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Athulya - ‘Better Assistance for Better Senior Living’

Athulya is an exclusive Senior Living Home for elderly citizens in Chennai, India. It is a beautifully crafted senior independent living facility that enables seniors to live with an opportunity to be fully in control of their time and decisions. The premium senior living home which is completely different from the regular old age homes and retirement homes, facilitates personalized medical care, nutritious food, based on personal preferences, wellness programmes and physical activities that enable the inhabitants to live an aesthetic lifestyle which motivates their body and soul. It also allows the seniors to form friendships with the people with same interests. The luxury retirement home that located in the most prominent neighbourhood, is the place to enlighten the life after retirement.

Athulya also welcomes the parents of the people who live in abroad and are concerned about safety and health of their elderly. Our empathetic caregivers always take utmost care of your parents throughout their stay here with us. The residents can choose their tenure as per their requirements and needs. There is proximity to friends and family members to spend time with the parents at our affordable living for seniors.

Apart from being a senior friendly haven for the elderly, Athulya also offers ‘Design for Aging’ service where you can modify your home and furniture which is senior friendly. This helps your seniors to live comfortably and age gracefully.

Why Athulya?

  • Personalized Care

    Manned with professionals who can offer dignified assistance to seniors.

    Nutritious Food Options

    Healthy food cooked with fresh ingredients based on the preference

    Independent Living Facility

    Premium facility with all facilities at the most preferred neighbourhood

  • Comfortable Clinical Beds

    Specially designed Clinical beds for seniors to rest comfortably

    Safe Engaging Environment

    Senior friendly environment to relax and stimulate mind &body.

    Rental Living Model

    Flexible rental based module to stay peacefully and age gracefully.

The Salient Features of Athulya Premium Senior Living Homes
  • Geriatric Assistance by Professional Caregivers
  • Balanced and Need Based Diet
  • Located in your neighbourhood
  • Comfortable Clinical Beds
  • Safe and Engaging Environment
  • Convenient Rental Module
  • House Keeping and Laundry Services
What differs Athulya Living from the regular Senior Citizen Homes or Retirement Communities.
  • Geriatric Assistance by Professional Caregivers – The caregivers team is trained in such a way that they are clinical at mind and empathetic at heart.
  • Safe and Engaging Environment – All the aspects of infrastructure and furniture at Athulya are planned considering comprehensive safety measures of senior living.
  • Convenient Rental Module – Absolutely no investment and a perfect place for short stay and long stay for seniors.
  • Located in Your Neighbourhood – All our facilities are located within your reach and have easy accessibility.
  • Comfortable Clinical Beds – First of its kind facility in Assisted Living in India – Imported clinical beds to make the seniors comfortable.
  • Balanced and Need Based Diet – At Athulya, the food menu is planned and prepared under the supervision of a certified Nutritionist.
  • House Keeping and Laundry Services – The inhabitants can avail friendly housekeeping, laundry and other services.

At ATHULYA, we strive to create a secured, cheerful and graceful senior assisted living for you and your loved ones. It is a habitat that can create colours in elderly lives who contributed profoundly to the society. As incomparable as they stand, they can slip into the seamless transition of aging and experience tranquillity in our assisted living homes in Chennai.

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Athulya for Expanding Elderly’s Present Experience for an Enlightened Future offering the Best Personalized Care and Assistance by Professionals

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