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Say Hello to the world-class assisted living facility in Neelankarai from Athulya Assisted living.

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Grandeur in appearance, congenial at heart, and luxurious in nature, the brand-new unit is all set to redefine the standards of Senior Living in assisted living in Chennai. As the 4th installment by Athulya, the high-class independent senior living home in Chennai flaunts the eminent living standards that are practiced by the best assisted living facilities in the world. With every facility and amenity that is ever needed for a blissful aging experience, Athulya stands apart from the other assisted living facilities in India and far away from the regular retirement homes in Chennai. It’s a facility that is designed to define seniors’ living quality!
Athulya Senior Care

The Athulya Difference in Senior Living

Aging is a natural process. One cannot stop it but can definitely delay the symptoms of it. Keeping it in mind, the modern senior living homes brand follows a unique approach compared to normal old age homes that enhances 3 important aspects of an elder’s life.


24 / 7 Clinical
Designed Bedrooms
Emergency Call
Button and Alarms
Athulya living Residence
Internet Facility
Round the Clock
24/7 Security System
with CCTV
Urbane Bathroom and
Toilet Features


Why is Athulya the best option for your seniors to age better?
Athulya is the first of its kind assisted living facility in Southern India. It is managed by qualified geriatric consultants and medical professionals who know the in and out of old age and the needs of a person as he/she advances in age. The all-round care provided by Athulya makes all the difference and helps your loved ones age in peace and tranquility. The personalized and compassionate care, prompt reciprocation and true empathy in the way we assist our residents is what’s making us popular among the elderly population.
What are the advanced facilities and amenities in the new Neelankarai branch of Athulya?
Neelankarai is our third outing in Chennai after successful establishments in Perungudi and Arumbakkam. We ensure all our three facilities and the ones in the pipeline feature the most advanced senior-living amenities. Fluent infrastructure design, accessible and spacious living areas, open space with a breath of fresh air, comfortable furniture, safe and secured bathrooms, advanced in-home appliances, engaging activities for mindfulness and physical strength are a few in the long list of facilities and amenities of Athulya, Neelankarai. 
Why are seniors of this generation more than willing to age in assisted living facilities?
Aging is a natural process. You can’t stop it but you definitely can delay it. Assisted living facilities like Athulya exactly help elders in achieving it by offering seamless senior life that is personalized at individual level. Moving to an assisted living facility is no more a taboo in Indian societies. In fact, most seniors are seeing it as a lifestyle that should be welcomed by a retiree. With the increased nuclear families and the need to have someone to take care of the elders, assisted living is fitting the bill of family members as well as the senior citizens. This can be a crucial step in their happy days ahead.



This place very much nice my grandma and grandpa both are in this place only we are very much thankful for this association workers are very carrying thank you for this wonderful experience for my grandparents

Monica Doras

Athulya is the perfect destination for senior citizens who need assistance on a daily basis. Not only they take care warm and friendly, but every small need of the elderly is taken care off with smile. They also organize a wide range of activities and events to engage the senior inhabitants such as yoga, recitals, social awareness sessions. Frequent doc visits and 24/7 nursing assistance are their forte. On the whole, if you are looking for a home away from home for your elderly parents/ family, Athulya is the one stop place to go!!!

Sridhar T

Good and peaceful environment for elderly peoples. Nursing/personal caretaker was good. They are taking the clients for routine and regular checkups. Routine follow up for medicine. Regular Doctor and Physiotherapy sessions are going on. Weekly activities are going on.

Pink Pearl

My father is staying in Athulya Perungudi for 6 weeks now and he is well taken care in this facility. The accommodation is good, clean and have twice a day housekeeping. He likes the vegetarian food as well. The assistance and physiotherapy he is receiving here has helped a great deal in his recovery.

Manju Radhakrishnan

Thank You Very Much!
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