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The Nitty-gritty of Assisted Living and the Athulya Difference!

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The Nitty-gritty of Assisted Living and the Athulya Difference!

The true essence of life will not unfold for you until age catches up. When it happens, if you are worried about the white strands in the hair and the wrinkles on the skin, a certain awareness is lacking in your life.

Instead, if you see the wisdom age has brought in you, all those learning, love, compassion, and the contented experience, you have aged well.

Seniors are known for this maturity and any society that respects this wisdom takes cues from it to build their communities based on it are bound to thrive.

Before that, it is essential for the younger generation to make everything right for a senior to age better.

With the increased pace of modern life and social and personal expectations, the present generation is failing to address the detachment, insecurity and fear for the future that the elders are facing in our society.

This is exactly where Athulya Assisted Living comes into the picture making the life of elders a self-reliable experience.

This blog is an attempt to bring awareness to those who do not know what assisted living means, how exactly Athulya helps elders, what is the right age to make the assisted living decision and answers for many questions like these. Read on.

1. What is assisted living?

Assisted living is the new age senior living concept that is being widely acclaimed across the world for its advanced facilities and amenities, and for the modern senior living ways that are holistic.

These facilities are designed to enhance the experience of elderly hood while seniors taking the reins of their life into their own hands.

Seniors could choose the way of life from a plethora of options starting from the level of independence, participating in wellness activities and their food preferences.

2. What is the right age to consider assisted living?

There is no right age or time to choose the assisted living lifestyle. It all depends on various factors that actively or passively influence the quality of life.

If an elder is living alone, struggling to get on with their everyday tasks and dealing with reduced social interactions, it is the right time for the senior to consider assisted living.

The advanced senior living havens are totally equipped to provide a complete elderly living experience while covering up for every aspect of senior living.

Seniors who are looking for short stays at assisted living facilities can also consider this option.

3. How is the day to day life structured at assisted living facilities?

Each day at the Athulya Assisted Living is pre-meditated to make the life at Athulya an enriching and exciting experience.

The typical day starts with recommended physical activities for each resident followed by bathing and grooming activities.

Delicious and nutritious food is served for breakfast, lunch, dinner and seniors are also provided with healthy snacking in the interim.

Seniors can decide their rest hours and also participate in their favorite activities such as book reading sessions, musical therapies, painting, pottery, and other arts and crafts.

Assistance is provided for seniors based on their choice while giving utmost importance to their privacy and dignity.

4. What about the medical assistance provided at Athulya Assisted Living?

Being the brainchild of medical professionals with almost 50 years of collective experience, Athulya offers the most sophisticated geriatric care to its residents.

This care involves medical care by the skilled nursing specialists, regular doctor consultation for general sickness, medication management, and taking prescribed care for people who are diagnosed with chronic medical conditions and underwent a surgery recently.

5. What are the activities conducted for social interaction for seniors?

Seniors need social interactions as much as they need medical and other assistance in life.

With the opportunity of living under the same roof with people in similar age brackets, seniors can easily build their connections.

Seniors grouping up together to take part in various hobbies and activities that are part of Athulya Assisted Living’s holistic living experience.

6. Can a senior couple move into assisted living facilities?

Athulya Assisted Living encourages senior couples who are living alone to consider assisted living options.

With all the struggles involved in running a home, Athulya can be the perfect choice for elders as their every household need is fulfilled by the experienced caretakers in the most appropriate manner.

The compassionate and experienced team behind Athulya is constantly striving to create an advanced, secured and cheerful senior living community.

Because, we believe retired life means only the senior has retired from a chosen career, not from the engagement of life or from the experience of it.

We are redefining the standards of senior living with our capable team out of the most luxurious assisted living facilities.

Having introduced the world-class senior living experience, Athulya stands tall in the assisted living scene in India.

Visit our advanced senior living havens today in Chennai to witness the care that is tuned to suit every need of each individual.


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