climate change impact in elders

World environment day 2022 enables fresh and sustainable earth by transiting people to a greener lifestyle with the theme “Only one earth “. Rising sea levels, environmental pollution, and the extinction of species all adversely impact the healthier environment, leading to ill health in various age groups. Mostly, elder people are the ones who account for a higher proportion of health risks from the changing climates. Understanding the complete spectrum of correlations between elder’s health and climate changes can help to improve the health-related quality of life.

How environmental change affects elder’s health?

The sudden onset of long-term change in the seasonal weather with varying patterns can contribute to climate change, which weakens the immune system of older adults. During these climate changes, the diversified resources of water and air are contaminated which results in the need to change the lifestyle habits to the existing weather spectrum. However, the larger unsolved issue among geriatric people will be how to maintain healthy hygiene practices in the face of radical environmental changes.

  1. Poor air quality

Warming temperatures make ozone formation simpler and can extend the seasonal allergens of pollen, therefore it degrades air quality with a rise in pollution levels. These circumstances can affect even the healthier elders with respiratory and pulmonary infections.

  1. Excessive Heat

Heat waves are one of the summer dangers in elders and will become more often as a result of climate change. It can affect particularly the elderly people with physical ailments and raise the risk of heat-related illnesses, including heatstroke, exhaustion, and cramps.

  1. Water-borne diseases

During the rainy and flood seasons, disease-borne insects breed rapidly and are more likely to cause various infections that will directly result in poor health outcomes among elders. The potential of pollution in drinking water sources poses a significant risk of bowel sickness in the elderly and the people with ill health are vulnerable to suffer a lot of health repercussions.

  1. Location influence

Location impact older adult health with the changing temperatures. These factors pose concerns to older persons regardless of their health and immune. Warm and cold weather restricts elders’ mobility and makes them feel miserable.

  1. Pollution

As the population grows, so does the amount of pollution produced. Plastic garbage is poisoning our environment, damaging species ranging from fish to humans. Other forms of heat and chemical pollutants harm the health of wild animals, in addition to hurting human life notably the geriatric people.

  1. Changes in the climate

The increasing population increases the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Because of this, our world is on the approach of a climatic calamity with rising global temperatures. This affects the richness of the ecosystem with a variety of new pandemics and predominantly elders are the one’s who are more vulnerable to suspects easily.

Measures to combat global warming

  • Do recycle
  • Plant trees
  • Reduce pollutants
  • Decrease deforestation
  • Save energy

Environmental concerns may appear difficult, yet we can make changes to protect our loved one’s health.

Diet changes in elders

The immune system enhances senior’s health by protecting them from infections. Choose food wisely with rich antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that will provide you with a healthy body. Avoid disease-triggering fatty foods and inquire the doctor about the right proportion of food intake. While concentrating on food elements, elders should distinguish their diet from winter and summer food habits, resulting in a healthier body with changing seasons. Athulya Assisted Living facility provides elders with customized nutritious food based on their health and weather conditions for their increased strength.

Get plenty of rest

Not only does sleep ease stress, but it also allows your body to heal. Rest is important as you become older since it can help you recall things and concentrate better for a healthy immune system. Furthermore, getting sufficient rest reduces the stress component that raises blood pressure.

Skilled nursing care

When it comes to implementing health-promotion measures, nurses will help a lot in focusing on the environment and elder’s health. To avoid elderly health alienation and worsening, you can assist nursing staff to care for your senior’s health betterment. Athulya Living provides customized nursing care with attentive staff to ensure a holistic living experience along with good health.

Take precautions

Another approach to remain healthy in shifting seasons is to get annual vaccines. It becomes more effective and diminishes the health risk with enhanced immunization. Get your doctor’s advice about the right dose that suits your health and age.


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