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Tips for the seniors moving into a new community


Elders are like children – they cling on to their belongings tenaciously and are rooted in their environ firmly. Convincing them to move into senior living facilities is by itself a Himalayan task. Seniors have to be counselled, coached and then convinced of the perks of independent living in a new community. Here are some tips for helping seniors to move into a new community.

1. Talk it out

The first step in the process of shifting seniors to an Assisted Living community is to make them understand why. They should be gently made to comprehend that they are not being isolated or neglected but will be more specially cared for henceforth. Try to emphasize the difference between Assisted Living and old age homes. Make them realize that they will not lose their dignity, freedom or comfort but will instead gain care, concern and company.

2. Plan

Next comes actual planning. Let them make a list of the things they would want to take a long, the collectables they wish to preserve and the trivia they wish to dispose of. Do not force them to dispose of their belongings, however minor they seem. Make them understand that senior living communities are evolved with an interior design for aged people with a pleasing ambience and planned ergonomics.

3. Organize

Now that their belongings have been collected, sort them with their help. Elders should be made to understand that they would have to downsize their possessions due to the difficulty of their maintenance. Persuade them to donate few items to a needy cause, gift some to relatives, leave some keepsakes with their family and just take the bare minimum needed. Check the items if any need repair or cleaning. Ask the seniors if they wish for something to be bought. Organize the packing, do it in their presence and arrange for the transport to the senior living community.

4. Co-ordinate

It is very important to coordinate with the Assisted Living facility and check with them the details of the premises, rooms, facilities, capacity, amenities etc. New designed communities for seniors nowadays have a “Moving coordinator” who answer all your queries patiently and coordinates the shift. If your elder has some special needs, make them known and arranged beforehand. Give a detailed list of the daily needs, diet pattern, medications etc. to the Assisted Living Administrator. Personally, check the rooms for comfort and convenience. Senior Living facilities come with complete amenities like bathing and feeding care, nursing care, doctor consultations etc. There will be no cause for worry when you leave your elders in a competent Senior living Facility.

5. Moving out

The D Day has come. Make it as pleasant as possible. Enlist the help of relatives. Make the elders feel that “they are not moving out of a home, but moving into a life“. Assure them that you will visit them periodically and also emphasize that they too can entertain guests at their new senior home. Most important of all, ensure that their journey to the new senior home is relaxed and comfortable.

6. Connect

Stay connected and in touch with seniors always even after their shift to the senior living home. Call and speak to them frequently, visit them periodically and think of them perennially.

Prepare elders for a luxury living at Athulya home. Let the transition be smooth and effortless and also warm and provides elders with a “home away from home” with more compassionate care, delightful company to share and a luxury atmosphere so rare…


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