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5 Reasons why Senior Living communities help you age happily

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Retirement is rebirth, in a way. Yes, you begin to stop living for others and start living for yours. You get a new lease of life to savour and cherish for yourself and yourself alone. All these days, you have slogged hard at home, office and everywhere else. It is time to take a chunk of life to spend for yourself- to age healthily and happily. How to age gracefully, with dignity and have a senior independent living? The answer lies in “senior living communities”.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living is the term given to the “facilities offered to elderly individuals to live a life of comfort and independence with assistance wherever necessary”. Assisted Living offers a judicious mix of “freedom with support” that is just right to please any elderly person.

Why should senior citizens opt for assisted living facilities?

  1. Limited responsibility 
    Elderly individuals are past their prime. Although age is just a state of mind, most elderly people find it difficult to bear the brunt of running a household all by themselves. Managing a home is difficult at old age- buying home needs, paying bills and taxes, ensuring safety and maintenance of the house – all these become tedious tasks. With Assisted Living, elders tend to gain a home minus these responsibilities. All amenitiesand upkeep of the home are provided by the Senior Living facility at a nominal cost.
  1. Basic needs addressed
    As age advances, some elders are not fit to even take care of their basic needs like food, transport etc. They do not wish to impose upon their family for such tasks. This is where Assisted Living comes in. All basic needs like food, transport, timely medication etc. are taken care of by Assisted Living establishments.
  1. Pleasure of other’s company
    Loneliness is a curse in old age. Most elders face depression and stress from living alone. Loneliness Research reveals that 59% of adults over 52 reported poor health due to loneliness. Assisted Living offers the right environ for elders to mingle, engage and socialize productively with their peer groups.
  1. Care for healthy aging
    Failing health, impaired faculties, depleting strength- these are all the signs of aging. Yet all these can be countered with a certain amount of care and support to help elders age healthily. Older adults tend to age healthily and happily if they are provided with the right care and attention. This is what Assisted Living offers.
  1. Dignity and independence 
    All said and done,no elderly person would wish to compromise on their dignity and independence till the last breath of their life. Most healthy aging tips that medical professionals suggest for the geriatrics are to indulge in hobbies and activities that you are really passionate about. This liberation to pursue one’s passions gives the elderly an extra bonus as life. Senior Living facilities offer the freedom for elders to indulge in the activities they like without compromising on their dignity.

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