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Holistic Old Age Homes in Bangalore - No more the only option for seniors

Old age homes - A concept that has been associated to the old dreary place for elders to stay is no more the popular idea that elders are liking. This association of feeling weary about old age homes is no more going to be the fate of elderly. Evolving to the needs of the geriatric community, Athulya Assisted Living unlike other old age homes in Bangalore, provides the premium senior friendly environment for seniors’ happy & graceful aging.

After a life filled with hustle and bustle, retirement is regarded as the most serene opportunity anybody could obtain. To live contentedly, healthily, and securely, seniors require more than an old age home. Elderly people find it increasingly difficult to live independently as the number of nuclear families in society rises. With all of their cutting-edge amenities and services, assisted living facilities fill this need.

Provided with all the experienced staff and team, Athulya offers a timely willful opportunity for the seniors to relive the memories of a lifetime in a happy environment. For the elders searching for good old age homes near me in Bangalore, Athulya provides even more with its assisted living facilities with various amenities that cater to the elderly needs.

The place for seniors’ happiness and innate Satisfaction

Athulya redefines the phrase "Old Age Care Homes" by offering a thorough 360 degree care approach and ensuring that every aspect of senior living is addressed. Providing outstanding care and comfort for seniors' tranquil ageing transforms their senior years into the prime of their lives.

Seniors at Athulya Assisted Living can choose to use the services or help they desire. Athulya honours seniors who are self-reliant and independent on their own and offers full help to those who require it in their daily activities using a personalised care approach. Seniors can improve their social lives in a comfortable and elegant setting by choosing to live in a senior living facility like Athulya. In addition Athulya provides opportunities for seniors unlike old age home facilities to get entertained through a specially dedicated activities and engagements team. Being a heaven for graceful aging, seniors choose Athulya Assisted Living for serene and safe aging.

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'Personalised, Compassionate and Top-class elderly care starts with Athulya Senior Care'

When is the Right time and why to join an Assisted Living?

The ideal moment for your elderly loved ones to move into an assisted living is when they need care and struggle to manage daily tasks, or when they desire to live out their days in happiness and peace among other seniors. Old age homes may not be the best option for seniors searching for more than simply a place to live, despite the fact that there are plenty to choose from in Bangalore. For seniors looking and searching for more than what an good old age home in Bangalore or senior living communities provide, Athulya Assisted Living will be the apt choice. Seniors can enjoy stress-free lives with the help of great facilities and services that take a holistic approach to their entire well-being.

As a Pioneer Assisted Living facility provider in India, the assisted living facilities are conveniently located in the hot-spots of the city locations. This accessibility made easy for their family members to come and visit elders makes it most desired assisted living facility among the geriatric community in Bangalore. Regardless of the requirements and demands that each senior has, Athulya is a safe place for them to stay for as long as they wish. Therefore, Athulya Assisted living is ultimately the greatest option for seniors starting to consider moving into an old age home or senior retirement home.

Making a Senior Living facility that is Prepared to Flourish

  • 1. With its state-of-the-art facilities, the thriving community of Athulya enriches and enhances the lives of its residents.

  • 2. The skilled team works to build a cutting-edge, safe, and happy senior living environment.

  • 3. Our team goes beyond ordinary to maintain a high level of life engagement for our residents.

  • 4. Athulya Assisted Living redefines the standards of senior living

What does Athulya Assisted Living offer ?

Compared to the other paid old age homes in Chennai, Athulya Assisted provides a variety of few things that make them stand out from the others in the market. Athulya with the extra care strives to maintain the homelike environment for seniors.Our team also focuses on getting to know our residents' individual preferences and histories so that it may include those details into their care. Some pointers that make Athulya unique are:

  • 1. Constant Clinical Care
  • Regular doctor visits, a resident nurse on duty around-the-clock, a physiotherapist, and caretakers are all part of Athulya's medical care. This guarantees that any senior emergency is handled right away.

  • 2. Facilities & Amenities
  • Athulya offers world-class services and amenities with a premium and comfortable living environment for seniors. These improve the quality of life for elders by facilitating safe and simple movement.

  • 3. Technology oriented monitoring and care
  • Athulya uses advanced technology for monitoring seniors. This keeps seniors under constant observation and also protects their right to privacy.

  • 4. Healthy nutritious diet
  • Residents at Athulya receive a premium, nutrient-dense vegetarian meal that is tailored to the individual needs of each aged person. In addition to focusing on nutrition and health, they make sure that food quality is never compromised.

  • 5. Safety & Security
  • Seniors are properly safeguarded at Athulya since the buildings have CCTV cameras and are also manned by security personnel. Additionally, nurses make sure that elderly people in need of assistance don't go unattended. These guarantee their constant safety and general well-being..

  • 6. Activities and engagement
  • No day at Athulya is left to boredom. On a daily basis, residents are actively involved in a variety of activities. These activities not only keep them occupied but also enhance their cognitive function and shield them from ailments brought on by poor cognition.

    Each senior at Athulya receives the care they deserve. We are aware that each senior is special and different in their own way. We see to it that their wants and needs are met and that their care is tailored to their unique needs.


  • - Senthil Kumar

    Excellent service provided food is been prepared in hygiene staffs are so polite and humble. Medical facilities is available will definitely recommend for elderly people who wants to spend rest of their life healthy and peaceful.

  • - Anish raj

    Very nice and clean place. The staff is very attentive and takes good care of the residents. Senior friendly infrastructure. Activities are conducted frequently to engage the seniors.

  • - Sridhar N

    Excellent on-boarding to the facility. Great Infrastructure with competent people to take care of the elders. I am happy the way you attend and care for the elders. Thanks for your services!

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