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Senior Citizens Homes in Hyderabad

There are numerous homes for senior citizens in Hyderabad among which only one stands out, potentially as the best. Athulya Assisted Living is an elite senior-oriented facility for the elderly, who are seeking a refreshing new start to their lives.

Located in the heart of Hyderabad, Athulya promises all the independence an elderly would wish to have. But, along with freedom, comes safety. Our top-quality team will maintain round-the-clock medical care, assuring our much-loved seniors a safe and healthy stay at the facility.

What helps Athulya stand out as the best senior living facility is the amenities it has to offer. From slip-proof flooring inside homes to fascinating kitchens with professional chefs, Athulya has always maintained a certain level of eminence when it comes to serving its senior residents.

This has helped the facility sustain a peaceful atmosphere within. A special note for people residing abroad - Athulya also welcomes Non-Resident Indians who are looking for a safe home for their parents. The period of stay will entirely be at your discretion.

But, irrespective of your tenure period, our sole job is to nurse your parents with all the love, care and hospitality. Athulya is also highly dynamic, as we constantly change our plans according to our resident’s needs and requirements. Hence, the adaptability factor is unlikely to come up as a cause of concern for the senior guests.

Finally, thanks to easy transportation and access from multiple cities and towns, we also gift your parents the opportunity to enjoy frequent visits from their family members and friends.

Senior Citizen Homes in Hyderabad With Incredible Amenities

There’s a reason why Athulya Assisted Living Facility stands out as the best senior living facility in Hyderabad. The features we have to offer are immense, each of them serving the seniors with comfort in unique ways.

Our senior facility in Hyderabad features fully furnished homes, equipped with a smart TV that also comes along with a DTH, slip-proof floorings, spacious well-lit rooms, grab rails wherever required, and more.

Athulya also houses professional nursing staff around the clock, consequently bringing down the chances of facing any medical emergencies. Furthermore, Athulya also hosts events and engaging activities, keeping the cheers alive across the facility.

Moving on to cleanliness and safety, we have housekeeping, laundry services, an in-house salon if the seniors are looking to tweak their looks for a change, and, most importantly, 24/7 active security systems with CCTV.

elder man reading newspaper

From yoga and meditation to movie screenings, we’re never short of entertainment at the facility. Here are some of the other activities we look to host for our delightful residents:-

  • Art Therapy to revive their creativity

  • Walking clubs for a healthy and active body

  • Special events during festival days

  • Music Therapy for mental peace and harmony

  • Health talks by specialists

  • Active games to sustain a cheerful mood

Why Athulya Assisted Living Stands Among Others

Locality matters the most as the factor of convenience and safety entirely depends on it. Here’s the list of reasons that helps Athulya stand out as the best in business when it comes to the two prime factors:-

  • Places within a KM radius – Super-speciality hospitals, temples, churches and other places of worship and bus stand

  • Situated in the commercial hub of the city – Very close to the famous smart city and Infopark.

  • Hyderabad metro in development – Offering access to most parts of the city, consequently, a massive upgrade to access.

  • International airport within 35 minutes distance.

Why Athulya has the safest senior citizen homes in Hyderabad?

Athulya Assisted Living has the most dependable senior citizen homes in Hyderabad one could ever ask for, thanks to our state-of-the-art facility that keeps our residents in a safe and peaceful environment. Furthermore, we provide skilled clinical care, as our nurses make their presence very much evident around the clock.

The seniors will also get daily health and vitals check, along with regular doctor visits, assuring no room for any medical complications.

Here are some of the reasons why Athulya Assisted Living hails as the safest senior care facility.

  • Physiotherapy

  • Frequent doctor visits

  • Round-the-clock medical care

  • Skilled nursing care

Personalized senior homes in Hyderabad

With the option of personalizing senior citizen homes within the Athulya facility, the mental peace of our lovely senior residents never lapses, showcasing a rather enthusiastic mood throughout their stay. We also equip the homes with all the safety features possible, making no room for injuries in the facility.

Let us jot down the points that may make your parents feel confident enough to pick us over other senior facilities in Hyderabad. We’ve equipped the corridors and staircases with grab rails to prevent any falls that may inflict serious injuries or physical discomfort on our residents.

We’ve also rolled down sturdy carpets to prevent the residents from walking on slippery tiled flooring. The interiors are equipped with senior-friendly furniture, from couches to beds. There is also a nurse call bell system installed in the bedroom in case of any immediate help or medical emergencies.

Athulya Assisted Living Facility in Hyderabad welcomes senior citizens to embrace world-class amenities, features and skilled nursing care.

When is the right time to look for senior citizen homes in Hyderabad?

There are a handful of signs that might hint that it’s time to move into a senior living facility

  • Struggling with mobility – When your loved one is struggling to get up and out of a chair or bed, or, lacking the strength to walk around

  • Struggling to maintain their home - Lack of tidiness within the house, including ill-maintained kitchens, unopened mailboxes, and others

  • Sudden physical changes – Struggling to consume adequate food and consequent loss of weight

  • Mental health deterioration – Signs of Alzheimer's, increase in stress potentially leading to emotional or physical outbursts

  • Improper medication – Failing to take medicines as prescribed

Do give Athulya Assisted Living in Hyderabad, a visit to witness the magical facility for yourself. Our team of qualified professionals can assure the seniors will be happy, healthy and safe throughout their stay. Now that you’ve found us, we believe there won’t be a ‘senior citizen homes near me’ search on Google anymore. We’re looking forward to having you soon!

Here is what our clients have shared about us:

  • - Swathi Mira

    Well maintained place for seniors. Nursing and personal care taker was good. They also organizing a wide range of activities and events engage the senior inhabitants. Very good hospitality.

  • - Mani Megalai

    Great place for seniors to relax and have a homely feel. My grandfather felt really comfortable with the caretakers.They made us feel like he is in a safe and healthy atmosphere and that we can be at peace when he is away from us.

  • - Madhu

    Recently visited the facility to assess if it was appropriate for my parents and grandmothers. Impressed to see staff very friendly, open to suggestions and willing to provide customized, exceptional care. The living quarters are modern, clean. Setting a standard for senior citizen care in India.

  • - Vijaya Lakshmi

    Thank you Athulya Team for giving a home away from home feel to my parents. They are very happy with all your services and activities that you conduct every week to keep them engaged. Highly recommended.

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