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Athulya Dementia Care Center in Kochi: Changing the Perspectives of Living with Dementia

Did you know that about 8.8 million Indians aged above 60 years have been diagnosed with Dementia?. The prevalence of dementia in India has shot up to 7.4%. Has any of your family members contributed to this estimate? When our beloved one is diagnosed with Dementia, the whole family enters an emotionally painful situation. We take responsibility to understand the hardships a person with dementia and their family members undergo. Athulya Dementia Care ensures to help senior citizens to manage their condition with qualified assistance and reduce the family’s fear for their loved ones.

Dementia is an umbrella term referring to progressive impairment of memory, loss of intellectual functioning, inability to think abstractly, and poor decision-making skills. A person with dementia will need personalized care and continuous support, for which moving to a memory care nursing home can be resourceful and favourable to meet the individual’s needs.

Being the best in dementia care, we consider taking care of a dementia patient is not a single person’s task but requires multiple people’s contribution. At Athulya dementia care in Kochi we onboard different panels of specialists for dementia patients and provide a holistic approach to providing care.

Our team of experienced professionals and empathetic caregivers offers unique, nurturing, and holistic care to every resident in our facility. We incorporate the latest advancements to curate a personalised plan to manage dementia for our seniors.

Athulya, the most trusted old age home for dementia patients in Kochi guarantees comprehensive care with its exclusive facility that spreads a homelike feeling. Well, there is more than one reason why you should choose Athulya’s Dementia Care for individuals residing in Kochi.

Reasons why Athulya Dementia Care will be the Right Choice for your Loved Ones

Re-learning to Socialize: Individuals with dementia or memory loss also tend to build anxiety within themselves. This affects their ability to socialize with their surrounding, paving to social withdrawal. Regular conversations with their loved ones can help to downgrade the severity of symptoms associated with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Improving social skills helps turn down anxiety and improve cognitive functioning. Our skilled team of professionals guides the elders in enhancing their communication and spends quality time with them to provide a feeling of being regarded. Our home for Alzheimer’s patients in Kochi also acts as a support group community.

Multidisciplinary Approach: Taking care of a family member with dementia can burn out the caregivers physically and mentally. Athulya Dementia Care believes that people with dementia require trained professionals to manage their condition effectively. We install a team of diverse specialists to cater to individual-centred care and support. The dementia care services provided by Athulya Dementia Care include cyclical health assessments, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and a care plan to manage dementia symptoms. Our experts craft evidence-based yet practical plans to prevent the progression of dementia.

Dementia Care in Kochi

Therapy for Physical Health: Ageing and dementia together serve impairment in physical strength and performance. We provide therapy to boost their motor skills, muscle strength, orientation, balance, and gait. The occupational therapist at our care centres evaluates and designs plans to improve the seniors’ strength, performance, and motor functions. Our team of expert therapists promotes a safe and feel-at-home environment to help them partake in activities with less dependence.

Structuring Daily Routine: Dementia is a condition that steals away more than just memory. It makes it difficult for people to carry on everyday tasks including washing, showering, getting dressed, etc. Our nursing care homes for dementia patients help them to navigate their day by tailoring a routine based on their preferences. This will provide them with a feeling of having control over their day.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy: Stimulating memory and ameliorating cognitive capability is our primary aim in providing cognitive stimulation therapies. We conduct fun, group activities that help stimulate their memory, mental skills, conversational skills, and a positive perspective on life. Music, art, and reminiscing therapies are some of the evidence-based interventions we practice at our memory care nursing homes.

Keeping Nutrition in Check: With dementia people sometimes forget to eat which in the long run can lead to malnutrition. Inadequate nutrition can pave the way to deteriorating mental stability, confusion, and weight loss. Our team of Dietitians assesses the nutritional needs and personalises every individual’s plate.

Round-the-Clock Care: Patients with dementia may struggle to perform daily errands with ease. Geriatric individuals often present with physical comorbidities that require a periodical check-up. Having expertised in dementia elderly care for years we extend extensive care and continuous monitoring around the clock.

Safety is our Priority: Elders with dementia are highly prone to safety hazards and we ensure to keep their safety our priority. Our facilities are equipped with highly integrated security systems for 24/7 monitoring. Our trained staffs work to keep the locality safe from falls and injuries. A secured living space resembling a warm neighbourhood for seniors simply defines our Dementia Care Center.

"Providing Compassionate Care to those facing life-limiting illnesses."

Nurturing a supportive and compassionate environment

Athulya Dementia Care is privileged to serve our senior citizens who continue to inspire us in every way. We provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to managing dementia. Our team of specialists including doctors, nurses, dietitians, and therapists collaborates to understand every individual’s condition and tailor a customized care plan for their well-being.

Our elders deserve the best care and support during such critical times. Choosing Athulya Dementia Care will be the best gift to give your loved ones suffering from dementia. Reach out to us to schedule a visit to our facility and to learn more about our services.

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Positive Testimonials

  • - Ramya Balasubramanian

    I am grateful to Athulya’s Assisted Living Dementia Care in Kochi for their incredible support and care for my mother. My mother has been with Althulya for almost 2 years now. She was experiencing forgetfulness and was finding it difficult to perform daily errands. The caregivers here are so kind and warm. They not only take good care but respect and value my mother’s preferences. My mother shares so many happy stories every time we visit her. She has been given assistance from trained nurses and they also conduct regular health check ups. Thanks to all the caretakers of Athulya.

  • - James Christopher

    My father faced difficulties in communicating with others due to his memory loss. A friend of mine has suggested Athulya to us. The caregivers here were so helpful in improving my dad’s communication skills. They conduct activities for him to keep him engaged. My heartfelt thanks to Athulya’s Dementia care and the caregivers there. My family really appreciates everything everyone from Athulya is doing for my father. I highly recommend Athulya Assisted Living Dementia Care to other families.

  • - Meera Jai

    My father used to be a very structured and well-planned person. Due to dementia, he kept forgetting things and could not keep good track of his tasks. Because of this, he became anxious and frustrated. We were initially reluctant to join our father in a nursing care home. But now we are happy to have made the decision. At Athulya, they assisted him to follow a simple yet structured daily routine like reading in the morning, small walks in the evening, participating in activities post-breakfast, etc., which satisfied him very much. A huge thanks to the Athulya team.