Elderly Friendship Tips

Many think friendship is only for school-going kids and mostly for teenagers. Parents encourage their kids to make some friends as they know that like education, career, family, friendships, too, is an aspect of life.

But as we age, like many aspects in life such as hobbies, interests, friendship too, tends to fade as we focus more on building life. Even our friends get busy and by the time we realize it will be too late. The daily meetings become ones in a decade!

Isn’t it strange how the process of making a life takes actual life out of us?

There is a reason why senior citizenship is called the second childhood. Retirement comes with its own perks and snags. One of the perks is the availability of ample time and the snag is the question of how to spend it.

Few seniors indulge themselves in reading books, watching their favorite TV shows and hanging out in places they like the most. But all these things do not give purpose of life as much as the few minutes that you get to spend with a person whom you can call your friend.

Given the chances of meeting new people in your elderly age, it is not easy for seniors to make friends but it is also not impossible.

Everyone needs a friend and you are never too old to make friends. Here are a few ways seniors can make new friends to make their retirement days fulfilling. But before that here are a few reasons what makes friendship so important in life.

Why is friendship important as we age?

  • A friend is not just for a need – A friend in need is important but friends share values that is beyond just helping in need. Friends in the elderly age improve the quality of life altogether.
  • Friends keep us mentally and physically fit – Solid friendships will make our lives better both physically and mentally. Mental health in particular is tremendously improved when you are with company.
  • Good friendship improves the overall wellbeing – Positive friendships help elders better than any counselling sessions. A hand that is caring and a mind that is sharing is all we need in the elderly life and friendship can give you both.

Ways you can make friends as a senior

There is no principle that helps you make friends. It’s just two people who share interests, likes and values who share a bond. A bond that makes a person enjoy that company of another and holds them together in times of difficulties.

Having said that, here are a few ways that help you make friends as a senior. Even though there is no handbook for making friends, these ways help you make the initial move which is important.

  • Join a local club – A club is a place where a bunch of people share interests. A friendship is more likely to flourish when you are with people who share the same interests. Join a club based on your interest and you could make many friends.
  • Friendship with neighbours – Your neighbours would be the people who are physically present near you, besides your family. It is important to have a good relationship with your neighbours to keep the atmosphere healthy. 
  • Volunteer for a cause – Volunteering is another way of building friendships. With the gift of time, you could volunteer for a public service cause and this could be a platform where you could meet a lot of people and nurture relationships.
  • Fitness clubs – Another best way to make some friends. Joining in a fitness club not only keeps you healthy with a lot of fitness activities but also helps you find new friends.

Another way to make friends would be joining in assisted living  centers or premium senior living homes. These options work best for the seniors who are living away from their children or all by themselves.

Assisted living home, with all its residents, give an excellent opportunity to live under one roof and spend quality time together.

With numerous people who not only share the same roof but also share the same age and mind, these assisted living homes develop a sense of senior companionships  that benefits at a great level.


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