There will be moments in life where one has to make the right decisions no matter how much difficulty is involved in the decision-making process.

One such decision would be the shift of the elders to the senior assisted living facilities. Because, when the safety of a loved one is in jeopardy, it is better addressed sooner than being sorry later.

The thought of opting for an assisted living atmosphere can be an outright difficult decision to make for the children. What is even more difficult is to have the conversation with your parents about assisted living.

Timing is Everything:

Good things happen to people who make the right decisions at the right times. The timing for choosing a senior living facility for your senior should be perfect.

You make the decision too soon, your elder might feel that he or she doesn’t need any kind of help to comply with their day to day activities. You make the decision too late, seniors safety and security would be at stake.

Here are a few tips that help you make the decision at the right time, and to have a successful conversation with your seniors.

Discuss Early:

There are two reasons as to why you should discuss assisted living with your parents at the early stages of their senior hood.

One reason being it will help them make their mind up and accept the reality of the assistance they need as they advance in age.

The other reason being, most falls in elderly are as a result of seniors who needed assistance in daily living but could not get one. Falls in seniors are more prevalent if the senior is living alone or as an elderly couple.

Clear Objectives on the Table: 

Every child wants to take good care of their parents and assisted living facilities are in fact the part of this ‘good care’ objective all along. They are senior friendly and provide an opportunity for them to explore the depths of seniorhood.

Make sure your parents are able to see your concern is about their safety. And, also provide all the necessary information about the assisted living facilities. Keep them aware of the benefits of these facilities and the kind of positive shift that they could bring in the lives of elderly.

Inclusive Approach:

Make your seniors feel that they are not alone. Moving to assisted living facilities is a sensitive discussion in India. It can sometimes hurt your elders and handling the conversation can go sideways if you are not prepared.

Ensure you follow an all-inclusive approach when you are having this conversation. Make sure you both are on the same team and your elders are following what you are trying to convey. Be mindful of your tone, the atmosphere and even the mood of your loved one.

The Misconceptions on Assisted Living Facilities –

  1. Assisted Living Facilities are Like Oldage Homes: With the kind of atmosphere they have, assisted living facilities outshine the old age homes day in day out in every small way.
  2. The Life Would Be Controlled: Assisted living facilities are also known as independent senior living homes. The level of care at these facilities is determined by the senior himself.  
  3. The Life at Assisted Living Facilities Can Be Boring: It is as exciting as it can get and the life can be as unpredictable as it can get. Seniors can make new friends, learn new hobbies, and most importantly plan their day as per their will.

Analyze each aspect and ensure your objective is clear before having the conversation of assisted living facilities with your loved ones.

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