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Retirement Homes in Coimbatore

Premium retirement homes in Coimbatore is one of most repeatedly searched after questions on Google and a question of this nature needs a definite answer. We, at Athulya Assisted Living, will address this for you to the best of our capacity.

Athulya Assisted Living, a socially responsible forerunner that are giving back to the community of seniors, who are geographically located in the South of India, now have a fully equipped and highly luxurious facility in Coimbatore. Their facility is located within a 20 km periphery of Coimbatore’s International Airport.

The beauty of aging is that it is a slow, graceful and gradual progression and it’s essential that it is made to feel delightful. Now as simple as it might seem to say it, the narrative is one that is filled with a sense of loneliness, insecurity and a constant companion, i.e., fear of independence in this age and stage of life.

All it takes is a commitment of good quality time for seniors that promises a happy and stress-free life, which Athulya vouches for.Athulya Assisted Living is a space infused with compassion, fellowship and care at every corner and is noted as a silent yet powerfully empowering concept for its residents.

Why choose Athulya?

Athulya Assisted Living is justifiably the finest when we speak of retirement homes for seniors, where elders not only get to experience bliss but truly relish their independence post their retirement which almost feels like an afterlife.

Athulya doesn’t stop at only providing medical care and attention for elders, but is a place that makes their everyday a healing paradigm that is comforting, convenient and well, supremely senior-friendly!

Reducing the stress lines that seems to multiply with age, seniors at Athulya are a testament to the selflessness and intangible services, because it’s with this vision backed by a decade long experience in geriatric healthcare.

Athulya has been creating assisted living spaces for senior communities since the past 4 years whilst rendering premium quality and luxurious service keeping the preferences, interest and comfort of the seniors in priority.

Aging is always a thing of celebration at Athulya. Athulya’s seniors live a hassle-free lifestyle where their happiness is of utmost priority which is then clubbed with senior-friendly infrastructure and customized care.

elder man reading newspaper

Life at Athulya is a journey filled with dignity and tenderness for not only its senior citizens, but also the families that visit them. They are witness to how nonchalant and causal lives of seniors can be without any kind of strain and tension, which is a rarity these days but is made into a seamless way of being and living at Athulya.

'Personalised, Compassionate and Top-class elderly care starts with Athulya Senior Care'

What sets Athulya apart from any other retirement homes for seniors?

  • Tranquil and serene isn’t just a description but is an everyday feel and scene at Athulya.

  • The services that Athulya provides for its residents has a league of its own.

  • When we say “Assisted Living” and list out its essentialities, the aptness of medical care and their proactive team – Athulya Assisted Living renders both short and long term stay for its seniors and caters to their necessities and indulgences.

  • Athulya Assisted Living, through its signature treatment facilities envisages a magnanimously bountiful residence for the retired making their lives more self-reliant and revitalizing.Nothing can possibly substitute to a pollution-free environment than that of a space that is tastefully made, catering to the wellness of seniors - just like Athulya’s facility in Coimbatore that is a beautiful blend of food, health and therapeutic comforts.

  • Countless provisions and continuous services are provided in-campus to serve every possible needs of senior residents of the community at Athulya Assisted Living.

  • Apart from Assisted Living services, Athulya also extends Senior Friendly infrastructure, Palliative Care, Transition care, Technology Oriented Care, Physiotherapy, Rehab care facilities and multiple activities and engagements. If it isn’t salient enough, Athulya is by itself a very customized experience which makes it exemplary.

  • With highly chartered and professional team of doctors and caregivers, Athulya provides an expanse of resounding and quintessential moments in the lives of senior citizens.

Are retirement homes for seniors an open community for both family and residents?

We live in an era of lightning-fast communication and the more transparent and candid you are with your queries, the more honest and able we will be to help make the process a lot more fruitful for you. Resident feedbacks are always appreciated and acknowledged as Athulya believes that the very essence of building a community takes a huge deal of faith and time.

Fostering communication and feedbacks between brand Athulya and its residents is something we hugely invest in, because if anything it only enhances the experience for both of us.

Activities and Engagements:

It doesn’t come by surprise anymore when the residents themselves becoming living testament to the work that Athulya does.

Athulya takes pride in their ability to strike a chord with the silver-haired generation of India, a generation that is only known to give selflessly by filling up their life with meaningfulness. It only seems legitimate for selfless care to be a reflex reciprocation.

A mindful approach to the indoor activities that are conducted for senior citizens that require less mobility and more of a super sharp brain which keeps them on their toes; it gives the seniors a feeling of satisfaction knowing that they aren’t limited to having fun but are also made aware of the effect it has on their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

The games and activities specially planned after extensive research by Athulya help in enabling their neural network and it doesn’t end there, the residents tend to build a friendship with each other which improves their creativity.

To know more about Athulya Assisted Living or what we have to offer, please head over to our official website:

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  • – Ramesh Murugan

    “They have a wonderful team of caring staff who are very dedicated. The best place for the elderly. Thank you, team Athulya for giving a home away from home feel to my parents. Blessed to have found this place”.

  • - Sri Lakshmi

    “I wanted you to know that you have put together an excellent team of employees with a great vision of what an ideal Assisted Living Facility should be like. A caring place that provides a very high quality of service. With the fun activities for the seniors and the proper clinical support and medical assistance. Bright and clean environment. Athulya gives us a feel of home. Thanks for Athulya”.

  • – Swathi Mira

    “Well maintained place for seniors. Nursing and personal care taker was good. They also organizing a wide range of activities and events engage the senior inhabitants. Very good hospitality”.

  • – Sridhar

    “Atulya is the perfect destination for senior citizens who need assistance on a daily basis. Not only they take care warm and friendly, but every small need of the elderly are taken care off with smile. They also organise a wide range of activities and events to engage the senior inhabitants such as yoga, recitals, social awareness sessions. Frequent doc visits and 24/7 nursing assistance are their forte. On the whole, if you are looking for a home away from home for your elderly parents/ family, Atulya is the one stop place to go!”.