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Senior Citizens Home in Bangalore

Your search for senior citizens' homes in Bangalore has bought you to the right place. Athulya Senior Care provides the best senior citizens home in Bangalore for the elderly who prefer to have a dignified aging experience. We have redefined the senior citizens' homes as assisted living facilities that offer the best care and living experience to the senior community. With enhanced facilities and amenities, your loved ones will have a comfortable and convenient stay with us.

If you have been looking for senior citizens, try Athulya’s Assisted Living. Our assisted living is a first-of-its-kind premium facility covering all the needs of the elderly. We have gone out of our way to ensure a happy, healthy, and safe aging of our residents.

The worry and concern about not being able to take care of your loved ones while you are away are understandable. But you need not worry when Athulya is here to care for your elderly as our own family member. We provide 360º care services for the elderly and ensure that you and your elderly don’t miss each other.

Best Senior Care in the City:

Athulya Senior Care is one of the pioneers of senior care providers. We serve the senior community with exclusive geriatric care and services. Our services are specially tailored to meet the various needs of your loved ones. With constant upgradation and adaptations, we have enhanced our services and have earned the trust of thousands of seniors and their families.

No matter if you are searching for a retirement home or senior citizen home in Bangalore, we provide an improved quality of service with our assisted living facility. Assisted Living serves more than you expect.

elder man reading newspaper

Dignified Ageing with Athulya:

Athulya always cares a little extra for the elderly. Without compromising on the quality of the service, we cater to all the requirements of the elderly. Aware of the fact that requirements change from one elderly to another, we provide services and care that are flexible to customize according to the senior’s needs. We promote independent and dignified aging of the elderly.

Assisted Living from Athulya is specially designed for aging. Our senior-friendly infrastructure extends a supporting hand to seniors and prevents them from falling or feeling any other discomfort. In each and every detail of the infrastructure and in the planning of the services provided we have been keen-eyed in providing a home-like feeling for the elderly during the seniors’ stay with us. In every way, our assisted living is better than senior citizens' homes. We serve the senior community with compassion, empathy, and care.

Compassionate Care from Experts:

Our well-trained team is driven by a strong commitment to taking care of the residents, 24/7. Expert doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, caregivers, dieticians, physiotherapists, experienced healthcare professionals, and other supporting staff take care of the elderly with immeasurable love. They treat the elderly as a part of their family. The team goes a step ahead by extending their fullest support to your loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We are devoted ourselves to ensuring a happy life for the elderly.

'Personalised, Compassionate and Top-class elderly care starts with Athulya Senior Care'

Every Moment Counts at Athulya:

At Athulya, our staff facilitates the elderly to celebrate and embrace seniorhood. As a part of it, seniors are engaged in activities and engagement, every day. These activities and engagements are planned with the motive of enhancing the physical, and mental health of the residents in entertaining ways. Residents take part in the activities enthusiastically. Our staff also encourages the residents to enjoy their senior hood.

Here is a sneak peek for you into some of the activities and engagements our residents are engaged in:

  • Art Therapy

  • Movie Screening

  • Walking Clubs

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Festival Programs

  • Active Games

Safety is our Priority

When we say we provide 360º, we mean their safety as well. In fact, the safety of the elderly is one of Athulya’s primary concerns. Our facility is monitored by 24/7 security systems. Installation of grab rails, bathroom grab-bars, nurse call-bell system, anti-slippery flooring, and senior-friendly furniture help the seniors have a safe and comfortable stay eliminating discomfort or fear of falling and injuring or fracturing.

Healthy and Tasty Treats for the Taste buds

The nutrition requirements of seniors vary from one person to another. Analyzing the nutrition requirements of the elderly, diet plans are prepared by our nutritionists. Healthy plant-based, vegetarian food meeting the nutrition requirements of the elderly is served on time without any compromise in taste or quality.

A Comprehensive Health and Medical Care:

Athulya also pays attention to the health and medical care of the elderly. With our team of well-trained medical professionals, we provide our utmost care to the residents. As part of ensuring the good health of the elderly, doctor visits and vital checking are done regularly. Additionally, we also provide physiotherapy, basic medical care, and round-the-clock clinical care.

Athulya - The Best Decision for you can make for your Loved Ones:

Are you still wondering if Athulya is the right option for your loved ones, here are a few unique features of Athulya that will make you call us right away!

  • Affordable

  • 24/7 Nursing Assistance

  • Safety and Security

  • Modern-day Facilities & Amenities

  • Improved Quality of lifes

  • Technologically driven

  • Empathetic Staff Service

Our assisted living facility has situated in the heart of Bangalore making accessibility to all the necessities easy. This marks one of the reasons for you chose us.

Here is what our clients have shared about us:

  • - Senthil Kumar

    My parents have been living in Athulya for the past year and have had a comfortable stay. Perfect place for elders since views them as their own family members. Food was delicious and given considering each one's health condition. The place is well-maintained and clean. The staff is very helpful. They worked closely with me in resolving all my queries. With peaceful surroundings, one can lead their own life without stress and dependency.

  • - Ramesh Murugan

    They have a wonderful team of caring staff who are very dedicated. The best place for the elderly. Thank you Athulya Team for giving a home away from home feel to my parents. Blessed to have found this place.

  • - Kiran KumarN

    I visited Athulya last week with my Friend. My friend's mother stays in Athulya. Senior-friendly infrastructure with a clean environment. She is very happy and healthy.

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