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Ageing is inevitable but ageing with grace is definitely desirable.  Elders often feel apprehensive about their age, looks and health as they become older. This is because when age catches up with them, they suddenly feel lost and helpless due to their loss of energy and immunity. It is at times like these that seniors should stay cheerful while ageing.

Staying cheerful while ageing makes elders feel younger, active and self-reliant. Here are some tips for healthy ageing for seniors.

Tips for healthy ageing

  1. Be active and exercise regularly

Exercise is an easy way to health and happiness for elders. Exercising daily releases endorphins in the body and these happy hormones keep the elders cheerful and healthy.

A Harvard study reveals that a daily routine of exercise reduces the chances of elders being disabled by 25%. Regular exercise for physically active elders improves their immunity and metabolism, prevents weight gain and reduces risks of diabetes, hypertension or cardiac ailments.

Tip – Elders must start with any cardio-based activities they like and do it with their friends. This gives them both company and motivation.

  1. Eat healthy food

Food not only satiates a senior’s appetite but also acts as a catalyst to induce cheerfulness and energy. Delicious and artfully-presented meals can improve an elder’s appetite. Elders must take healthy and balanced meals  with lots of fruits and vegetables. Seniors must consume lots of water along with calcium and magnesium supplements n the advice of their physician.

Tip Eating with family or with a companion works up a better appetite for elders than eating alone.

  1. Socialize

Staying connected with friends, family and community is very vital for seniors to stay cheerful and healthy. Social interaction keeps elders free of stress and lightens their spirits. In the company of their peers, elders tend to feel more wanted and welcome and hence enjoy life better in every way.

Tip – Elders must catch up with old friends daily, go walking with their neighbours, join a laughter club or meet up for a game of bridge or chess.

  1. Add purpose to life

Elders need to add purpose to their lives in their retirement years. All along, seniors have spent their entire life taking care of their work and family. Post-retirement or after the kids are married and gone, they suddenly feel idle and empty. This can cause severe depression in seniors.

Elders must bring a new dimension to their lives by seeking ways to occupy themselves. It could be by taking care of their own grandchildren, going for a part-time job, do volunteering at a charity organization or give company to another senior. Whatever the task may be, it makes seniors get rid of their isolation and boredom and keeps them active,  agile and amiable.

Tip – Elders must choose a task that adds meaning and purpose to their life and gives them immense satisfaction.

  1. Develop a new hobby

After retirement, seniors can now think of what interests them the most. They can pick up a new hobby like music  or sport and spend time developing their taste for it. Attending music or dance classes can keep elders occupied and active and free of disease. This hobby can also develop new pastimes for elders like attending concerts, performances or sports matches which is a great way to spend time with more people.

Tip – Seniors can opt for easy hobbies that can be done in groups and without much effort.

  1. Be trendy

Yes, old age gives elders a new lease of life. Now, seniors have all the time in the world to devote to themselves and they must. Elders must take better care of their appearance and groom themselves at beauty parlours, salons or spas. Seniors can go shopping with friends and refurbish their wardrobe. 

Tip – Being tech-savvy is one way of staying trendy and cheerful even in old age.

Staying cheerful while ageing is easy – all it takes is a little effort and determination.


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