Seniors Protein Supplements

People who hustle harder at gym do not require an introduction to the protein powders. Protein powders and heavy workouts are a deadly combination. They help them gain or lose weight and almost every fitness enthusiast includes some kind of protein powder in their diet.

But how about senior citizens? Can they consume protein powders? The intensity of seniors physical activity is considerably low and it is a question in front of every senior citizen – whether they should consume protein powder or not?

The answer would be a resounding ‘Yes’. Well, at least in 99% of the cases and there a solid reason for it. The science behind taking protein powders is simple. Heavy workouts can cause muscle tear and protein shakes helps them to regrow and build stronger muscles. Considering the age factor in seniors, they tend to lose muscle mass than any other age group.

There is enough evidence of protein shakes boosting muscle strength in the people above 60. The results are better when the protein shakes such as whey are consumed while combining with some form of physical activity.

As it is a better option for seniors to maintain their muscle strength and eventually their overall wellbeing, the trend of protein powders for seniors is increasing. Continue reading this article to understand what you need to know about protein powders and shakes.

Protein Powders for Senior Citizens –

As much as they are recommended for seniors, it is highly recommended to check with the doctor before opting for any protein powders in the market. Protein powders, obviously, contain high amount of protein content that may cause certain complications such as indigestion and some serious complications.

Taking protein in natural ways by consuming balanced diet should be a practice always. If your body needs more protein in spite of this practice, you can lookout for other sources such as protein powders.

Every body is unique and demands different nutritional requirements than the other. However, there is one protein powder that is ideal for most of the senior citizens.

Whey Isolates – The Protein Powder for Seniors

Seniors experience decreased or no muscle response for the protein consumed by dietary means. There should be extra push in order to receive the response and whey isolates can do exactly the same.

It does not mean that seniors can down multiple scoops of protein the lieu of meals. They should consider how much protein the body has, how much their meal is contributing and how much they are taking in the form of powder. It might sound difficult to understand but if you could listen to your body closely, it is not a big math.

Usually anywhere between 30-40 grams of protein is ideal for seniors and it should be taken in small quantities throughout the day.

Benefits of Whey Isolates for Seniors –

Senior could experience the benefits only after realizing the ideal quantity of protein intake per day. If consumed in a healthy way, here are the benefits of protein powders for seniors.

  • Reduced Blood Sugars – Not just gaining muscle mass but whey isolates help elders in reducing the blood sugars and increasing their insulin sensitivity.
  • Recovery from Injuries – Protein is the only source for our body to build muscle tissue in a faster way. This is exactly what’s needed for seniors who are injured. It helps in a speedy recovery from injuries.
  • Abundant Amino Acids – The presence of rich amino acids means strengthened ligaments and tendons which is essential for seniors for increased mobility and strength. 
  • Increased Energy Levels – It is quite common for seniors to feel low at times and daily protein intake can keep them high on their energy levels.

Everything said and done, senior protein supplements need a qualified dietician’s approval. Ensuring there is enough protein in diet for seniors  would be an ideal solution if you are still contemplating whether or not to go for protein supplements.


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