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Senior Citizens Home in Coimbatore

Best senior citizen homes in Coimbatore happens to be a very frequently asked question on Google when Coimbatore is concerned and a question of this kind shouldn’t remain unanswered, and we at Athulya Assisted Living, are here to precisely address this query.

Athulya Assisted Living, a determined changemaker in terms of senior living in India, South of India to be accurate, now has a facility in Coimbatore. Their facility is located within a 20 km ambit of the Coimbatore International Airport.

Aging is a graceful and gradual progression and it’s important that it is felt so and also made an enjoyable phase. As simple as it might seem to say it, it is human to feel lonesome, detached, insecure and fearful to be independent in this stage of life. All it takes is the time that is devoted for seniors and that is only determined by the quality of life – that Athulya provides and how.

Athulya Assisted Living is a space rooted with gentleness, empathy and care and is noted as a noble concept for senior citizens by its residents and resident patients.

Why Athulya?

Athulya Assisted Living is arguably a first of its kind when it comes to senior citizen homes, where elders not only get to feel at peace but truly relish their independence post their retirement. Athulya isn’t just another medical care centre for elders, but a place that makes their everyday a tad bit more comforting and devoid of any form of stress or inconvenience. Reducing the distress faced by seniors due to aging to a certain extent, Athulya improves the status of senior living in South of India, with a backing of a decade long of experience in geriatric healthcare.

Athulya has been creating assisted living for senior communities since the past 4 years whilst rendering premium quality and luxurious service keeping the preferences, interest and comfort of the seniors in priority.

Aging is always a celebration at Athulya. It is indeed the most dignified phase of your life because that is the time you are at your most refreshed state and are ready for active living. Athulya’s seniors can savor thoughtfully and nutritiously packed meals with a rich flavor and how can one not mention Athulya’s cozy dinner setting which creates an appetizing ambience.

elder man reading newspaper

Living with Athulya is a journey filled with grace and charm for not only the senior citizens, but also their families that visit them only to witness how laidback and causal life can be bereft of stress, which in these days has just become an idea of a blessed life, while our seniors actually get to live it.

How is Athulya different than any other senior citizen homes?

Stress-free, safe, happy isn’t just a thought or concept at Athulya because it is a way of life. The services that Athulya provides for its residents is unparalleled to its name.When we talk about “Assisted Living” and its should haves, the propensity of clinical care, their medical emergency needs comes into prime focus – Athulya Assisted Living renders both short and long term stay for its seniors and caters to their necessities and indulgences.

Athulya Assisted Living, through its signature treatment facilities envisages a petite and adorable residence for the retired making the lives of senior citizens self-reliant and enlivening. Nothing can ever be a prerequisite to a pollution-free environment than that of a space that is selectively chosen, just like Athulya’s facility in Coimbatore that is a beautiful blend of food, fitness and medical services.

Numerous amenities and round-the-clock services are provided within the campus to serve almost every need of senior citizen residents of the community at Athulya Assisted Living.

Apart from Assisted Living services, Athulya also extends Senior Friendly infrastructure, Palliative Care, Transition care, Technology Oriented Care, Physiotherapy, Rehab care facilities and multiple activities and engagements. If it isn’t evident enough, Athulya is by itself a very customized experience which makes it a cut above the rest.

With highly qualified and professional team of doctors, nurses and caregivers, Athulya provides an expanse of resonance and classic moments in the lives of senior citizens.

'Personalised, Compassionate and Top-class elderly care starts with Athulya Senior Care'

When to move to a senior citizen home in Coimbatore?

  • Household changes : The following changes in how your loved one tends to maintain their space and daily routine can be key indicator.

  • A change in mobility or function : if your loved one is sitting in one place for the whole day and if they find sitting and getting off a chair difficult, keeping note of how these tiny elements could affect their quality of life.

  • Engaging in a conversation about senior living arrangement with your loved one.

  • When your senior requires a Continuous Care Retirement Community (CRCC).

The Athulya Effect

It doesn’t come by surprise anymore when the residents themselves becoming living testament to the work that Athulya does.

Athulya takes pride in their ability to strike a chord with the silver-haired generation of India, a generation that is only known to give selflessly. It only seems legitimate for selfless care to be a reflex reciprocation. A living space where every senior feels one and the same, a scope for socializing with the most caring nurse being their constant companion and freedom to be as they please.

A mindful approach to the activities that are conducted for senior citizens to keep their cognitive sense perceptions intact which is counterproductive; it gives the seniors a feeling of satisfaction knowing that they aren’t limited to having fun but are also made aware of what they need to know about their bodies and health through enriching talks delivered by esteemed doctors.

Cleanliness of a particular space speaks volumes as to how one would care for its residents and Athulya, yet again stands out in its own unique way.

To know more about Athulya Assisted Living or what we have to offer, please head over to our official website :

Here is what our clients have shared about us:

  • - T N Bhavani Shankar

    “The staffs here are very kind and attentive towards all the residents here. It is because of their love and care and attention that give that we are able to live peacefully and happily. I can definitely say that this place is Paradise on Earth”.

  • – Senthil Kumar

    “My parents have been living at Athulya for past one year and have had a comfortable stay. Perfect place for elders since views them as their own family members. Food was delicious and given considering each one's health condition. Place is well maintained and clean. The staff is very helpful. They worked closely with me in resolving all my queries. With peaceful surroundings, one can lead their own life without stress and dependency”.

  • - Barani Kumar


    “The place is so nice with tremendous family atmosphere; went there for my auntie and the service they provided is phenomenal...The staffs and management are so welcoming and helpful during our visit. I thank the home and concept creators a ton for looking after my auntie and their initiative especially during this pandemic crisis. The service you get for what you paid is so worthy. I would definitely recommend anyone who needs this service”.

  • - Pavithra

    “Perfect place for elders since views them as their own family members. With peaceful surroundings, one can lead their own life without stress and dependency. Food was delicious and given considering each one's health condition”.

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