chennai music and dance festival

The Chennai Dance and Music Festival is a festival of ultimate tradition and culture. This is an event that cannot be missed at any cost for people who love art. It was once known as the Margazhi Festival since it occurs in the Tamil calendar month of Margazhi (December). It is interesting that people celebrate this holiday as a way to connect it spiritually and traditionally.  This music and dance festival will create the most exciting festive spirit among everyone despite the depressing state of Covid, which we are recovering from.

The musicians and classical performances truly bring grace, joy, and all that is good into the audience. So, if you want to experience something cool and a fascinating blend of traditional music and classical dance and fun activities for seniors; be a part of this joyous pleasure of these wonderful performances and the talent displayed by the talented performers at the festival. Additionally these fun activities, musical sessions, art therapy and much more are also conducted in Athulya Assisted Living for a better interactive experience for the seniors.

The festival lasts for one month and is scheduled between December and January. Every year, a huge number of visitors and travel enthusiasts attend this festival in Chennai. The Chennai Dance and Music Festival is the perfect site for soaking up South India’s culturally diverse feast.

This well-known Madras event, which dates back to 1927, was named after the Tamil month of Margazhi and was held to honor the Madras Music Academy which is well known for the senior living community. The festival’s original name, Margazhi Festival, was eventually changed to Music & Dance Festival.

Major Attractions Of Chennai Dance And Music Festival

Amazing talent and impressive performances : The Chennai Music and Dance Festival consistently brings audiences an amazing bunch of music, light, and joy. This entire musical event brings together dancers, singers, and a variety of other musicians and artists to create a unique experience. Regarding the music, it includes songs in Tamil, Telugu, and a number of other regional tongues which also grabs the attention of every age group including the senior citizens.

A Series of Events: These performances can be seen across the local area as this event lasts for nearly a month. Every year, more than 300 concerts take place where senior and young performers that include musical sessions, games for seniors. They work together to create some of the most famous shows that spread their attraction.

Places to Visit When Attending Chennai Dance and Music Festival

Marina Beach: Marina, one of India’s best known beaches, is also the country’s biggest beach. It’s impossible to miss the iconic old lighthouse that stands tall at one end of the beach. Additionally, the location is excellent for viewing early sunrise, recently the beach is set to be disabled friendly with ramps for differently abled citizens to visit beaches more often.

Elliot’s Beach: The beach, which is smaller than Marina, was just given the new name of Besant Nagar Beach or Elliot’s beach. A well-known landmark is the Schmidt Memorial, which was constructed as a tribute to Dutch sailor Karl Schmidt. On the beach, there is also an AshtaLakshmi Temple and other exciting fun activities for seniors and kids.

St Fort George: The Fort is a prime illustration of British dominance in India. Under the East India Company, the Fort served as the central focus for all governmental activities in the South. It is now a museum. St. Mary’s Church is also located there.

National Park of Guindy: In the center of the city is where you’ll find this national park. Blackbucks, cobras, pythons, quail, sparrow, vultures, and dragonfly birds are among its famous wildlife.

Temple of Kapaleeshwarar: The temple contains Karpagambal and Lord Shiva idols that were constructed in the traditional Dravidian manner. Seniors might enjoy a relaxing visit by admiring the temple’s attractive architecture.

Madras Academy of Music: It is intended for fans of dance and Carnatic music. Visitors can attend some fantastic recitals and dance events that are held here nearly every day.

Planetarium Birla: People can have a fantastic time viewing stars and other celestial beings in the sky from the Planetarium, which was built in 1988.


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