiving, assisted living facilities are the best choice for an enhanced senior living experience. However, there are some myths about assisted living facilities that may make you think twice to clear your mind. This blog will help you in this process.

Myth – Assisted Living Facilities are only for the rich people.

Truth – Assisted Living is a new concept and the initial days in the evolving process of this concept was a bit difficult for the general public to afford it. As a result of increased competition and the availability of skilled resources in the caregiving field, a life at assisted living facilities, these days, can be afforded by all the retired individuals.


Myth – Assisted Living Facilities are no different from the regular senior living and old age homes.

Truth – These facilities are way ahead than the regular senior living homes in every aspect. They are not the cosmetic upgrades of senior living homes but the facilities that have been carefully designed keeping all the daily activities of seniors and the type assistance they require in order to embrace the senior age as slowly as possible.


Myth – You can’t choose the living tenure at assisted living facilities.

Truth – Assisted Living Facilities provide the seniors with an array of living options, including the option of choosing your stay at the facility. Short-term or long-term, you can choose your stay based on your personal preferences. There are some assisted living facilities that offer stay tenure as low as a month.


Myth – Life at Assisted Living Facilities will drag you into depression.

Truth – The unique quality of assisted living facilities is that they provide you with an opportunity to live the life amid the same age and likeminded people. Seniors are susceptible to develop age related psychological complexities where they may feel indifference for obvious reasons, mostly comparison issues. They can avoid it at assisted living facilities as the life of every person is same and uniquely equal here.


Myth –You can’t live your life with freedom and independence at assisted living facilities

Though the name implies these are assisted living facilities, you could live your life with as much independence as you wish for. The assistance is provided only as per your will and whichever way you want it.
Assisted Living Facilities are modern senior living homes and they only optimize your living experience post-retirement with assistance by professional caregivers. Choose an enriching elderly living experience post-retirement, choose assisted living facilities.

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Tips for the seniors moving into a new community


Elders are like children – they cling on to their belongings tenaciously and are rooted in their environ firmly. Convincing them to move into senior living facilities is by itself a Himalayan task. Seniors have to be counselled, coached and then convinced of the perks of independent living in a new community. Here are some tips for helping seniors to move into a new community.

1. Talk it out

The first step in the process of shifting seniors to an Assisted Living community is to make them understand why. They should be gently made to comprehend that they are not being isolated or neglected but will be more specially cared for henceforth. Try to emphasize the difference between Assisted Living and old age homes. Make them realize that they will not lose their dignity, freedom or comfort but will instead gain care, concern and company.

2. Plan

Next comes actual planning. Let them make a list of the things they would want to take a long, the collectables they wish to preserve and the trivia they wish to dispose of. Do not force them to dispose of their belongings, however minor they seem. Make them understand that senior living communities are evolved with an interior design for aged people with a pleasing ambience and planned ergonomics.

3. Organize

Now that their belongings have been collected, sort them with their help. Elders should be made to understand that they would have to downsize their possessions due to the difficulty of their maintenance. Persuade them to donate few items to a needy cause, gift some to relatives, leave some keepsakes with their family and just take the bare minimum needed. Check the items if any need repair or cleaning. Ask the seniors if they wish for something to be bought. Organize the packing, do it in their presence and arrange for the transport to the senior living community.

4. Co-ordinate

It is very important to coordinate with the Assisted Living facility and check with them the details of the premises, rooms, facilities, capacity, amenities etc. New designed communities for seniors nowadays have a “Moving coordinator” who answer all your queries patiently and coordinates the shift. If your elder has some special needs, make them known and arranged beforehand. Give a detailed list of the daily needs, diet pattern, medications etc. to the Assisted Living Administrator. Personally, check the rooms for comfort and convenience. Senior Living facilities come with complete amenities like bathing and feeding care, nursing care, doctor consultations etc. There will be no cause for worry when you leave your elders in a competent Senior living Facility.

5. Moving out

The D Day has come. Make it as pleasant as possible. Enlist the help of relatives. Make the elders feel that “they are not moving out of a home, but moving into a life“. Assure them that you will visit them periodically and also emphasize that they too can entertain guests at their new senior home. Most important of all, ensure that their journey to the new senior home is relaxed and comfortable.

6. Connect

Stay connected and in touch with seniors always even after their shift to the senior living home. Call and speak to them frequently, visit them periodically and think of them perennially.

Prepare elders for a luxury living at Athulya home. Let the transition be smooth and effortless and also warm and provides elders with a “home away from home” with more compassionate care, delightful company to share and a luxury atmosphere so rare…

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Common Misconceptions about Assisted Living (AL)

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After retirement, all elderly citizens deserve a peaceful and healthy life that is devoid of stress. You would have toiled the major portion of your life juggling between official and personal fronts. Certainly, now, you must have a hassle-free comfortable living.

As seniors, most of you choose to lead an independent life despite the age factor. Assisted Living (AL) promotes this concept by offering multiple options for improved senior care.AL facilities may be given to seniors in various forms such as independent assisted living homes, exclusive luxury homes for senior citizens or shared assisted living apartments. Based on your physical and emotional needs and financial status, you may opt for one of these.

Often, the very thought of ‘assisted living’, creates a mindset of ambiguity and apprehensions. Let us now clarify some common misconceptions you may have about ‘Assisted Living’.

Misconception #1: AL Facilities are targeted specifically for sick and unhealthy people

This is a common perception among retired persons. They perceive that most AL residents are feeble and weak, have health issues and need nursing care. In contrast, the plethora of healthcare and wellness services available at the AL facility actually ensures your well-being and enhances healthy living habits.

Truth: In reality, most AL residents need minimal medical interventions and support. They actively lead a normal and vibrant life. However, as a surplus, assistance is available when required.

Misconception #2: AL is not recommended when you are still hale and hearty

Most senior citizens think that AL services are only called for in extreme conditions of health deterioration or medical emergencies. They feel, otherwise, their stay in AL is not justified as they are currently by and large independent.

Truth: Though it is appreciable that seniors are able to maintain good health currently, it may not persistently be so in future. Health deteriorations and issues are foreseen in the days to come. So it is advisable that they dwell in a safe environment. They also get the right amount of care accompanied by timely availability of help if needed.

Misconception #3: AL completely curbs independence in daily living and hinders privacy.

Aged persons are burdened with the worst fear of being watched all the time and being monitored continuously. This encroaches their personal space and puts them in the ‘uncomfort’ zone. Thus they are sceptical of moving to an AL community.

Truth: AL facilities are specifically customized to promote secure independent lifestyle and yet, be a part of the community. It actually aids socialisation though various activities and events. However, it is noteworthy that residents are not monitored or compelled to do anything against their wishes.

Misconception #4: AL lacks homely atmosphere and cannot put one ‘at ease’.

Elders commonly think that AL communities have stringent rules, protocols and ambience .So it would lack the homely and comforting atmosphere with amenities which they usually prefer.

Truth:Though AL living areas may be down-sized, personalisation is allowed. So seniors may choose to recreate the ‘familiarity and homely’ feeling with their own personalised furniture, photos, art-works and the like. They are also encouraged to pursue their hobbies.

Misconception #5: AL communities are unaffordable due to exorbitant rates

This is one of the major concerns in relocating to AL communities. It is important to carefully assess all the expenses and care giving costs of seniors and the family’s ability to give them the required support.

Truth: When all costs involved in senior care are pragmatically considered ,choosing an appropriate AL may seem a viable and affordable option.

” Actually AL helps you to relive those precious moments of life in dignity for ‘age is merely a number’! “

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5 Reasons why Senior Living communities help you age happily

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Retirement is rebirth, in a way. Yes, you begin to stop living for others and start living for yours. You get a new lease of life to savour and cherish for yourself and yourself alone. All these days, you have slogged hard at home, office and everywhere else. It is time to take a chunk of life to spend for yourself- to age healthily and happily. How to age gracefully, with dignity and have a senior independent living? The answer lies in “senior living communities”.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living is the term given to the “facilities offered to elderly individuals to live a life of comfort and independence with assistance wherever necessary”. Assisted Living offers a judicious mix of “freedom with support” that is just right to please any elderly person.

Why should senior citizens opt for assisted living facilities?

  1. Limited responsibility 
    Elderly individuals are past their prime. Although age is just a state of mind, most elderly people find it difficult to bear the brunt of running a household all by themselves. Managing a home is difficult at old age- buying home needs, paying bills and taxes, ensuring safety and maintenance of the house – all these become tedious tasks. With Assisted Living, elders tend to gain a home minus these responsibilities. All amenitiesand upkeep of the home are provided by the Senior Living facility at a nominal cost.
  1. Basic needs addressed
    As age advances, some elders are not fit to even take care of their basic needs like food, transport etc. They do not wish to impose upon their family for such tasks. This is where Assisted Living comes in. All basic needs like food, transport, timely medication etc. are taken care of by Assisted Living establishments.
  1. Pleasure of other’s company
    Loneliness is a curse in old age. Most elders face depression and stress from living alone. Loneliness Research reveals that 59% of adults over 52 reported poor health due to loneliness. Assisted Living offers the right environ for elders to mingle, engage and socialize productively with their peer groups.
  1. Care for healthy aging
    Failing health, impaired faculties, depleting strength- these are all the signs of aging. Yet all these can be countered with a certain amount of care and support to help elders age healthily. Older adults tend to age healthily and happily if they are provided with the right care and attention. This is what Assisted Living offers.
  1. Dignity and independence 
    All said and done,no elderly person would wish to compromise on their dignity and independence till the last breath of their life. Most healthy aging tips that medical professionals suggest for the geriatrics are to indulge in hobbies and activities that you are really passionate about. This liberation to pursue one’s passions gives the elderly an extra bonus as life. Senior Living facilities offer the freedom for elders to indulge in the activities they like without compromising on their dignity.
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