sleep disorders in elders

World asthma day is acknowledged every year to create awareness about the causes and prevention of Asthma. Asthma is one of the common illnesses in older adults, asthma in older adults can create serious health issues if not medicated properly. Seniors affected by Asthma need proper medical care. Asthma is a condition in which a person’s airways get inflamed, swelled and produce extra mucus. The symptoms of asthma are coughing especially at night time, difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and wheezing. As asthma is a chronic illness it cannot be cured completely but proper skilled medical care and assistance can lower the risk of Asthma in older adults. The main causes of Asthma are smoking, dust mites, pets, cleaning and disinfectant, air pollution and other many other reasons. Therefore, utmost care should be provided to seniors affected with Asthma.

Sleep disorder:

Asthma is an illness which is more related to decreased quality of sleep, difficulty in sleeping and repetitive short interruptions of sleep. It is also proved that seniors with Asthma face serious sleeping disorders. Severe Asthma develops a sleep disorder called Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is a common sleeping disorder where one or more pauses occur in breathing while sleeping. Sleeping disorders cause serious physical and mental issues in older adults. A few tips for good sleep for older adults with Asthma are cleaning the bedroom regularly, washing the bedspreads in hot water once a week, using dust proof mattresses and pillows, staying away from pets, and consulting a physician regularly and constant medication.

Foods for good sleep:

Always to keep our seniors away from illness proper diet plan should be planned, intake of healthy and nutritious foods helps to increase their immunity level, which helps them stay away from life-threatening diseases. The elderly with Asthma experiences a lack of sleep regularly, so to avoid the lack of sleep, foods that help for good sleep should be added to the diet. Foods like whole grains, yogurt, kiwi, kale, bananas, fish, fibre rich foods, soy foods, almonds, and Chamomile tea are best to prevent sleeping disorders

Exercises for seniors:

Doing regular exercises helps to maintain a healthier life. It is very important and necessary for the elderly to stay active, doing regular exercise helps seniors to stay away from diseases. Regular exercises help to improve strength and improve cognitive functions.  Exercises also reduce breathing shortness in seniors. The exercises that help seniors to recover from asthma are,

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Aerobic Exercises
  • Meditation

Breathing exercises

There are certain breathing exercises to lower the risk of asthma in older adults, physical movement breathing and Diaphragmatic Breathing help seniors to keep themselves away from the effects of asthma, Exercise never cures asthma but it helps to enhance the respiration.

Aerobic exercises for seniors

Aerobic exercises stimulate breathing. Exercises like swimming, walking help to reduce pollen exposure and reduce the cause of asthma and lower the risk of serious illness. Aerobic exercises boost cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure. Aerobic exercises enhance sleep and therefore helps to prevent sleep disorders.

Meditation for seniors

One of the best ways to reduce the effects of asthma in older adults are meditation, it helps to prevent shortness of breath and other respiratory-related illness. Regular meditation helps seniors to keep themselves away from the risk of asthma and its causes, mediation helps to lower the mental pressure and stress.

Skilled nursing care:

Asthma is one of the common chronic diseases in seniors, chronic diseases like asthma need special skilled nursing care, only through proper guidance and care asthma can be controlled in seniors. Providing seniors with skilled nursing care helps them regain their confidence and self-esteem to fight against asthma. Skilled nurses are trained professionals to take care of our older adults.

Assisted living facilities

As mentioned, older adults need care all through the day because asthma can cause shortness of breath at any time, an assisted living facility like Athulya Assisted Living provides seniors with utmost care and medication whenever required. Athulya Assisted living is one of the best assisted living in Chennai with more advanced senior living community. Athulya provides standard living facility to seniors.

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