The main objective of technology is to make life easier and this is what it must do, especially for elders. Yes, with advancing age, seniors require extra help and support in their routine activities. This can be provided by senior-friendly gadgets

Why do elders need senior-friendly gadgets?

Seniors need reminders about their health check-ups, for taking pills and even to eat food or do exercise. Elders also need close monitoring of their health parameters and their active status on a round-the-clock basis. For all such purposes, the use of senior-friendly gadgets can prove invaluable for elders.

Above all, most elders value their independence and do not like to be dependent on others for their daily chores. For such elders, senior-friendly gadgets are a boon as they help them carry on an independent life with dignity.

Let us take a look at some senior-friendly gadgets that are of immense benefit to elders.


Med-e-Alert is an automated pilldispenser that helps elders to take their medicines on time. It has 28 compartments to hold a week’s supply of pills which can be dispensed 4 times a day. This electronic  dispenser has an in-built alarm and pill-locking system. When it is time for the elder to take a pill, Med-e-alert unlocks that compartment and issues an alarm to alert the elder that the medicine is due. This programmable pill dispenser is of great use to seniors as it gives timely alerts to prevent them from missing the dose. It is a safety medical device that prevents elders from accidental overdoses by keeping all pill compartments locked until their dosage times. For elders living alone or in retirement communities, this pill dispenser is an able clinical companion.

Reminder Rosie

For elders suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, forgetfulness is habitual. For such patients, Reminder Rosie is a gadget that is a blessing in disguise. This voice-activated talking clock can be configured to call out reminders to elders about taking their pill, eating dinner, going for a walk, etc.


Great Call is a personal emergency response system(PERS) that operates via the elder’s mobile phone. Its GPS tracking facility helps the elder to reach out to others in an emergency.  In a crisis situation, all the elder has to do is to press the emergency button. The immediate family and the hospital are alerted of the medical emergency immediately along with the GPS location. This medical alert device is of great help to elders with heart ailments, vision, mobility and other health problems.

GreatCall has an in-built fall-detection facility that alerts the hospital, family or help centre even if the elder ha not pressed the button.


Lively is a wearable smartwatch that acts as a medical alert device as well. It has an inbuilt pedometer to track the steps and fitness of elders. It also has a fall detection provision to detect falls in elders. It has an Urgent Response button that works with the elder’s smartphone to get an emergency response in critical times.

Smart Cane

Smart Cane can be used by any elder who is unsure of the surface he/she is walking on. It is ideal for people with impaired vision. Fitted with an electronic sensor that acts as a travel aid, the Smart Cane detects obstacles that are above the knee level of the elder. It can detect the presence of objects around the elder up to 3 metres.

Goji Smart Lock

For elders living alone, safety is the main concern. But not anymore with Goji Smart Lock. This electronic lock allows only the elder and those authorized by the elder to enter the house. It has an electronic deadbolt with proximity sensors. It allows the elder to transmit virtual keys via WiFI to the people whom they grant permission to enter. If an unauthorized purpose twists the doorknob, the mart lock clicks a picture and sends it to the elder to help them decide if they want to open the door or not.


GrandCare is the ideal companion for lonely elders who live alone or in assisted communities. It is a touch screen that allows elders to message, video chat and play games with family or friends. It also has activity sensors to track the activity of the elder and keep the family or caregiver alerted.  Its telehealth monitor records the health parameters of the senior on a daily basis. GrandCare alerts the family or caregiver if there is some health concern or if something is miss at the elder’s residence. GrandCare offers a network for the elder to stay connected with the family on a daily basis.

Senior-friendly gadgets have transformed the lives of elders by giving them both independence, security and self-reliance in safeguarding their health. It has also alleviated the anxiety of the senior’s family about leaving the elder alone and unaided. Senior-friendly gadgets must be used by every elder living alone or in assisted living to improve their quality of health and life.


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