winter travel tips for seniors

Winter is here and with it comes the snow, Santa and Christmas holidays for the kids. Not only children but also their grandparents look forward excitedly to the winter holidays. It is the time when kids visit grandparents in their residences or in their senior independent living homes and spend time with them. Elders also embark on inland or foreign travel to meet their grand kids and bond with them.

Here are some traveling tips for seniors to help them combat the rough winter season and make the most of their holiday time with their grandchildren.

Winter travel tips for seniors

After living all along in a senior-friendly environment, elders might find it stressful to travel. On one hand, they are all excited to meet their grand kids but on the other hand, their age and infirmity make them anxious. But these winter travel tips for seniors are meant to ease thistension and make their trip more delightful and enjoyable for seniors.

1.Plan for the trip

Planning for the trip makes things a lot easier for adults as they anticipate all situations and come well-prepared for them. Among all the traveling tips for seniors, planning is most crucial and has to be done in the following manner.

  • Before traveling, check with the travel agents regarding the tickets, seating position, the meal plan, etc and make special requests, if necessary.
  • Ask for wheelchairs, attendants, escorts or airport transit cars to be arranged.
  • Gain knowledge from the travel agent or the internet about the climate and environmental conditions, food, etc of the place you are traveling to.
  • Check if medical facilities are available at all places during your travel, including your destination.
  • Arrange for health insurance if necessary.
  • Opt for a package tour if you find it uneasy to travel alone.

2. Medical checkup

For elders traveling alone, health is the most worrisome factor. Old age coupled with elderly illnesses make traveling difficult for seniors. In order to make traveling pleasant and enjoyable, seniors must first ensure that they are in a healthy condition to travel by following  these traveling tips for seniors.

  • Get a complete health checkup done before travel and record your BP, sugar level, etc.
  • Get yourself vaccinated for flu and pneumonia as this is winter
  • A Herpes Zoster vaccine too is a must to avoid shingles
  • Seniors with diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac ailments need to take special care and get their medications in advance.
  • A dental and eye check-up before travel is also recommended.
  • Ask the doctor for written prescriptions for your medicines during travel
  • Buy all medications before travel and get additional ones prescribed from the doctor for travel sicknesses like nausea, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

3. Luggage and packing tips

Seniors worry a lot about travel as they are unable to handle their luggage and packing. Elders can organize their travel better by following these traveling tips for seniors

  • Ask a family member, attendant or caregiver in your senior independent living homes to help you in your packing.
  • Travel light with minimum baggage and choose a trolley with wheels.
  • A first aid kit is a must in your luggage
  • Take a comfortable travel pillow and blanket for travel.
  • Pack your pillbox, your hot water bag and a set of spare spectacles.
  • Since its winter, pack several pairs of socks, gloves, thermal inner wear, sweaters  and scarves for the travel
  • Attach a luggage tag with your name and address on all your baggage.

4. Journey traveling tips for seniors

The journey itself is a big nightmare for seniors if it is not planned well. These journey traveling tips for seniors

  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear for the travel
  • Eat light and carry some packed sandwiches
  • Do not forget to take your  regular and travel medicines
  • Do not carry expensive items and jewelry
  •  Carry a wallet with minimum cash on yourself. Use debit or credit cards if necessary.
  • Do not smoke or drink during travel
  • Keep your legs stretched and take light strolls during travel.

Seniors love traveling as travel gives them good respite from living all the time in a senior-friendly environment.  If they follow these winter travel tips for seniors, elders can make their winter holidays pleasurable and memorable.


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