6 Reasons Why It Is a Smart Decision to Choose Assisted Living in this Pandemic

assisted living facilities
Assisted Living Facilities

After almost two years of chaos and turmoil, the vaccine for coronavirus has brought us a ray of hope for the future.

Seniors being given the priority in the vaccine drive will definitely help in curbing the impact of the pandemic but vaccination alone is not of much help. 

The Pandemic, Seniors, and Assisted Living Facilities

Are Assisted living facilities safe or not? Many people continue to drift in this dilemma. In reality, the modern assisted living homes for elderly are quick to adapt to the new normal without disrupting the quality of living of its residents. 

With the increased safety and precautionary standards at senior living facilities, seniors are enjoying the fulfilled living experience amid the pandemic. 

If you are a senior or have a senior loved one living alone, the time to make a move to an assisted living home wouldn’t be perfect. 

If you are a senior or have a senior loved one living alone, the time to make a move to an assisted living home wouldn’t be perfect. 

Here are a few remarkable reasons why this move can be the smartest decision you can make for your loved one. 

  • The Daily Living Needs – Sorted. 
    • The essential daily needs of each senior are taken care of at assisted living facilities without the need for the seniors to venture into the outside world.
    • Starting from the morning routine to the making of bed at night, every need of elderly in-between is addressed by compassionate personal attendants.
    • Every safety measure that includes hand hygiene for seniors, healthy diet routine, and safe gatherings within the facility together make the life at these modern senior living homes a holistic living experience.
  • Medical Assistance – Checked. 
    • With experienced geriatricians and skilled nursing specialists in the house, all the primary medical requirements of the elders are taken care of. 
    • Knowing each senior individual’s medical history, the doctors and nurses address the medical needs in a just and adequate manner. 
    • Seniors or their loved ones don’t have to worry about the everyday and periodic medical needs, thanks to the medical teams at the assisted living facilities.
  • Healthy Diet Plan for Seniors – Served. 
    • Seniors, considering their weakened immunity and energy levels, need energy boosting foods to take care of their nutritional needs on a daily basis.
    • Assisted living facilities offer the perfect diet for seniors on a daily basis, based on the personal health preferences of the elderly. 
    • The diet is suggested by a qualified dietician for seniors and the food is prepared followed by multiple safety checks.
  • Strict Safety and Infection Control Practices – Maintained.  
    • Understanding the impact of infection breaches, the assisted living homes maintain uncompromised and strict infection control policies. 
    • The facilities follow the medically recommended safety norms to identify and curb the lower, more, and higher risk settings within the facility.
    • Promoting the safety norms across the stakeholders, staff and residents, following hand hygiene, respiratory etiquettes, and ensuring adequate safety supplies in common areas are part of the safety policies.
  • Social Life – In Order. 
    • The pandemic has taught us many things. But one important aspect that everyone stood still and took notice of was the importance of social life. The longing for a human touch was never this difficult for this generation.
    • The power of having light-hearted conversation, and the proximity of fellow human beings soothes one’s heart and mind. It’s natural. Almost everyone in today’s world is missing out on this aspect of life – but not the elders in assisted living facilities. 
    • With the strict and safe gathering policies in place, the senior residents at these community havens are enjoying the flexibility of safe gatherings at will and need. 
  • Facility Operational Activities – Streamlined. 
    • Maintaining operational efficiency under the new normal is a critical task but the assisted living facilities are addressing it effectively. 
    • Training the staff to address the new responsibilities, protection of the residents, maintaining regulatory awareness, employing telework and virtual methods are helping the management streamline everyday operations.
    • All the individuals involved in operations are constantly reminded about the importance of symptom awareness and transparency.
    • The facilities also focus on having backup staff, reinforcing staff training, and supporting residents with clear and transparent communication.

Still skeptical about moving to an assisted living set-up? Imagine your loved one being at home, depending on luck to fulfil their daily necessities such as groceries, home-essentials, and the much-needed social life. That’s unimaginable, we know!

Instead, leverage the flexibility and convenient senior living options in the form of assisted living facilities. 

Let your loved one witness the goodness of this lifestyle by booking an appointment with Athulya Assisted Living in Chennai. 


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