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Old Age Homes in Kochi

You wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t searched for ‘Old Age Homes in Kochi’. Old age people require special care and attention in a peaceful ambiance. What if we say, Athulya Senior Care provides the best care to the elderly in a senior-friendly atmosphere. But our old age homes are not just old age homes, they are assisted living facilities. Athulya Assisted Living is a first-of-its-kind premium living facility that provides a holistic living experience for the senior community. Once your loved ones become Athulya Assisted Living’s residents, we treat them as our family.

Athulya’s Assisted Living facility covers every need of the elderly while also offering them safety and security in a home-like environment. Our facilities and amenities ensure that the elderly enjoy their stay at Athulya. Without any compromise in the quality of service offered, Athulya caters to the various needs of the elderly. We are well aware that the requirements of seniors vary from one person to another. To ensure that the elderly receive the exact care that they are in need, we provide personalized care to our residents.

The elderly might not prefer going to an old age home. But assisted living facilities offer more than old age homes provide and also promote a happy, healthy and safe aging of the elderly. .

Good Food for a Healthy Life:

Seniors’ diet is also given priority in Athulya. Following the analysis of the dietary needs, nutritional requirements, and preferences of each resident, our nutritionists decide on the diet plans. Based on the diet plans, healthy vegetarian food with fresh ingredients is prepared for the residents and served on time. Without any compromise in the quality of the food, seniors are given tasty food that would best suit their requirements.

Health and Medical Care with Expert Medical Professionals:

Health and medical care for the elderly are provided by expert medical professionals. Our team extends their utmost care to the residents. Regular doctor check-ups and vitals check, round-the-clock clinical care, and physiotherapy are some of the care we provide to your loved ones.

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Athulya Assisted Living - More than an Old Age Home:

Athulya breaks every stereotype associated with geriatric care providers. With constant upgradation and adaptation to the changing needs of the elderly, we provide the best days at our facility in the old age. Our facility is situated in the heart of Kochi, making accessibility to all the essential facilities, easy and simple. Home-like environment, peaceful ambiance, senior-friendly infrastructure, well-trained and experienced staff, doesn’t it sound like a paradise for the elderly?

'Personalised, Compassionate and Top-class elderly care starts with Athulya Senior Care'

Holistic Living Experience at Premium Facility:

If you were just looking for an old age home, then Athulya Assisted Living is something more than you had expected. The senior-friendly facilities ensure comfort to the elderly. With Athulya by their side, the elderly need not compromise on any of their needs. When we say, we provide comprehensive care to the elderly it also includes our support to take care of their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Compassionate care from expert hands is Athulya’s specialty.

Athulya - Unique Services and Customized Care:

Standing true to the meaning of its name, Athulya provides unique services to seniors. At our assisted living facility, we provide services and decide on care plans based on the residents' needs. With Athulya, your loved one is in safe hands. There is no need for you to be worried about your seniors when they are with us. Athulya covers 360º care services and ensures that they don’t feel alone or feel your absence. Athulya is here to take care of your senior as our family member.

Expert Care from Compassionate Team:

At Athulya, we have a well-trained team to take care of your loved ones with expert care. Our team is devoted to caring for the elderly by giving their fullest contribution. They are motivated by a strong commitment to serving the elderly with compassion and love. Our doctors, nursing team, caregivers, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and other experienced healthcare professionals provide ensure their availability to the residents 24/7.

Athulya Assisted Living - An Insight:

As the name suggests, assisted living offer assistance to the elderly to carry out their routine and live independently with dignity. To facilitate the residents to have a comfortable stay, Athulya assisted living facilities are designed to suit the aged. This ensures that the elderly don’t have any discomfort during the access. Here is an overview for you to know about the safety precautions, diet, health and medical care, and other facilities and amenities available in Athulya Assisted Living.

Safety - No. 1 Priority:

Providing safe and secure living for your senior is one of the reasons that would have made you look for old age homes. But assisted living, being an advancement of old age homes, exceeds in safety and security as well. Athulya assisted living facilities with a touch of technology, eliminate the fear of any sort from the residents. Our facilities are supervised by 24/7 security systems. To let the elderly have a comfortable stay our facility has taken the following measures to ensure their safety.

  • 1.Grab Rails and Safety Rails along the corridors and staircase

  • 2.Bathroom Grab-Rails

  • 3.Anti-slippery flooring

  • 4.Sturdy carpet flooring

  • 5.Nurse Calling Bells

  • 6.Furniture that is suitable for the elderly

All these facilities focus on providing safety to the elderly. Additionally, these facilities also prevent the elderly from falling, injuring, fracturing, or experiencing any kind of discomfort or hassles.

Embracing Senior Hood:

As mentioned earlier, we extend our support to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the elderly. As a part of ensuring this our Activities and Engagement department of the assisted living facility plan unique and entertaining activities and engagement for seniors to take part in and enjoy. Seniors also show their presence enthusiastically in each activity to stay active and feel refreshed. Activities the residents are involved in are planned to improve their mental health improvement and creativity. It also helps the elderly to socialize with fellow residents and establish healthy bonds. The activities and engagements mostly include,

  • 1. Music Therapy

  • 2. Movie Watching

  • 3.Arts and Crafts

  • 4.Games

  • 5.Health Talks

  • 6.Yoga and Meditation

clinical cot in assisted living

Here is what our client shared about their experience with us:

  • - Vaijayanthi Chandrasekaran

    This place is well-maintained and all the facilities are awesome. The people who are working are very cordial and helpful. I would recommend this place to those who are looking for assisted living.

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