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Bedridden seniors: Proven activities for better mental health

India is a ‘no country for old men’ and there are many reasons for it. According to a survey conducted by the United Nations, about 62% bedridden seniors in India lack care they deserve. The Indian senior care ecosystem even lacks facilities to provide general care that ease the physical and mental exertion induced by the long-term bedrest.

While being stuck in bed is extremely draining both physically and mentally, lack of activities can suck the remaining motivation for life out of them. The frailty of long-term confinement to bed can negatively impact mental health and cause extreme mood swings.

If you are a senior or a loved one who has a bedridden family member back at home, here are a few activities that bedridden elders can do to maintain a healthy mental life. Continue reading the blog until the end to know more about healthy ageing tips for bed ridden elders.

What is included in the list of healthy ageing for seniors?

Bed ridden seniors can do different kinds of uplifting activities, both physically and mentally. With the help of music therapy, expressive art therapy, and yoga and meditation, you can better your loved ones’ life experience even when they are bedridden.

What is music therapy for seniors?

There is, probably, nothing that could not be moved by good music, including individuals who are bedridden. Music therapy uses pre-arranged music tracks to better the way a senior feels on the bed. The tracks can include mild and positive music, or the choicest songs as preferred by the senior.

How does music therapy help bedridden seniors?

Music is a great source to evoke strong emotions and for mental stimulation in seniors. It has the power to instill positive energies while bringing back the good memories, great times, and profound feelings.

What is expressive arts therapy?

Expressive arts therapy involves art as a medium of outlet for seniors. It is a multidimensional approach and the arts used in this therapy are picked based on the preference of the senior, considering their physical and mental state.

How does expressive arts therapy help bedridden seniors?

It is therapeutic and works as a gateway for elders to express themselves. It is more of an outlet for the emotional energies that are looking for ways out. Most importantly, they directly and indirectly help in bringing in clarity, purpose, and keep elders motivated about the days to come.

What are the mindfulness activities for seniors?

Yoga and meditation are considered as the top mindfulness activities for seniors. There are postures and activities for bedridden seniors which have a huge positive impact. Activities like deep breathing, body scan, mind mapping, and regular meditation on a daily basis will have miraculous benefits on the bedridden seniors.

How yoga and meditation can help bedridden seniors

Bedridden seniors need constant mental stimulation activities to keep cognitive decline at bay. These activities are great stress busters and also improve cognitive and memory function. Most importantly, these activities can be considered as the perfect remedies to tackle extreme mood swings that are often observed in bedridden seniors.

What are the exercises for bedridden seniors?

Being bedridden is not the end of physical exercises. There is a whole spectrum of physical exercises that a certified nurse or even a family member can perform. Simple neck turns, flexing the limbs, joints, bending hips and knees, and exercises for bone health, help the bedridden in many ways by keeping the free blood circulation and avoiding pressure ulcers. 

The best part is, most of the active motion-range exercises can be performed by the senior with very little help. He or she may need external support or a caregiver’s help only when they are performing passive motion exercises.

What are the best living options for seniors with mobility issues?

Short-term or long-term mobility issues can lead to various health issues if sufficient care is not provided. Seniors with mobility issues need professional help. One way to address these issues is by availing the services of assisted living facilities. By offering superior caregiving services with the help of certified nurses and skilled nursing care specialists, the assisted living facilities offer unparalleled care for the bedridden seniors.

Starting from maintaining proper hygienic activities, grooming, feeding, medication management, following the prescribed medical activities, to motivating elders with their actions, these caregivers at assisted living facilities are trained to play their part exceptionally well.


A life that’s confined to the bed is not easy for anyone. If you have a loved one who is bedridden, provide the care they need by getting professional help. Athulya Assisted Living is a senior care provider and offers compassionate caregiving service for elders. Yoga and meditation, music therapy, and expressive arts therapy are a way of life at this facility.

Get in touch with Athulya Assisted Living in Chennai to learn more about the services offered to seniors with different health issues who are in different physical states.


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