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Athulya Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad: Remodelling Geriatric Style of Living with Expertise

Falls, injuries, and pain are the most common terms we hear from the elders at home. Struggling with such physical ailments every day at an older age is the most vexatious feeling. Are you wishing to provide a pain-free ageing journey for your elders? Make the right call by choosing Athulya Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad.

We aim in creating a pain-free ageing era for senior citizens. While ageing might offer a platter of bittersweet news, physical impairment shines bright among the geriatric population. Seeing our loved ones encounter pain and problems with their physical strength can be disheartening. Rehabilitation centres of Athulya comprehend the painful situation of the elders and extend our support to ensure a healthy recovery.

Old age comes with the three most common disorders requiring therapy, namely cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and neurological disorders. Athulya Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad leads the board in providing high-quality therapy and guiding the elders on their road to recovery and well-being. Experts at our centres are specially trained and experienced in geriatric rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Many elderly individuals report experiencing joint pain, arthritis, back pain, muscle stiffness, inflammation, and damaged ligament. Performing everyday activities at ease and independently is the first step to planning treatment for older adults. Regimens designed by our therapists aid in improving flexibility, coordination, and mobility.

An In-Depth Dive into Athulya’s Prime Focus Areas

Physiotherapy and rehab care fosters a feeling of independence and improve the quality of life among older individuals. We aim at raising the standards of elderly individuals’ quality of life with our expertise in geriatric rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Physical Therapy: Physical strength shrinks with age. Our physiotherapists and other specialised therapists together aim at rebouncing strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination with evidence-based interventions.

Speech Therapy: Speech can be affected due to stroke, memory loss, cognitive impairment, or injury in seniors. Our team of speech pathologists in Athulya’s Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad emphasise improving the language, voice, speech, and swallowing capacities of the elderly individual. We conduct oral exercises to improve the chewing and swallowing of food. Practising vocal exercises on articulation and pronunciation of words are part of our rehabilitation therapy to improve their communication skills. Speech therapy boosts confidence and is a stepping stone to better socialisation for older adults.

Occupational therapy: Our rehabilitation therapies focus on promoting the utmost level of independence in daily activities. Occupational therapy interventions train the individual to perform day-to-day activities like brushing, bathing, dressing up, etc. with minimal assistance.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center in Hyderabad

Stroke Rehab: Stroke is one of the leading causes of disability and death in older adults. Being affected by stroke may drastically affect the individual’s lifestyle by causing trouble in walking, speaking, and thinking. Therapists in our Stroke Rehabilitation Centre aim at assessing the individual’s status regularly, plan interventions based on the senior’s condition, and track their progress periodically. Providing rehabilitation therapy helps to improve their condition by improving their daily activity performance levels. At Athulya stroke rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad, our skilled professionals assist individuals to perform daily activities such as walking, using the washroom, getting up from bed, etc. with ease.

Cardiac Rehab: We also spread our expertise into providing rehabilitation therapy to patients with cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, myocardial infarction, heart failure, and coronary heart disease. We educate and train individuals to maintain and improve their heart health.

Pulmonary Rehab: Athulya’s pulmonary rehabilitation therapy helps people with lung disease and breathing difficulty. Specialists in our team closely monitor the treatment progression and symptom management. We aim to reduce breathlessness and increase the level of fitness with our customised therapy strategies.

Neuro Rehab: When ageing speeds up, neurological functions slow down. We address common progressive neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, dementia, stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc. with our proficient neurorehabilitation services. Our team of dedicated specialists aspire to assist individuals to attain maximum cognitive and functional ability. Damage in the brain and nervous system imparts a huge influence on day-to-day activities. Experts at our neurorehabilitation centres engage in multidisciplinary approaches such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and other specialised therapies. Based on the patient’s health status, an integrated, personalised plan is developed to help them rebuild functional capacity, adapt to a new way of living, improve cognitive functions, and regain the highest level of independence possible.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation: Surgery can impact one’s life in several ways. We assist the elderly towards a complete recovery post-surgery. Our trained professionals incorporate techniques to strengthen their bones and muscles, regain balance, reduce pain, and improve their quality of life.

Knee Conditioning: Painful joints can be debilitating and act as a hindrance to performing several activities. Our Knee rehabilitation services comprise of impairment-targeted regimens to improve muscle flexibility, muscle strength, joint strength, and blood circulation, and prevent fatigue, and swelling. Our physiotherapists and occupational therapists, work in tandem to develop a well-structured exercise regimen to improve the strength and flexibility of the individual. Our rehabilitation therapies recommend strengthening exercises, balance training, mobility training, etc. based on the elder’s needs.

Fall Prevention: Elderly people are more prone to falls, slips, and injuries. We provide patient education to prevent falls as awareness is the first step to prevention. Balance training is scheduled as an important component in the individual’s calendar. Under the guidance of our trained therapists, seniors perform exercises like balance training, mobility exercises, etc. Our facilities are equipped at high standards that ensure the safety of elders.


Additional Highlights of Athulya Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre, Hyderabad

    We comprise a team of compassionate and skilled specialists who extend evidence-based approaches for the well-being of our residents.

    We analyse the individual's status thoroughly and frame a 360-degree holistic intervention plan. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, dietitians, and other specialised therapists work jointly for the benefit of the seniors' health.

    We believe personalisation is key to enhanced therapy outcomes. Our treatment regimens are designed based on every individual’s condition, need, and preference.

    Dietitians in our facilities ensure to plan meals that level up the status of the residents’ health while keeping in mind their personal preferences.

    Our rehabilitation centres in Hyderabad are planned and maintained to provide the most elevated level of safety and security to elders.

    We understand that older adults may require assistance at any time of the day. Continuous care and support are provided at all times to all elderly individuals.

    Apart from physical health, we also aim to build sound and stable mental health.

    Geriatric rehabilitation includes a set of comprehensive interventions that focuses on improving the quality of life, reducing complications, and managing symptoms. Restoring stability, strength, functionality, and flexibility is what Athulya Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre intend to accomplish.

    If you are looking for the best physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad, you have reached the right spot. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services or to book an appointment to visit our facility.

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Positive Customer Testimonials

  • - Keerthana G

    Athulya has the best physiotherapists who helped my mom with knee pain. She had severe knee pain and had difficulties with basic activities like walking and sitting. Thanks to Athulya and the team for providing great care and support.

  • - Arun Dev

    My dad suffered a stroke last year and the doctor advised us to consult a rehabilitation centre. We joined him in Athulya Assisted Living’s Rehabilitation Centre. They made him practice several exercises and he has improved very much now. Heartfelt thanks to everyone in Athulya.

  • - Mukesh Pershad

    My big thanks to Athulya for helping my dad recover from his surgery. The staffs there are very friendly and caring. One of the best rehabilitation centres in the city.