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Choose the Right Senior living facility in Chennai for elders premium care

Athulya Assisted Living is an exclusive senior living place for elders in India. Athulya provides elders with the independence they want and the top-notch care they need with the idea of improving the way seniors live. Senior citizen homes are often sought for by elderly people who are looking for a peaceful, contented location to spend the rest of their retirement lives. Seniors experience this happiness when they receive the attention and comfort they want.

Athulya Assisted Living - The premium senior living facility, which differ significantly from traditional nursing homes and retirement communities, offers residents individualized medical care, wholesome food prepared according to their preferences, a wellness programme, and physical activities that encourage both their physical and mental well-being.

Athulya also warmly welcomes parents of people who reside overseas and are worried about the well-being and safety of their senior loved ones. Throughout their stay with us, our compassionate caregivers always give their parents the best care possible. Residents are free to select their tenure based on their needs and requirements. Athulya’s senior friendly facilities are in close proximity for easy transportation to friends and family members so that they can visit often.

Best Senior living homes in Chennai with best facilities and amenities

Elders who stay with us benefit from all the services offered , such as a lovely apartment that is completely furnished and equipped with a Smart TV, three healthy nutritious meals per day, weekly housekeeping, linen service, and much more. With a nurse on staff, seniors at Athulya will enjoy peace of mind knowing they will get all the care they require while engaging in meaningful activities in a comfortable, safe setting.

Athulya's skilled nursing staff reduces medical emergencies and gives seniors the ability to take advantage of luxurious senior living amenities while still in their prime. By taking care of their daily requirements and offering round-the-clock medical care, our senior care can help seniors feel at home.

The spacious rooms are all created to improve the quality of life for seniors by providing specific attention to their unique needs as they get older. 24/7 medical assistance is accessible. They are aware that finding fun, useful, and meaningful ways to spend time after retirement is the key concern.

Therefore, Athulya has developed a wealth of possibilities and facilities for elders to explore their passions for indoor sports or hobbies. They provide a hassle-free lifestyle to enjoy the golden years, as opposed to senior citizen old age homes. Your loved one will be kept in a monitored, secure environment while you are away for a long period of time with comprehensive care.

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'Personalised, Compassionate and Top-class elderly care starts with Athulya Senior Care'

Why Athulya Assisted Living is the best seniors citizen homes in Chennai ?

Independent living is the option that retired folks desire the most, yet it may not be the best alternative. That's because it's likely that most seniors will need some sort of outside help to perform daily tasks and take care of themselves. One such place for the senior living population is Athulya Assisted Living, which has modern infrastructure and a serene atmosphere. All precautionary precautions have been taken by Athulya Assisted Living to ensure the entire safety of its residents.

What makes Athulya Assisted Living the best lies basically in the premium care with compassion they provide. This ensures the elders their independence and dignity. Here are few of the features that makes Athulya Assited living - a premium place for seniors:

  • Spacious rooms

  • Senior-friendly infrastructure

  • Round-the-clock clinical care & monitoring facilities

  • 24/7 safety & security

  • Technology-oriented care

  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation care

  • Open garden & activity area

  • Wide corridors with grab bars

  • Multiple activities & engagements /li>

  • Nutritious Vegetarian food

What is the Right time to join an Assisted Living?

There are several signs that older persons need to look for when searching for senior living homes or an assisted living facility, including:

  • An increase in falls or a deteriorating medical condition

  • Difficulty coping with their daily routine

  • Loneliness

  • Mobility problems

  • Security and additional factors

  • Need for a full-time care

Athulya Assisted Living checks off all the boxes on these checklists and guarantees the security that seniors need.

How do elders benefit from Athulya Assisted Living

  • Offers a friendly, secure, and comfortable social environment for worry-free retirement.

  • Improves the quality of life for seniors by providing help based on need without compromising freedom.

  • Gives older residents a range of wholesome, well-balanced vegetarian foods that suit their nutritional needs and preferences.

  • maintains seniors' physical activity levels throughout the day using a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Prevents senior isolation, which is a major contributor to depression, limited mobility, and serious health problems.

  • Promote improved social interactions in outdoor environments by planning activities for senior citizens.
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Seniors are given the option to choose between short-term and long-term care programme, allowing them to receive the best care possible. Senior living homes offer seniors a fresh perspective, a distinct ambiance, and a novel experience. Through aged short-term visits at assisted living facilities, they can also benefit from the company of elders their own age and try out new activities while keeping their dignity and independence.

For elders looking out for senior homes in Chennai, Athulya is the best and finest option available as the comprehensive care they provide has earned the trust of the elderly. In addition, Athulya is able to adapt quickly to the changing demands of the elderly, which helps them make a positive difference in senior living.

Testimonials :

  • - Karthick M

    Very nice place for senior citizens. Politeness and courtesy shown in treating old people. Very clean and hygienic atmosphere. Good medical facilities provided.

  • - Mani Megalai Stalin

    Great place for seniors to relax and have a homely feel. My grandfather felt really comfortable with the caretakers. They made us feel like he is in a safe and healthy atmosphere and that we can be at peace when he is away from us.


    Excellent facility for elders to enjoy their retired life. Endorsing a safe, healthy and happy environment with natural surroundings. Friendly people, Hard-working staff, good medical care, homely food, pollution free environment, enormous outdoor, good rooms with neat interiors and so on.

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