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Chennai's premium old-age homes for seniors to have a serene and elegant life

Most commonly, when someone hears the term "old age homes," they get a negative picture of a crowded, ominous-looking place that causes them to feel weary. Seniors frequently connect the term with loneliness, abandonment, family disconnection, less care, and safety issues when they hear it. People in India believe it to be a facility for elderly and helpless individuals. Finding freedom and dignity would be a little challenging because few homes for old age people don't give seniors the kind of care they need or deserve.

We at Athulya strive to enhance the lives of the elderly by eliminating all traditional stereotypes and redefining the term "old age." True to its name, Athulya provides seniors with a world-class standard of quality living that is suitable for and tailored to their needs. Athulya is one of the first few luxury senior living facilities in India and is currently available throughout Chennai.

Making your elders daily living a bliss

As some areas of life grow more challenging with age, for many older people, old age might mean being unable to live alone. Even the smallest amount of moving can be taxing, as can housekeeping, shopping, climbing stairs, and maintaining personal hygiene. Most frequently, they come to the conclusion that an old age home is the only option. To be honest, it's not true. Elders need not satisfy for less when they can get the desired care at an assisted living facility. Athulya Assisted living facilities is for older people who can live both independently as well as need assistance. The customized services and facilities are exactly suitable for the requirements of elders. By offering various range of services to its residents, Athulya has evolved to be the best provider of assisted living facilities in the industry.

Athulya with a motto to change the concept of old age retirement homes, provides seniors with a luxurious living with comprehensive care and support.

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'Personalised, Compassionate and Top-class elderly care starts with Athulya Senior Care'

Difference between an Assisted Living & Paid old age homes

Before starting off with the differences, let’s know the commonality between the both. The only commonality is that, elders live in both the places. When it comes to the differences, both of them are extremely different concepts altogether. Old age homes offer only the bare minimum of facilities. It is just a living environment for elders to spend their old age and do their daily chores. Beyond that they lack the major facilities, care and support over there. Unlike other paid old age homes in Chennai, Athulya Assisted living facilities provide comprehensive care & support. This support ensures the desired care for senior citizens are provided on par with excellence.

Assisted living facilities provide services including medication management and help with personal care tasks like toileting, grooming, and dressing for senior citizens who need more assistance due to health or mobility concerns. Nutritious healthy vegetarian Food, housekeeping, laundry, and transportation are common services provided. Also, Assisted living focuses a lot of emphasis on activities that provide mental, physical, and social stimulation.

What is the Right time to join an Assisted Living?

When an elderly finds it difficult to take care of themselves or want to have a good life at a old age retirement home where others take care of themselves, joining an assisted living community can be a right decision to make.
Several indicators that elderly people must relocate to an assisted living facility are:

  • 1. Increased number of falls, or worsening medical condition

  • 2. Difficulty in managing their day to day routine

  • 3. Loneliness

  • 4. Mobility issues

  • 5. Security and other reasons

Keeping all the above signs in the mind, Athulya Assisted Living satisfies these checklists and promises the security which the elders desire.

What does Athulya offer extra ?

Compared to the other paid old age homes in Chennai, Athulya Assisted provides a variety of few things that make them stand out from the others in the market. Athulya with the extra care strives to maintain the homelike environment for seniors.Our team also focuses on getting to know our residents' individual preferences and histories so that it may include those details into their care. Some pointers that make Athulya unique are:

  • 1. Advanced technology for medical monitoring

  • 2. Recreational activities and engagements team

  • 3. Well skilled Medical team for elders

  • 4. Fully furnished, Senior friendly environment

  • 5. In-house Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation

  • 6. Specially customized diet and food

As a Pioneer Assisted Living facility provider in India with 4 facilities in Chennai alone, they are conveniently located in the heart of the city in 4 prominent locations. Being close to the hot-spots of the city, makes family members visiting elders at Athulya accessible and convenient. Regardless of the care requirements seniors have, Athulya is a haven where they can stay as long as they wish. Athulya Assisted living is ultimately the greatest option for seniors if they are starting to consider moving into an old age home or senior retirement home.

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  • - Senthil Kumar

    My parents have been living in Athulya for the past year and have had a comfortable stay. Perfect place for elders and they view them as their own family members. Food was delicious and given considering each one's health condition. The place is well-maintained and clean. The staff is very helpful. They worked closely with me in resolving all my queries. With peaceful surroundings, one can lead their own life without stress and dependency.

  • - Bala Thevan

    I visited Athulya with my family. My friends grand parents are there past two years. Clean and peaceful environment with senior friendly infrastructure, Right place for your elderly parents who needs special attention and clinical support.

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  • 1. How long is a typical stay in assisted living?

    Most of the assisted living communities do not require a long-term agreement. Athulya assisted living typically runs on a rental model with 30 days notice before leaving. Also seniors can stay as long as they want.

  • 2. What should I look for when searching for an assisted living facility?

    Elders looking to join an old age home or an assisted living facility should consider a number of factors, including the level of care offered, senior-friendly infrastructure and amenities, clinical care, security, diet, and so on. Athulya Assisted Living is one such senior living facility for the old age community which offers compassionate care & assistance with a holistic approach to elevate seniors' quality of life.