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Television in the Lives of Elderly

Television and elders

One of the most significant inventions in the history of entertainment industry is the television. The era that followed the birth of television has seen a complete and quick evolution of the world. We are all aware of the significant impact television has on both society and the lives of individuals. It provides us with everyday enjoyment and information. Television provides us with a wealth of knowledge and entertainment that keeps us informed about the outside world. This has gathered everything into a single, manageable box that serves you right where you are. Every year on November 21, “World Television Day” is marked to honour and celebrate the importance of television in people’s lives as well as how it has improved society.

Television has a significant impact on older generations as well, not simply on the lives of young people. The fact that older individuals watch more television than younger people may astonish you. There are unquestionably advantages to TV for our senior citizens. As they lose the ability to attend events like concerts, movies, or sporting events owing to mobility problems. This is when television fills the void for elderly people as a major entertainment source. Most often this solves the problems like Post retirement issues & loneliness in seniors.

Majority of the elders simply use television to pass their time, as their life after retirement frequently have fewer responsibilities or are easily bored. Most TV shows focus on senior wellness to keep elderly people from getting bored. That is how much media has scheduled its importance to senior’s life and their wellness.

The kind of programs that elders watch on TV are:

  • Light-hearted sitcoms
  • Uplifting dramas
  • Educational programs
  • Sports or reality TV
  • Old movies

Pros and Cons of watching TV for Elders

Television is undoubtedly a tremendous advantage in the lives of seniors if they know what to watch and are attentive. Sitcoms, light entertainment, and other enjoyable shows can help seniors relieve from depression. Whereas the news and other tragic television can depress or sadden the elderly. Because older people’s emotions are so delicate, what they see might affect them emotionally and lead to emotional imbalances. Seniors should pay close attention and watch with a balanced attitude.

When put out with the question of senior hobbies, television watching will definitely top the list. Here are some evident pros of television as an hobby.



Elders can quickly search and watch what they wish to watch because to the huge variety of options available.

Brings People Together

Television shows are now a popular topic of conversation among peers. After watching, seniors talk with their senior friends about these topics. This enhances social networking in old age as well.


 Cognitive decline

The cognitive decline of elderly people who watch too much TV has also been connected. If viewers are not spending enough time reading, playing board games, conversing with friends and family, or working on puzzles, they may lose their ability to think critically.

Creates Sedentary Lifestyles

The main drawback of excessive TV viewing is some loss of mobility due to sitting in the same place for more time. This might cause numerous more issues & conditions like Type 2 diabetes, obesity and brain damage in aged people.

There are many more advantages and disadvantages than this, and both sides are highly enthusiastic about their positions. It is the choice of elderly to be wise and limit the time spent on television. Also, there are certain mindfulness activities for seniors that they can indulge themselves in. Some of them are:

  1. Crafting & Art therapy
  2. Gardening
  3. Walking & Exercising
  4. Reading and writing
  5. Cooking and baking
  6. Music & dance

Senior Living homes understand the wants and needs of elders and engage seniors actively in these kinds of activities. One such facility with top-notch senior-friendly infrastructure and premium care for seniors is the Athulya Assisted Living Facility. Seniors have access to new age televisions and are free to watch any show they choose. Also, Athulya has a activities and engagement team where seniors can engage themselves actively in a community setting. This aids in better physical, mental and emotional health for a happy, healthy and safe aging.


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