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According to the Population Census 2011 (India) there were around 104 million elderly people who are aged 60 years or above. The numbers would have been increased significantly now and catering to the physical and mental health needs of the elderly is a priority task in front of the healthcare professionals. Because old age is considered as the crown of life and it is every senior citizen’s right to make the best of it.

Keeping that in mind, the growing Assisted living facilities and senior living communities in India are taking all the necessary measures to help seniors to live a seamless life. While covering all types of  problems faced by the senior citizens, these facilities practice meticulous norms with the help of healthcare and allied-healthcare professionals. Because they know when it comes to caregiving for seniors, one size fits all is completely out of the context.

Talking about allied-healthcare services, in general, people think physiotherapy and rehabilitation are the same. But they are as different as the day and night. Follow us as we distinctify the major differences between physiotherapy and rehabilitation while shedding light on the world-class rehab care that Athulya Assisted Living offers to its residents.

How Is Physical Care Different from Rehab Care at Athulya?

Caring as needed is a strong belief at Athulya and the caregivers are bound by it. And, it applies to both physical and mental needs of the elderly. The needs of every resident are unique and different and the care or treatment approach needs to be different too.

As the name implies, in assisted living facilities seniors will have the option to decide the extent of care they would like to receive. At Athulya, in particular, this applies to physical and rehabilitation care as well.

The advanced senior living facility is first of its kind to offer rehabilitation care for seniors, which is a step ahead of physiotherapy and physical therapy.

Physiotherapy Care:

Physiotherapy for seniors offers relief for the regular on-set physical issues such as knee pain, joint pain, and other body pains. While it is a relief method for elders who have regular and not-so-complex physical issues, physiotherapy needs to be done for extensive periods to see the results.

Mostly physiotherapists follow three types of therapies – manual therapy, exercise sessions, and electrotherapy where they rely on electronic therapy equipment to provide relief. 

Physical Therapy Care:

Physical therapists follow the more advanced therapy practices than the physiotherapist to address the physical issues. They consider the whole medical history of the issue, the kind of treatment that the seniors have been undergoing, and conduct therapy sessions that are focused on providing long-term relief. 

Focusing both on mobilization and improving the quality of life, the physical therapists use techniques such as resistance training, stretching, joint manipulation etc.,

Rehabilitation Care:

Just the kind of care every senior needs. Rehabilitation care is the most holistic healing approach for the ailing elderly. Not only the rehab therapists focus on the physical health of the elderly, they work as a team to improve the overall wellbeing of all aspects while providing the much-needed relief. 

The rehab therapy for elders includes comprehensive therapy approaches, in-patient and outpatient therapy sessions, music therapy sessions, and aerobic exercises for seniors. 

Rehabilitation care, by the virtue of its comprehensive, holistic, hands-on characteristics, focuses more on being individual-centric. And, the therapy sessions planned would be different for each individual and caters to all their needs.

Rehab Care at Athulya:

Athulya assisted living is one of the first assisted living facilities in Chennai to introduce rehabilitation care for seniors. This is besides the regular physiotherapy and physical therapy consultations.

True to its nature, the holistic and wholesome therapy approach followed by the rehab specialists is, sometimes, all that a senior citizen needs to find permanent relief from an ailment.

The revolutionary therapy techniques by the most experienced and qualified teams of physio, physical and rehab therapists allow elders focus on leading a quality life, putting their physical and mental health worries aside. 

Experience the world-class senior living that Athulya has to offer for its senior citizens by booking a facility tour now.


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