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Athulya - World Class Skilled Nursing Care Facilities

Athulya Assisted Living is known for its outstanding senior centric services for the residents with its in house facilities that aim to cover every aspect of Senior health and wellness.

Athulya Assisted Living Facility has its own in-house medical facilities for our seniors to help with their daily assistance and medical requirements. One such service is Skilled Nursing services.

Helping seniors live their best days with world class skilled nursing care facilities backed by a specially dedicated team of professionals, helping your seniors recover soon and get back on their feet.

What Is Skilled Nursing Facility?

A skilled nursing facility is an in-patient rehabilitation and medical treatment facility with specially trained medical professionals who provide long term and short-term care based on the requirements and need to help your elderly loved one recover from their illness.

Whether your elderly loved one is recovering from a stroke, requires post operative care or any other illness where they require nursing services even skilled nursing rehab to help them recover soon. The availability of an experienced team of medical professionals round the clock for clinical services, contribute to a speedy recovery from any illness, making us one of the best Assisted living Facilities in India.

skilled nursing care facilities

'Helping your loved one heal with the best of Skilled nursing Care services'

Who Can Avail Skilled Nursing Services?

skilled nursing services

If you are looking for a ‘Skilled Nursing facility near me’, where your elderly loved one requires professional nursing services on a daily basis along where they can also enjoy Independence at their own pace, Then Athulya Assisted Living is the one place for all.

The skilled nursing facility services can be personalized according to the requirements of the residents. If it’s a post-surgery care, then they can choose a short-term care where it will be for a short period of time and our experienced nurses with Quality equipment aid in a speedy recovery. While a long term care would be extended for a longer period of time, depending on the intensity of the condition like a long term illness.

Our Services

chronic and acute medical care

Chronic and
acute medical care

post surgical care

Post- surgical

urinary catheter


iv infusions and injections

IV infusions and

nursing assistance

Elderly care with
independent assistance

oxygen administration


post injury care

Illness or injury
recovery assistance

diabetic care

Diabetic care and
other conditions

Why Athulya’s Skilled Nursing Services?

Athulya gives you an all-in-all experience with it’s all rounder senior centric services, specially designed to fit senior lifestyle and a safe aging while giving the Independence they seek. We personalize every service and embrace them with the same care and compassion they receive at home. We have picked out a few reasons why choose Athulya’s skilled nursing services! Your elderly loved ones will experience the rest!

  • The perfect infrastructure drawn from the inspiration from distinguished nursing care facilities globally
  • An undivided attention to each resident in the facility
  • Personalized care to suit their requirements and comfort
  • Adaptable long-term and short-term care plans
  • An infrastructure that reflects our residents’ safety while staying in line with Dignity and comfort
  • A facility designed to encourage nominal assistance with an Independence Lifestyle a senior wants
  • First of its kind Nursing care Facility in India with a versatile and flexible services

Senior-Centric Facilities In Patient Rooms

Each Patient room is specially designed to give the comfort of home to our residents. From the floorings to the equipment. Athulya provides the best amenities for residents to live their Independent senior hood.

  • Clinical beds with automatic senior-friendly adjustments
  • Quick accessibility- nurse calling bell system
  • Fully equipped and spacious rooms with Wi-Fi, Television, and Climate Control facilities etc.
  • Slip-proof floors, with sufficient lighting and handrails for extra support
skilled nursing rehab

Book an Appointment – Visit our Facility

Book your appointment to visit our facility to experience the true senior friendly Assisted living that is premium, pleasant and peaceful as you would expect it to be.


  • How is Athulya’s skilled nursing services different from the others ?

    Athulya’s Skilled Nursing services offers an allrounder services for an elder who requires nursing services to help them recover sooner with specially trained and experienced nurses and quality medical equipment assisting in a speedy recovery.

  • Will Athulya provide 24-hour care for our elderly ?

    One of the biggest advantages of Athulya’s skilled nursing facility is its round-the-clock clinical care for the elderly, making us always equipped to give a step-down care for them at any time with out in-house qualified nursing staffs.

  • Can a senior who is recovering from a surgery avail this service ?

    Seniors who underwent a recent surgery and are recovering from it can for sure avail this service! Our extensively trained nurses will be there by your side to help you recover soon and get back on your feet!