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The Different Levels of Nursing Care Provided in an Assisted Living Community

nursing care in assisted living
The Different Levels of Nursing Care Provided in an Assisted Living Community

Choosing the best assisted living facility is instrumental in leading senior hood’s golden days in a better hood.

The alternative senior living options are on the rise with better facilities and amenities. Each senior’s needs, personal preferences, and medical requirements are different. If the senior has a medical need, they need consistent medical assistance and support.

That makes it essential to analyze the level of care the assisted living facility offers and check if it matches your senior’s health needs. Here are a few types of nursing care provided in assisted living facilities.

  • Long Term Nursing Care for Seniors:
  • Meant for seniors who need personal attendants or nursing care specialists for the long-term to take care of their daily needs.
  • Long-term nursing care is helpful in the long run and takes care of seniors while giving mental peace to them and their children.
  • Short Term Care for Seniors:
  • This is ideal for seniors who need a care provider for the short term in their locality.
  • Most NRIs and families with seniors who could not travel can approach assisted living facilities for short-term care. 
  • Skilled Nursing Care:
  • Apart from the daily assistance in ADLs, the assisted living facilities also employ skilled nursing care (SNC) specialists.
  • The SNCs are trained medical professionals who address primary medical issues and daily care of chronic conditions.
  • In-patient rehabilitation, post discharge care, and occupational therapy are a few of the licensed medical services offered by SNCs out of assisted living facilities.
  • Memory Care:
  • Seniors with deteriorating memory and other cognitive dysfunctions can also avail the services of assisted living.
  • The team of multiple caregivers provides superior care for people with neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s.

These are just a few services out of many offered by assisted living facilities. Visit your nearest facility to check the services to see if they match the level of care your senior needs.

Level of Care: What Exactly It Means?

The level of care in an assisted living context refers to the extent of support and assistance an older adult need in performing the activities of daily living (ADLs).

It also applies to the support the elder needs in managing their medical condition or overall health.

The 3 Levels of Care

  1. Care Level-1: Seniors are primarily independent and need a low level of care on a day-to-day basis.
  • The senior at assisted living lives a life of independence. However, they might need essential level support from the caregivers, which is basic.
  • The elderly person will have the flexibility of deciding the level of care they need in their ADLs.
  • Caregivers are expected to watch the seniors and ensure that the tasks are performed without compromising the living quality.

2.Care Level-2: Seniors who need a moderate level of support in their ADLs can choose this level.

  • The senior might need basic or intermediate support in all their ADLs or some of them.
  • Basic activities like feeding and drinking can be done independently, but complex activities like bathing, toiletries, and grooming.
  • This type of care is ideal for seniors who are on recovery after hospitalization or are physically weak.

3.Care Level-3: Provided to seniors who are medically impaired or facing difficulties in doing their ADLs.

  • This is a level where the senior needs complete care and support in their day-to-day activities.
  • Typically, seniors who are suffering from chronic illness, recovering from an injury, or advancing in age are needed this type of care.
  • More than one caregiver are involved in this level, taking shifts to address each need of senior around the clock.

It all goes back to the unique needs of seniors and how the assisted living facility is addressing them.

Beyond the assistance in regular daily living, assisted living facilities are fully equipped to provide different types of care. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the level of care in assisted living facilities.

1. Where to avail all levels of care in Chennai?

Athulya Assisted Living in Chennai, as the first-of-its-kind facility in India, offers holistic care for elders that covers all levels of care.

2.Does Athulya offer skilled nursing care?

Athulya Assisted Living facility house the best facilities and amenities to offer full-fledged skilled nursing care services.

3.Does the care at assisted living is similar to retirement homes?

Assisted living facilities are more advanced and empowered with modern senior living facilities and amenities. There are no similarities between a regular retirement home and the assisted living facilities.

Reach out to us if you have any further questions on assisted living. And, if you are on the lookout for the best assisted living facility in Chennai, get in touch with Athulya Assisted Living.


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