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The Risk of Obesity and its Dangers Doubles When You are an Elder

obesity risks in elders

Obesity is a very common term that we get to hear nowadays. Obesity is nothing but a complex disease that involves an excessive amount of body fat. It is to be kept in mind that obesity is not only a cosmetic concern but also a serious medical problem that readily increases the risk of a number of other diseases which happens to be the major danger associated with the diseases. Moreover, the risk of obesity and its dangers doubles in the case of seniors or the elderly. Thus, it becomes immensely important to address obesity in seniors and senior lifestyle.

Understanding the Risk and Effects of Obesity on Elderly

Different pieces of research have brought to light that obesity leads to a wide array of health complications in the elderly. Excessive body weight can put a lot of strain on different organs in the body, thereby making them difficult to function in the right way. In addition to this, the majority of the organs of the body, its systems, and cells are impacted in a negative way by carrying around excessive weight. Obesity can happen at any age but the risk is increased many times in case of the seniors. Now, let us delve a bit deeper into the topic to understand the risk and effects of obesity on the elderly.

  • The most common risk associated with obesity in the elderly is high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. In addition to this, elders with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing kidney disease, gall bladder disease, having a stroke, or other serious medical issues.
  • Obese seniors are also prone to different respiratory diseases that can lead to respiratory problems. These problems tend to become chronic in the future and the risk is severely enhanced.
  • Elders with a high amount of fat in their bodies are very likely to suffer from mobility issues along with pain in the lower limbs. Excessive body weight puts unnecessary strain on the joints in the lower limbs which enhances mobility problems to a great extent. Many times, assistive devices for seniors are used to bring about a reduction in mobility problems.
  • Obese elders are much more likely to develop different joint issues such as arthritis and osteoarthritis which gives rise to inflammation as well as pain in various joints in the body. This, in turn, further adds to the mobility of elders.
  • Overweight seniors can face different mental complications. It has been observed that obesity can accelerate cognitive decline in the elderly. Moreover, obesity might affect the ability of the brain to process information, solve problems, and recall memories. Being overweight can also lead to hypertension and give rise to further health problems. It has been found out that obesity in seniors is linked to depression and reducing the overall quality of life.

All the risks, issues, and health conditions discussed above can be found in every obese individual regardless of their age. But in the case of the elderly, the risk is significantly increased giving rise to a range of life-threatening health complications.

Ways to Safely Manage Weight in Elderly 

Here we have listed a few useful ways to safely manage weight in the elderly.

  • Regular exercising and being physically active
  • Planning a proper diet with more proteins and low calories
  • Get a good night’s sleep for metabolism to occur appropriately
  • Drink two to three litres of water to boost metabolism
  • Make use of the fitness apps for seniors for better weight management
  • Discuss with the doctor about the changing medication since some medications have been associated with weight gain
  • Talk to a healthcare expert regarding effective and safe weight management

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  1. Is obesity deadly in seniors?

Obesity itself is not deadly but it can lead to some life-threatening health conditions which can be extremely dangerous.

  1. Is obesity only harmful to the elderly?

Obesity is harmful to all but the risk and dangers are doubled in seniors.

  1. How to control obesity in seniors?

A high-protein and low-calorie diet combined with proper exercises can help control obesity in seniors.


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