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How can seniors strengthen their social life living in an Assisted Living facility

Human beings are social animals. It is a phrase that everyone one of us would have come across in our life. Why can’t a human being live independently? or why so we try to live collectively? Why is there a need of companionship for elders, in particular? Why isn’t it easy for seniors especially to live alone?

These are some of the queries that pop up frequently in people’s minds. Our bodies’ natural ageing process makes us dependent on others as we get older. And this cycle of dependence can occasionally be uncomfortable for us and negatively impact our mental health. In the case of elderly people, this is significantly worse. This stigma in seniors is most often being ignored. Additionally, being alone will only cause numerous problems and additional health decline. stress, clinical depression, and, in the worst scenario, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

But what if elders are surrounded by their own age group and live in a cheerful atmosphere that offers compassionate care tailored to their needs?

Exactly this and frequently far more is what an assisted living facility offers to senior citizens. Caring for the ones who cared for us once is a blessing. Assisted living facilities are such places which provide comprehensive senior care that instills with a positivity for elders. When you think of spending your savings for retirement, assisted living places are the right choice for senior citizens to get the desired quality of living and care.

Comprehensive care – A care method that focuses on multiple dimensions, particularly physically, psychologically, and emotionally. This blog focuses on mental health and how an assisted living facility, in particular, may improve elders’ social lives. So sit back, relax and read….

Seniors’ Social Life and Assisted living facility

Living a socially happy life can provide the desired contentment and satisfaction for seniors. Assisted Living facilities are same as senior living communities that offer extra care in a community of older adults. To improve the quality of life and eliminate loneliness in elders, assisted living facilities offer opportunities to network among senior persons, which promotes positive interaction and a sense of bonding among seniors by allowing them to share their life experiences. Athulya Assisted Living is one such facility that has a specialized team of social workers to ensure seniors are not lonely. To enable socialization in seniors, Athulya’s social workers regularly interact with the client and understand their needs and accordingly creates a list of activities and events for better networking. These commonly solves all the post retirement issues in the phase of elderly.

Some of the strategies used by assisted living to improve the social lives of the elderly include:

1. Community Dining:

While normal food is served in seniors’ respective units, special meals are occasionally served in a communal dining room for special occasions. This type of dining experience enables bonding over great meals. Chat mela, dosa corner, Dessert treats, and soup mela are some of the special meals served to seniors at Athulya Assisted Living.

2. Group physiotherapy sessions:
Because seniors need to be physically active, many assisted living communities provide a range of physiotherapy treatments to help them enhance their mobility and independence. Fitness with a friend is always a great way to have fun while still getting in shape.

3. Group outings & field trips:
It’s always fun to go out and experience the world with friends and coworkers. Similarly, assisted living provides elders with the most comfortable group outings and field trips to temples and other sights. Seniors frequently enjoy and get along much better, and the ice is broken among them for future friendships.

4. Regular Activities & engagement:
Activities and engagement sessions are a good approach to get seniors to interact because that is when they are doing or creating something. The exercises are not only about mindfulness, but they are also structured to allow for networking among them.

5.Festivities are times to celebrate.

Festivities are times to celebrate. Seniors typically steer clear of parties because they feel stigmatized by their older age. However, at assisted living facilities, seniors get together as a community to celebrate festivals. Residents at Athulya don’t miss any festivals because our team is committed to ensuring that seniors enjoy festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Navaratri, and many more with their peers. We frequently post videos of these events to our YouTube feed.

Here is the link of one such festival celebration where our elders are immersed in the pleasure of happiness and joy. Link:


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