Elderly With Dementia

Dementia is inarguably one of the most feared diseases that is almost imminent in old age. Not only does it numb their cognitive skills, but also severely impairs their quality of life. Of course, there are treatments for dementia that may help bring down the symptoms significantly, but, quite unfortunately, dementia is a terminal illness.

So, apart from medications, how does an elderly cope with dementia? With medications doing their job at one end, there are numerous mental activities out there that could help stabilize their mind and prevent their cognitive skills from breaking apart.

This way, seniors will have a fighting chance to completely alleviate the effects of dementia and lead a normal life with their loved ones. Hence, here are the aforementioned activities we think could brighten up the lives of dementia-stricken senior citizens.

Remember, the dementia patient is not giving you a hard time. The dementia patient is having a hard time.” – Anonymous

Memory-teasing activities for dementia

  • Look through photo albums: There’s nothing like grazing through old photo albums that could help trigger the memories of seniors with dementia. Such photo album sessions could bring up their favourite memories from the past.
  • Watch old movies and TV shows: Some seniors may have been huge fans of an old film or a show. Try using that as a gateway to liven up their minds, subsequently firing up their memories.
  • Listen to music: It is almost impossible to come across someone who doesn’t have a liking for music on this planet. From insanely famous albums to school carols, music has often been the biggest stress reliever for humans. Hence, use that to your advantage and play your loving senior their favourite song or two. There is a high chance that the senior might react to it and enjoy it.

Interesting activities for seniors with dementia

  • Knitting: Knitting is one of the best ways to improve the cognitive skills of seniors with dementia. The constant hand-eye coordination coupled with their knitting interests can help cheer them.
  • Painting: Art can help anyone safely express their feelings through utmost creativity. Similarly, try letting dementia-ridden seniors play with the creativity of art, which will not only help with dementia but also reduces stress.
  • Crafts: Like painting and knitting, crafts are another interesting way for seniors to explore the side of creativity. Playing with clay or malleable play-dough can be quite fun for dementia-stricken older adults.
  • Riddles and puzzles: Try getting your seniors puzzles which are completely fail-safe and could well tease their brains.
  • Old recipes: Cook your loving senior their favourite meal which can trigger their memory quite effectively.

Here are other fun activities that can keep seniors engaged:-

  • Take them for a walk
  • Gardening and watering the plants
  • Feeding the birds and bird-watching
  • Embrace the feel of nature in a park
  • Enjoying an afternoon watching your favourite sport
  • Read newspaper

Yoga for Seniors with Dementia

Yoga is a globally-recognised activity that has numerous advantages and potentially increases one’s life span. What’s more, Yoga can even act as a barrier between human life and several chronic and terminal diseases.

Hence, amidst such qualities beneath this ancient practice, here are some of the biggest benefits of yoga for seniors coping with a memory illness as serious as Dementia:-

  • Improved circulation, breathing, and range of motion, which aids fall prevention and the extension of mobility.
  • Increase in ability to cope with pain
  • The ability to counteract the negative consequences of chronic stress
  • Greater emphasis on qualities and talents of oneself

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