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A healthy body and mind, successful career, loving family, and cheering social network together make a perfect life.

A slight downfall in any of these aspects can result in an imbalanced life and takes enormous effort to bring it back on track.

Retirement life comes after a successful career and creates a sense of emptiness that is hard to fill. It also interferes with the sense of purpose in one’s life.

The Meaning of Purpose in Life

What is the purpose of life? Now, that’s a question hard to answer. But the answer can be gathered somewhere near the daily motivation that makes one feel complete and peaceful every given moment!

It is the driving factor behind why one wakes up every day, teaches important life lessons, influences behavior and decisions, and a sense of direction.

The answer is difficult, but everyone lives with a purpose whether they know it or not. How about the seniors who retired? Do they have a purpose in life? Let’s find out!

‘I am retired’ is not an answer!

When one gets retired from a routine that made them wake up every day, it takes time and mental strength to regain meaning in life. It’s not easy. But it is not impossible too.

Next time when someone asks you ‘what are you doing these days?’ your answer can be anything but not ‘I am retired!’

If that is your answer, you might want to give a thorough recheck of your life, daily routine, and shuffle your priorities.

The Purpose in Every Stage of Life

Finding a purpose or meaning in life is not a phase only retired people face. Children find it in their playbooks, teens find it in their teenage love, young find it in the job they do, and adults find it in their marriage, children, and family.

While family and relationships stay as they are in life, the career comes to an end as a result of declining physical and mental fitness.

There comes a day in everyone’s life where they have to bid a permanent goodbye to the career they shed sweat and blood to build. Now, this can leave a big void all of a sudden.

Finding Purpose Post-Retirement

If you are a retired senior trying to find your calling again or someone who is on the verge of retirement, this is for you, with love from Athulya Assisted Living. Read on.

1.Lend an Ear to the Heart

  • Life is such that we ignore the screaming heart and listen to the mind as what it says is more practical. And being practical is important to survive. But life is not about surviving but living.
  • Once you fulfill your responsibilities, it is time to listen to the heart carefully. Listen and know what it says.
  • Explore your interests. Take a reflective look, try to remember what made you happy last time, and pursue it wholeheartedly.

2.Start Doing Something Random

  • Not knowing what to do in post-retirement life is something almost every senior comes across. Most of them will not have a clue.
  • If you are in that bracket, start doing something new that you never did. Like learning an instrument, going on a road trip, or learning an art form.
  • Get up off that chair and just start doing something random. You never know what makes you feel alive!

3.Listen to the People Around You

  • Sometimes, it is not easy to find what you are passionate about. You can be actually good at many things that you did not realize so far.
  • Take the feedback of people around you. Get to know what you are good at in their words.
  • Most importantly, pay attention to what they say about you subconsciously. You might be their motivator, inspiration, or simply a company they enjoy.

4.Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

  • People fit into three types of living mods — comfort zone, fear but learning zone, and growth zone.
  • One would feel safe and in control in the comfort zone, but it lacks excitement and self-learning.
  • Deal with your fears and gear up for the adventures in the fear and learning zone. What awaits you next is finding purpose, conquering goals, and living your dreams.

Hassle free life is a myth. It is easy to feel stuck in life every now and then. If your entire day feels like you are stuck, you would want your life to get back in order.

Your daily progress towards finding your purpose doesn’t have to be a paradigm shift. A little step every day lets you get unstuck. Bank on that momentum to move forward with life.

Take a brain break, reflect on your priorities, know what you want specifically, and reconnect with your life to find your purpose.

Athulya Assisted Living can help you find the peace and happiness in your senior hood and give you purpose and meaningful relationships to cherish your days!



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