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When is the right time for your elder to join an assisted living?

The needs of aging parents and elders at home often keep changing and usually become more demanding. That makes it extremely challenging for family members and caregivers at home. But certainly, all seniors must have the privilege of enjoying a joyful, hassle-free, and dignified retired life after a hectic career span coupled with significant personal responsibilities. Earlier, this seemed possible only if they stayed in their own homes under their children’s custody. But is it so today? Nope, not anymore certainly! And the reason behind this is the growing popularity of another promising senior care option globally called assisted living homes.

These elderly care homes have evolved to become a ‘home away from home’ for the retired people. Several amenities in assisted living facilitate a seamless transition to seniority while allowing elders to live independently. Well-maintained senior-friendly abodes, dining options, security infrastructure, assistance for daily activities and medication management, fitness activities and socialization programs are some of them. Athulya Assisted Living, a widely preferred choice for elderly care, is a perfect example of reinstating this point.

Unlike most care facilities, Athulya Assisted Living also offers skilled nursing for seniors. Complete clinical care is rendered here with compassion by specially recruited and trained nurses. So, elderly patients needing clinical support can avail this service for quick healing in a homely atmosphere. However, ironically, a lot of apprehensions and misconceptions prevail on the assisted living concept. Let us explore the truth behind that and subsequently understand the signs exhibited by elders which depict that they need the support of assisted living.

Misconceptions of Assisted Living

  • Assisted Living is only for sick elders.

Reality: Elders who are independent but need limited assistance for activities for daily living can choose to stay in assisted living facilities.

  • Seniors are deprived of freedom and privacy here.

Reality: Contrary to popular belief, assisted living encourages seniors to be independent. External support is given only when needed. Elders are given complete liberty to lead their life according to their preferences.

  • Assisted living causes social isolation.

Reality: Most assisted living communities offer a variety of enrichment programs and opportunities for socialization. Residents can choose to participate in a wide range of activities like yoga, walking clubs, hobby workshops, board games, sports and spiritual sessions thereby fostering interactions with fellow residents.

  • Assisted Living is expensive

Reality: The senior-friendly living spaces of assisted living offer numerous comprehensive facilities that are very cost-effective and affordable for the retired community.

  • The staff at Assisted Living is unfriendly.

Reality: All in-house staff is well-trained in geriatric care. They are very caring, compassionate, and approachable in addressing all the needs of the elderly residents.

  • The tenure of stay at assisted living is fixed.

Reality: Seniors have the privilege to choose their duration of stay as both short-term and long-term care plans are available.

Signs from seniors that call for Assisted Living

  • Caregiving becomes a herculean task due to the compelling requirements of the senior making it extremely difficult and cumbersome for the caregivers.
  • Frequent accidents like trips and falls occur at home leading to injuries and other health complications.
  • Constant medical attention is needed due to prevailing chronic health conditions, comorbidities or slow recovery after injury, surgery, illness, or hospitalization.
  • Doing basic personal care tasks like bathing, grooming, and feeding independently becomes very tedious calling for external assistance.
  • Poor imbalanced diets of seniors lead to health issues like malnutrition, obesity, and diabetes.
  • Housekeeping and hygiene are highly compromised at home.
  • Loneliness and isolation occur due to a lack of companionship.
  • Homes become dangerous due to accessibility problems or lack of inherent facilities. That curbs the mobility of seniors and it also causes serious consequences like falls and fractures.
  • Inability to manage financial obligations including payment of bills and dues to maintain the homes.
  • Periodic episodes of unusual and abnormal behaviours like anger episodes and aggression bouts are displayed.
  • Risk of accidents outside increases when seniors venture out alone due to poor habits like reckless driving and lack of self-care.

So, do not think twice about considering an assisted living option for your loved one in such scenarios. The tranquil surroundings, personalized services, hygienic living areas, state-of-art facilities and company of peers make it the perfect haven for blissful aging! Kindly visit Athulya Assisted Livingto know more.


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