athulya assisted living in bangalore

Athulya Assisted living helps to provide your senior citizens a safe, joyful, and comfortable home while maintaining a high standard of care. To create a standard for delivering a high-quality senior citizen home in Bangalore, we have established ourselves in the sector of senior living facilities.  Athulya is currently one of Bangalore’s top senior care facilities.

We at Athulya are committed to render an assisted living facility for seniors like:

  • Respecting and preserving the dignity of senior citizens
  • Offering seniors the greatest supported living possible on a 24/7 basis
  • Our senior living communities provide the appropriate level of protection and freedom

The senior living facilities in Athulya Assisted Living are designed to provide world-class assisted living. Modern amenities for food, relaxation, fitness, and health care are available at our facility for the elderly. The senior living facilities at Athulya are situated in a peaceful environment away from the noise and pollution of the city.

We can respond quickly to the needs of our senior residents because we are an old home. Our assisted living facility is dedicated to continuously assessing and raising the bar of the care services, amenities, and activities we offer to our senior residents. The home health facility at Athulya values each resident as an individual. Our senior residence offers senior support while giving its members complete freedom to live independently, just as they would feel at home.

Post Operative Care

A scheduled or emergency surgery will cause significant discomfort for a few days or perhaps months as the patient recovers and resumes their “regular living style.” Even simple daily tasks like walking, getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, helping with meals, doing housework, laundry, or shopping might feel awkward. We assist you in managing medication when you need it, comfortably with your preferences.

Elder Care

One can be self – assured that they will receive the highest standards of care and support customized to their unique needs and preferences thanks to our qualified nurses and skilled nursing care who can assist any elderly person with daily tasks like walking, getting in and out of bed, dressing, feeding, and able to manage medication and when they require according to your doctor’s advice.

Dementia Care

The treatment of dementia patients with respect is essential. It’s important to keep in mind that, despite their sickness, a person with dementia is still an individual and valuable human being. A person with dementia may feel helpless and in need of assurance and support when they notice that their mental faculties are failing. This is because they want to maintain their sense of identity and sense of value.

Rehabilitation Care Services for Seniors

As they age, seniors and other people with disabilities frequently require particular kinds of care. For them to live a healthy, pleasant life, it is essential to make sure they receive the care they require, both now and as their conditions change.

After being impaired by illness, injury, or treatment, a person’s mental, cognitive, and physical capacities are improved through rehabilitation care. It is intended for those who are recovering from a variety of illnesses, such as cancer, stroke, joint replacement, or broken bones. It’s designed to assist people in leading an independent, normal lifestyle.

Our goal is to establish and manage an assisted living facility with passion, compassion, and commitment. We understand how important senior assistance is for senior living. Our goal is to make assisted living for senior citizens in Athulya even more accessible and efficient.

Athulya Assisted Living is a place for elderly people where they can feel comfortable and have company. Our assisted living facility guarantees independence, freedom, and liberty. Our mission is to create a healthy neighborhood that is enthusiastic and filled with a sense of belonging. Our assisted living facility for seniors offers a secure environment where senior residents can live comfortably. Elderly residents are free to live a stress-free life since Athulya takes care of all of their daily needs and requirements, including meals, senior assistance, hygiene, sanitation, health, and security.


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