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Most centres for assisted living in Chennai provide senior care services for elders who are fairly in good health and only need assistance for daily living activities. But Athulya Assisted Living is an exception to this. Apart from providing specially-crafted premium senior citizen homes in Chennai that promote senior independent living with high-class infrastructure, it also offers skilled nursing care for seniors. By providing this much needed medical service with trained nurses, Athulya Skilled Nursing Care Facility ensures that senior patients get the required clinical assistance in a specialized setup with utmost care and compassion.

As a first of its kind flexible nursing facility in India, it revolutionises the nursing home landscape by providing round-the-clock skilled nursing care in Chennai. The nursing may be availed in an in-patient center both temporarily and a long term basis.  All inclusive and personalized attention and support are given here to elderly patients by a dedicated team of nurses. Seniors will get both medical and personal assistance from them.

This abode thus incorporates the best features of both hospital care and home nursing care. It further facilitates a safe and speedy recovery by providing a healing atmosphere in a serene environment. The proximity of medical devices and modern equipment in these facilities puts it at a competitive edge over the usual nursing services provided by other home care service providers. 

Athulya Skilled Nursing Service Portfolio

With its exponential medical track record, this facility offers a broad spectrum of services to elders who need expert nursing attention and assistance including-

  • Medical care for acute and chronic ailments
  • Skilled nursing care for bedridden
  • Post-surgical assistance
  • Urinary catheterization
  • Intravenous infusions and injections
  • Oxygen administration
  • Wound dressing
  • Care for lifetime conditions like diabetes and hypertension
  • Elderly care with full or partial assistance
  • Respite care for  recovery from illness, surgery and injury

Features and Amenities of Patient Rooms and Spaces

  • Fully equipped, ergonomic and spacious rooms with Wi-Fi connectivity, television, acoustic sound and climatic control options
  • Comfortable clinical beds with user-friendly and automatic adjustments
  • Non-slippery floors, well-lit rooms and corridors  with handrails and grab-bars for fall prevention
  • Urbane bathroom and toilet features
  • Attender couch with quick accessibility and nurse-calling system
  • Medical assistance at hands reach
  • Specialist consultant visits, physical and wellness programs for all residents
  • Spacious dining halls with community kitchen and outgoing walkways for comfort and relaxation
  • Tasty menu platters with nutritious food prepared from fresh ingredients in accordance with prevailing health conditions and individual taste buds
  • Round-the-clock internet and video conferencing facilities to connect with the family
  • 24/7  security system with CCTV
  • House-keeping and laundry services

Benefits of Athulya Skilled Nursing Services

The benefits to elders and their families by choosing this reliable service are enumerated as follows-

  • The competent staff has renowned medical expertise and experience in bringing medical and allied healthcare services to India with global standards.
  • The qualified and specially trained skilled nurses are adept in scrupulously managing all kinds of health problems of senior citizens while simultaneously meeting their wellness goals to avoid hospitalization.
  • The integrated and comprehensive care provided seamlessly leads to the road of an expedited and successful recovery of patients without the compulsion of frequent hospital visits.
  • The struggles of getting quality nursing care are evaded and services are rendered in a homely ambience with a personal touch for better healthcare outcomes and patient experiences.
  • The world-class infrastructure within this premise draws cues from renowned nursing facilities across the world with the objective of delivering the highest satisfaction to both patients and their families.
  • Personalized support and undivided attention are given to every individual resident with a highly customized care plan to ensure that prevailing health conditions, preferences and concerns are addressed fully.
  • Personalized support and undivided attention are given to every individual resident with a highly customized care plan to ensure that prevailing health conditions, preferences and concerns are addressed fully.
  • Flexible patient management services are available for both short term and long durations at cost-effective rates thereby providing care accessibility to the elderly population within affordable budgets.
  • The state-of-art facilities are in line with the patient’s comfort and dignity and ensure their safety through hygienic and well-maintained senior-friendly spaces.
  • All endeavours are made to encourage an independent and hassle-free lifestyle with minimal assistance to retain the self-confidence and esteem of seniors.
  • Every touch point that patient comes across on a daily basis is intricately designed to offer a holistic and enjoyable recovery experience.

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