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To hear for life, listen with care!

On world hearing day, most of us will focus on hearing problems rather than hearing techniques. That’s why the world health organization creates a community to make awareness about hearing loss. As per WHO reports, over 5% of the world’s population is addressing hearing problems. And being an elder, the hindrances or struggles faced are huge. To prevent deafness, we need to promote and raise campaigns for hearing care.

What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a condition that exists when any part of the ear is not working properly. It refers to being disabled in hearing and the affected person will feel uncomfortable while communicating with others due to the time or effort taken to understand each and every syllable.

Types of hearing loss

Based on the symptoms, it can be feathered into three categories. They are

Conductive hearing loss

It is a mechanical problem inside your ear that is usually caused due to a hole or blockage in the eardrum. Hopefully, it can be cured by surgery or medicine.

Sensorineural hearing loss

It happens due to inner ear nerve damage and will stay to be a permanent problem. The only cure is by placing hearing aids or implant treatments.

Mixed hearing loss

It is a mix of both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. It can be treated in different ways such as medicine, surgery, or implant methods.

What other diseases can accompany hearing loss?

After experiencing hearing issues there is a greater probability of having several other diseases. The following are a few disorders that will come along with hearing disability.


Tinnitus is experiencing ringing sounds in the ear. It is a common age-related problem and causes ear infections and headaches. One of the main causes of tinnitus is Meniere’s disease.


Unlike tinnitus, it can occur at any age and mostly affects one side of the ear. The signs are hearing loss and a pressurized feel in the affected ear.


Vertigo is an unbalanced condition that will result in the sensations of vomiting, headache, and sweating. In some cases, it will cure without any treatments but others need to undergo vestibular rehabilitation, surgery, and consumption of medicines.

How does it affect the elder’s independence?

Age-related hearing difficulty lowers the potent of elders because it is untreatable and they need to depend on others for every single activity.

Being alone

People with hearing loss cannot get the sentence at once. To make them understand, we need to repeat it and this will make that situation a little difficult. To avoid such conditions, they will withdraw themselves from social gatherings.

Poor communication

Even starting stage of hearing loss will cause major communication struggles. They will feel hard to understand the conversation and certainly, it will generate miscommunications.

Day-to-day hurdles

Seniors with hearing struggles will find it hard to hear sounds and this makes their survival much riskier. They don’t even hear the

  • Bell ringing
  • Fire alarms
  • Horn sounds

How to protect?

Ear wax build-up and removal

Susceptible seniors can use ear wax which will cure ringing sounds, aches, and dizziness inside the ear. It will protect the ears and the doctor can make a periodical visit for better results.

Have regular check-ups

The hearing check-up is one of the most important for your seniors to maintain their health and mental care balanced.

Hearing aids

It will improve the hearing and speech recognition of elderly people and help them to complete their daily activities without any hurdles. It will work in both noisy and quiet environments.

Assisted living facility for enabling independence in seniors with hearing loss

It is a residential option for your loved ones where they support seniors with personalized care. Moreover, they will provide skilled nursing care, medical management, housekeeping services, and much more to comfort their living. There are a lot of assisted living services available in Chennai. Athulya Assisted Living provides an amazing facility for safe and sophisticated senior living.

What does Athulya Assisted Living offer?

  • Senior-friendly infrastructure
  • Monitoring services
  • Programs and activities
  • Healthy food
  • Good environment

Athulya Assisted Living enables the seniors to experience their independent living by offering them 24/7 nursing care with technologically equipped facilities and Expert doctors for regular check-ups. This constant monitoring without disturbing the daily life of seniors makes them feel safe. Even for seniors with hearing loss, this will ensure a risk-free environment that will also help in engaging them which will keep them away from the vicious disease of loneliness.


  1. How hearing loss affects daily life?

Hearing loss affects each aspect of life and sometimes it may lead to miscommunication between people which will encourage the loss of confidence for elderly ones.

  1. How is tinnitus treated?
  • Sound therapy
  • Hearing aids
  • Adapting better lifestyle

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