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Skilled Nursing facilities – A better option compared to the hospital nursing setting

skilled nursing facility
Skilled Nursing facilities – A better option compared to the hospital nursing setting

The skilled nursing care facilities offer customized medical care around the clock by certified nursing specialists and doctors. The functional aspects of a skilled nursing care facility include IV infusions, post-surgery care, vital monitoring, post-hospitalization care, wound care, administering medication, and support in physical therapy activities.

Skilled nursing care in India is offered out of the dedicated medical establishments and even from the assisted living facilities which means seniors can join an assisted living facility to avail skilled nursing care.

If you are a senior citizen recovering from an injury, illness or in need of continuum of care for a chronic condition, this blog is for you. Stay with us until the end to learn everything you should know about skilled nursing care, long term care for seniors, short term care for seniors, post discharge care, stroke care for elders and more.

What is the advantage that skilled nursing care facilities have but hospitals don’t?

Characteristically, a skilled nursing care facility is an all inclusive in-patient treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation center. But it has an edge that the regular hospitals lack the flexibility of being a resident of the facility and availing the medical care. Here are a few ways dedicated nursing care facilities are ahead of hospital-based nursing care. 

  • Long-term nursing care for seniors – Chronic health conditions like diabetes require committed health practices that include taking injections, managing diet, and taking medications, everything on-time.
  • Long-term care allows seniors with chronic conditions to manage their health better. Primarily this type of care is rendered out of the skilled nursing care facilities, assisted living facilities, and independent senior living communities. Medical care that involves injections, infusions, dressing, and overall monitoring are facilitated to seniors around the clock for a long-term. 
  • Short-term nursing care for seniors – As the name implies, this type of care is for people who want short-term care. The person might need medical care around the clock but he or she is not in need of specialized medical intervention.
  • Seniors who are recovering from an injury or a surgery and have been discharged from the hospitals can avail this service. Other scenarios include individuals who are travelling abroad or to another city and need a trusted residential medical facility to take care of their parents with a medical condition. These facilities are designed to provide complete personal and medical care out of the convenient residential facilities for seniors.
  • Post-discharge care for seniors – The continuum of care is extremely important during the initial 3 months from the discharge. Nowadays, skilled nursing care is advised by specialists as part of the post-discharge care plan.
  • Skilled nursing care facilities, coordinating with various medical care providers, execute the advised clinical care plans with the help of skilled nurses, physiotherapists, physical therapists, and rehabilitation experts. This promotes the holistic recovery experience while avoiding the chances for any side-effects, reversal of condition or post-surgery failures significantly.
  • Care for serious health conditions – People with chronic and serious health conditions take more time to recover. Heart conditions, stroke, and kidney complications are to name a few.
  • Skilled nursing care facilities are devised to support people with cardiovascular diseases, and stroke survivors by offering timely medical care, diet, and tests on a daily basis just as prescribed by the specialist doctor.

The mentioned conditions above are just a few in the long-list of services offered at assisted living facilities. If your senior is diagnosed or discharged after a medical situation and does not require active medical intervention, reach out to a skilled nursing or assisted living facility for all-round care. If you still need more information about skilled nursing care facilities, here are a few frequently asked questions.

  1. Are skilled nursing and assisted living facilities the same?Skilled nursing facilities offer round the clock medical care and assisted living facilities are end-to-end residential solution providers for seniors. Some assisted living facilities offer skilled nursing care as part of their service catalogue.

2.Why is post-surgery care important for seniors?

A hospital stay can be daunting for many reasons. However, the care needs to be continued after the discharge to reduce the chances of side-effects and to improve the effectiveness of the treatment. This could not be emphasized more in the case of seniors with comorbidities.

3.What are the steps to take after discharge from a hospital?

Talk to your doctor about the care plan and follow the instructions. Get in touch with skilled nursing facilities in your locality for the much-needed post-hospitalization support for your senior loved one.

4.What is the best assisted living facility that offers skilled nursing care in India?

Assisted living facilities is the concept that is flourishing in India. However, there are very few facilities that are offering full-fledged skilled nursing care. Athulya Assisted Living in Chennai is one such facility offering world-class skilled nursing care services for seniors.


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