Senior Living

Senior Living – Growing Trend in India


98 million with a forecast of 3.8% growth rate is what the statistics holds on the elderly population (60 plus years) in our country. With a global estimate of 240 million elders by 2050, we already stand for an actual 39% pie in the overall estimate. Over 28% of the existing elders require assistance, creating a visible opportunity for assisted living for senior citizens.

With younger generation looking for greener pastures both abroad and places far away from their homes, seniors are invariably left alone. In such instants, managing self along with needs ranging from financial to spiritual, environmental to emotional, physical to intellectual springs up potential realities of independent living and facilities to assist seniors.

Health care remains one of the priority needs for seniors as they are vulnerable to physical and mental ailments with deteriorating age. Additional emotional factors such as lack of companionship, loneliness and the ones as practical as Crimes against elders and unsafe travel brings out the significance of retirement communities and realistic opportunities for care of aged family members.

As much a reality as it sounds, senior housing in India is definitely plagued with challenges too, a few namely the social stigma attached with such ‘unfortunate detached’ living amidst the realities of life, affordability in case of have nots and lack of adequate legislation to provide a robust framework for old age homes to flourish.

Levels of care in senior housing can also be as diverse as

Independent living for active adult who can take care of self with no serious healthcare ailments.
 Assisted living spaces for active adult needing some support systems during the day .
 Skilled or nursing care for those who need continuous medical attention and care in a homely environment.

Although a young DNA in our Indian chromosome, ASSISTED LIVING is a definite reality here to stay with the changing population demographics in our country.


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