Meditation for Senior Citizens

The stretching, breathing, and meditative practices of yoga can be a great approach for seniors who are seeking a risk-free, efficient way to improve their physical health and general wellness As you will see, daily yoga practice can actually have a variety of positive effects on older adults, from improved flexibility and balance to reduced stress and better sleep.

You can practice yoga for the rest of your life. Because of its minimal impact, it is excellent for people who have joint pain, osteoporosis, or restricted mobility. Yoga, art therapy, aerobic exercise or any other activities and engagements provided by Athulya Living facilities is a great practice for people of all ages since poses can be readily changed to meet your comfort level and physical capacity.

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors:

Retirement is the ideal opportunity to experiment with new things and develop healthy habits that you might think about during your working years. If you’ve never practiced yoga, try a class and discover some of the advantages of yoga for seniors, including:

  • Bone enhancement: Osteoporosis, which results in brittle or weak bones, can be avoided with yoga for elders. When the production of new bone is unable to keep up with the loss of bone mass and density that comes with aging, osteoporosis develops.
  • Reduced stress: You may release the tension you’re carrying in your body, especially in your shoulders and upper back, by practicing yoga. It has been shown to lessen some of the tensions that cause hypertension, resulting in a reduction in the number of daily drugs required. Yoga also eases anxiety by lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and letting you breathe more easily for a healthy aging.
  • Better sleeping patterns. Because senior yoga can be so soothing, many people say they are sleeping longer and better, which may be a problem for older people that can be solved easily.
  • Improved mobility, flexibility, balance, and strength. Yoga positions can improve balance and movement, which can also assist prevent falls. Yoga can provide you the tools you need to increase your mobility so you can move around more safely, as falls are the most common cause of injury among seniors.
  • Reduce the risk of depression. Yoga is an emotion; the mix of breathing, movement, and meditation can produce a general feeling of well-being. Yoga is practiced in a group setting with your peers, so you also benefit from maintaining your social life.
  • Reduce pain and discomfort. Yoga helps reduce age-related aches and pains, even if you have some physical restrictions. Yoga teaches you how to breathe and relax through any chronic pain you may be experiencing, which can be very helpful for individuals with osteoarthritis.

With yoga there also other activities that help with the benefits of better mental health for seniors. Some of those activities are:

Art therapy:

A helpful and rewarding pastime for persons with Alzheimer’s disease is art therapy. Even after other forms of communication start to fail, it can improve people’s quality of life and serve as a means of expression. Classes in dance and art are most effective when combined to help the elderly lessen their symptoms.

Aerobic activity:

Older persons should engage in at least 2.5 to 5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week. Intense exercise of this type includes cycling, swimming, dancing, and nature walks.

Breathing exercises:

Running, jogging, swimming, or even working out on machines at the gym are some of the finest breathing exercises to increase lung capacity. Just be careful to warm up and cool down prior to and following the workout.

Senior citizen’s mind, body, and soul are improved by the yoga and meditation that have been specifically designed for Athulya Assisted Living after extensive research. Senior’s love of learning is stimulated, increasing both their mental and physical activity. Even with activities and interactions, our residents enjoy the highest level of independence at the community.



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